Marzocchi 350 NCR Fork - Interbike 2013

Sep 16, 2013
by Mike Levy  

Marzocchi turned a lot of heads with their recently released 200mm travel 380 C2R2 Titanium downhill fork but their renewed focus on mountain bike suspension also extends to platforms with a bit less travel, with the 350 NCR shown here sporting 160mm that can be adjusted internally down to 140mm. The new fork, which takes its name from the 35mm stanchion tubes and adjustable compression and rebound - that's the 'C' and the 'R', while the 'N' signifies its Enduro racing intentions - utilizes much of the same technology that Marzocchi employs within the 380, including their Dynamic Bleed Cartridge. The DBC system uses a one-way seal that lets damping oil enter as required, but the clever bit is a spring-loaded piston that acts as a compensator (similar to how an internal floating piston functions in a shock's piggyback) that keeps the cartridge full of oil without it hydraulically locking: the piston moves up to make room as the damper cartridge fills with oil, and also down in its travel to take up the lost displacement as oil rushes out.

350 NCR Details

• Intended use: all-mountain/enduro
• Travel: 160mm (reduced to 140mm internally)
• Wheel size: 650B only (no plans for 26" or 29")
• Adjustments: Low-speed compression, rebound, lockout
• Dynamic Bleed Cartridge
• Spring: air
• Stanchions: 35mm, nickel treated
• 15mm thru-axle
• Weight: TBA
• Availability: February, 2014

The air-sprung fork offers an extremely wide range of low-speed compression damping, made via the anodized gold dial atop the left fork leg, that should allow pretty much any rider to find their own sweet spot. A lever just under the LSC dial allows for the fork to be firmed up instantly for climbing, although Marzocchi have wisely designed-in a bleed that still allows the fork to compress slightly, just in case you forget to re-open the fork after a climb. Rebound damping is tuned by way of an adjuster at the bottom of the leg.

Marzocchi 350 NCR Interbike 2013


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 Is it just me or do the chrome looking legs look kinda cheap and tacky ?
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 Me too
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 agreed, but apparently it has a very low static friction coefficient (read low stiction)
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 Nope, I think they look better than black ano, and dont look as chinsy as the gold/bronze shakira coating.
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 They're nickel treated, that's what gives em the color. They're actually aluminum.
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 No doubt they are like that for functional reasons but they remind me of 200 pound super market forks Razz
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 Sorry but black ano is still the best looking. These do look like a cheap pair of old DJs. That aside id be interested to see how theyd ride, im sure theres the marzo buttery smooth initial part of the stroke in there. They need to come in priced well below the pike tho if theyre gonna sell.
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 @morris: The stanchions are hiten and nickel is a few microns thick layer electrically deposited on the top of the steel. Hiten - is luxurious for waterpipe. Alu and nickel dont mix. Alu can be painted halfsuccessfully or anodized - anodization is chemical etching. Put a piece of alu in lemonjuice - anodization etches into the surface.

Different processes to either slow rust, inhibit corrosion or prevent corrosion by putting a barrier between the oxygen oxidizer and the structural material. Slipperiness depends on the surface/shore hardness quality of the structural material. The coating can exhibit lubricating qualities or retain oil for lubricating purpose. Kashima or a squirt of penetrating oil - no difference.
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 I want it! in 140mm and 26''! Cmon Marzocchi you know 26'' rocks!
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 @Bigburd, they do look a bit like cheap steel stanchions off a Domain, even more so after six months of use. In their defense they are much, much harder wearing than the anodised stanchions commonly found on other brands. I subjected a set of RC3tis to many and varied horrors last year, including being dragged down the slab at Stainburn when I (ahem) misjudged the run in. Eventually crash damage did put pay to them, but compared to the Lyrik before them the stanchions may as well have been made of armor plate.
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 @wakaba... Actually annodization is artificial oxidation. The material builds up as much into the treated material as onto it. Annodizing an aluminium part increases its cross section, by as much in the case of some hard annodized coatings as 1/20th of an inch. And it IS possible to both hard chrome and nickle plate Al (noleen did it for years on their telescopic model Smart and MegaAir forks) and on carbon fiber also for that matter (Showa had some forks in the mid-90s that used nickle plated CF stanchion tubes).
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 I really dig white forks with that finish on the stanchions, like marzocchi's 55 rc3 evo ti from last year. The black fork does make it look a little worse IMO.
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 I think it looks bad combined with the black lowers. The nickel plating is super durable and super slippery, and looks ok with the painted white lowers and crowns they did for 2012-2013, I also like the grey they did before that. The flat black looks like a rattle can, combine that with the chrome and it looks cheap.
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 id rather have a 44 rc3 ti than this tbh, at least then i could have 26" wheels
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 Its hard to tell from photos, but I agree that the 'plain' chrome finish - whatever the material - is more commonly found on lower-end products that are trying to look more expensive. There are 'shades' of nickel plating I think... the 'black chrome' finish for one. On the other hand, the flowing surfaces between the legs and arch are quite nice...doesn't look super-strong but in section its probably just fine.
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 I want to see a successor to the 66 (370 CR? with 170-180mm & 20mm axle) that falls inline with these new 350 NCR & 380 CR. I'd buy one instantly.
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 The chrome stanchions also look really cheap on the rockshox domains
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 deeeight 1/20th of an inch or .050" is a lot even for hard ano.not saying your wrong but in my experience .003-.005" is to be expected from a hard coat ano.
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 Knowledge bomb!
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 Ya the chrome is a sore thumb sticks out way too much.
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 Lol take in how everyone was jizzing over the 380 but no one likes how this fork looks xD
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 I'm still happy with my '09 40.
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 I had a chance to ride the exact bike pictured earlier today at the demo. I joked with the guys at the booth that even though the ncr is better in every way, their gold coated cr (the next model down) will outsell it 3-1. The cr was super smooth and a great fork - marz is definitely still in the game - but the ncr is an amazing fork undeniably. Get over the nickel, this is a major contender.
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 @bstill uhhh.....this fork and the 40 aren't really in the same category bud....
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 Why is everyone focusing on the color of the stanchions? As far as appearance goes, in MX/Moto world it's common with Steel/Chrome stanchions, let alone Marz has been doing this forever on alloy stanchions. Nowadays, it seems like if the stanchions aren't gold the fork won't somehow perform well, as if most people can even tell/feel the difference in a blind no-oil test lol. So are we really getting picky on Nickel treated stanchions cause other mfr's do gold-like treatments then market it around as if it's the most important, defining feature point of the fork?

How about we actually ride the fork instead of trying to judge a fork on it's stanchion color/treatment, especially when the actual treatment performs just as well as any other treatment/process...most don't even know what Kash, PTFE, etc is or what it truly does, but then are soooo quick to praise fork cause it gots them gold on it. Got gold in it? Must be good! lol.

Just saying.
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 lol this is pinkbike, bling is king! If you don't look good on the trail (if you ever actually ride) then stay home, and bitch about $4!/ being cheap looking.
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 Seriously no 26"?? That sure is putting all your eggs in one basket. I guess the 650B thing is sticking around.
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 Hahaha I laughed at the "If you ever actually ride" part. Too true Wink
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 "Gold" stanchions blow they dont last
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 You are correct! I was replying to a comment about the 380. Once I submitted it, I was like, "someone's going to comment that a this isn't about a DH fork".
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 no .. but marzo crowns are starting to look like rockshox.. Frown
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Artificial oxydation. Said that.
Nickelplating, chromeplating alu, no. You add an intermediate conductor and plate that. Kashima is very similar. Its been used on weapons for a while. Same with chrome on cfk. Styling reasons.

Oxydation on alu is unavoidable, can be quite hardwearing and selfhealing, color ano will show wear. There is nothing wrong with nickleplating steel - extremely tough. Even thougher and corrossionresistant when an additional chrome layer goes on top of the nickel.

You seem interested in surface material properties - good lit out there.
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 nickel stanchions look better than new rock shox black ones.
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 Give it 2 or 3 more years and the UCI will probably ban 26" just like they did to 24". Then everyone will switch to 650/29", even the people who don't want to. Pure markteing bullshit.

This is why I like the street scene, it's runned by rider-owned companies, UCI stays the f*ck out, and it's all about what's good, no crazy marketing things that will make everyone need to buy new bikes. Things are good until big money gets involved.
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 aye aye.. trials here.. 26" is here to stay !
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 WTF? No 26??? Haven't you industry idiots heard that the buyers are not all interested in moving away from 26?
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 Yeah...I'm sure all these companies are just ignoring mountains of market data that tells them everyone wants bikes with 26" wheels.
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flag laynehip (Sep 16, 2013 at 14:05) (Below Threshold)
 Get used to it my friend. Just as 10" and 12" travel forks. 3.0" wide tires and bikes with reasonable bottom brackets heights and head tube angles were thrown into the garbage and forgotten, so will the 26" wheel.

It is depressing and true Frown
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 They're waiting until you've bought this one and converted over, before they release the 'retro' 26er version in a couple of years and convince you to change back.
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 I think that often pinkbike reacts too negatively to new products, but I'm thinking in some cases it's just. The other day I decided to look for a 150/60mm travel fork for my Specialized Enduro 05 build. Looked at new forks, and I'm struggling to find an option, as everything is tapered, save this years marzo 55.

And now this. 650B Specific?

Is the industry deliberately trying to make it impossible for the entry level/ student/ rider on a budget to upgrade their bike? Im starting to feel this sport is becoming horribly elitest.
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 No more props for this comment! Please, let it at +26.
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 It's at + 29 lol
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 The industry pays way more attention to actual $ spent than comments on Pinkbike articles. The money is not being spent on 26"
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 I mean they make parts for people who are building new bikes. I don't think 650b blows 26 out of the water, but if you're building a new bike with 160mm of travel the odds are very high you'll be choosing 650b. Not to mention, you can always sack up and run a 26 in a 650 fork no problem... Cry me a river about the fractions of geo difference, it doesn't actually matter.
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 There's a serious gap starting to emerge in the suspension market for a company offering parts that people can fit to their older bikes (For example 1:1/8th headtube forks) I cant afford a shiny new bike with the latest fad parts on it, but I could afford to upgrade. I'm sure I'm not alone in this market. Too much industry pull as oppose to market push at the moment.

And no I'm not anti 650B or 29" or tapered headtube or whatever, I'd just like to make a choice whether I'd like to go for that technology, as oppose to being forced by limited options Smile
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 @ratedgg13; Dollars talk, not forum rants. People are buying this stuff, so companies keep making the products. I think there are other 26" forks from marzocchi you can buy at you lbs.
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 I definitely feel the pain for those with straight steerer frames, but lets be real you can't expect companies to keep cranking out those obsolete steerers. Adding that variant to production will drive up cost for everyone, and straight 1.125s are well past relevant. If you want to upgrade that frame I would just search the used marketplace, where you can find lots of great gently used parts.

It sucks, but in order for them to keep prices reasonable they need to pick a few basic options and focus on just making those. If you had to build one fork and your finance guys said no way can you do multiple steerers can you honestly say you'd even remotely consider it being a straight 1.125??
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I see your point, but you forget they all used to do nothing but 1:1/8th or 1.5. The equipment to manufacture is already there, making it perfectly viable, with very limited cost and potential gains to be made.

Still, Marzo 55 CR here I come...
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 The industry is creating demand by pushing 650b. Of course you don't need it they are making you, new market, more money for them.
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 Hard to say people in the real world prefer 650b vs the internet where everybody hates it, when companies like Giant no longer offer a choice. Are people choosing 650b, or are they simply buying whatever the LBS has on the floor because the other option is to go home bike-less?

Steer tubes are easy, it would be extremely easy to make a step-down steerer that presses into a 1.5" crown, but has a 1.125" dia for the race. Charge an extra $50 for the 1.125" version and nobody would complain, beats buying a new frame.

Same goes for 650b only forks. I'm in the market for a new AM fork, and this Marz. is out of the running, no matter how good it is, because I can drop $800 on a fork, but can't drop $800 on a fork, $800 on a set of wheels, $100 on tires, and $2500 on a frame in order to get a new fork.
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 c2crider I guess the trail angle gets all messed up when you use a 26" wheel on a 27.5" fork.

But it is a real shame that every brand is going the 27.5 way... "/
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 I've been keeping my eyes open for a suitable 160mm Marz fork for my, ahem.."enduro" bike(see mtn. bike). I see this picture and I got very excited...until..."no 26 version".
I guess I won't be riding Marz.....thanks industry hype machine for taking away options for my '13 26" frame!! Oh, as well for changing the name of my "mountain bike".
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 You can still run a 26 inch wheel with this fork. Run a slightly bigger tire and the difference will be very small
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 I was very happy too, I was really looking forward to buy one of the new MZ, but with no 26'' wheels the just loose a client!
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 Yep just run 2.4 Maxxis Ardents, they are already pretty much 27.5 anyhow.
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 No M arch ,650b only!!!! this is not the marzocchi I know and love(d), : if I was looking for a fork then :
1.Manitou Mattoc.(if only it had 20mm axle in the 26" 170mm version).
2.Srsuntour Durolux.
3.Maybe one of the "new guys" will make something worthwhile.....
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 26" Enduro = 55 CR; cheap; gold n' black = perfect!
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 Nobody mention the 15mm axel, please let's pull together as a community, to save ourselfs from reading a pointless conversation about axels, there is nothing you can say that hasn't been said before. So please restrain yourselfs
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 And about the "only 650b part"...
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 Eh, 650b is just a 26er with good mud clearance, doesn't matter.
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 Wrong, the axel offset is not the same, rides differently.
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 really please explain
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 @poozak, it's not that big a of a difference, in fact for some brands it's no difference at all, the new 650 Pike has a 42mm offset, the original Pike from 2005 has a... 42mm offset. All the other 650 forks I know of are around 44-46mm. 26ers seem to be 40-45 depending on what brand and year. Relative to 26er forks that's tenths of a degree on your 'effective' head angle, certainly nothing like the mid-high fifties turning up on 29er forks.
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 I'm using 15 mm axel for a while now, and beside the fact that u have to buy a new hub( not my case, I bought a complete bike) it isn't bad with 34, 35 or 36 stanchions, it's firm enough... Well at least for me.
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 Good call @fix-the-spade, however it does raise the front end unnecessarily.
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 Brace yourselves for the "It's only got a 15mm axle" "It's on 650b size" "It doesn't look good cause it's got silver stanchions" comment.
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 Already done it , not that the silver would stop me from buying them though.

How can they be 650b only though ? surely you can run any size wheel you want aslong as it's smaller ?
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flag five-10 (Sep 16, 2013 at 13:23) (Below Threshold)
 The axle to crown length is too long and your head angle will be raked
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 how much more a2c height? 7.5 mm with the same volume tire? don't be ridiculous
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 You wonder why they don't address all those comments.
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 I miss "M" on the arch or crown :/
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 now it looks like a rockshox....
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 Oh it's a 27.5 fork with 15mm axle....?

****quietly closes door on way out....
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 doesn't the industry remember there's millions of 26" bikes out there, many of which people would fit upgraded forks onto when they felt ready to spend some cash, so industry idiots keep supplying parts for us 26" users
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 Excitement and dissapointment all in one go. I've never ridden an air fork from Marzocchi (my favourite fork manufacturer by far). I'd be willing to give it a run, but not on 27.5" wheels. After spending the season on a Bronson, I truly believe 26" is better and will be trading it in for a Nomad without looking back. I wanted to believe, but the benefits just aren't enought to overcome the shortfalls. Marz should offer 26" lowers for this sucker.
  • 1 1
 Bronson not as good as the Nomad?
  • 7 0
 Bronson climbs better...and that's where it ends. Nomad is far more capable when decending, cornering, jumping, and pretty much every aspect that you enjoy when riding a bike. Don't get me wrong, the Bronson is a sweet ride - updated geo, stiff and lighter frame, but doesn't even come close to matching the Nomad when the trail points down.
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 Kboss would you be interested in trading your Bronson for my Nomad?
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 I don't think Bronson is comparable with Nomad and it doesn't have anything to do with wheel size. Nomad is burlier and SC will probably replace it with a 27.5 bike that has same kind of ability when the trail points down.
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 @mehukatti, have a look at the numbers on the Bronson compared to the Nomad. Other than 10mm less travel, it should be a ripper. 0.4" lower BB, 0.1" shorter chainstay, same headangle. Burly is meaningless. A bike can be less strong and still handle really well. And a bike can have less travel and descend amazingly if the handling is dialed (Blur 4X is a perfect example).
I spent a week on kboss's Bronson and rode it extensively on my favorite trails. The handling traits that are purely attributed to the 650b are very noticeable to me, as they were to my friends who gave it a go as well.
It would take many more words to describe the experience than there is room for here, but in summary I will never be buying a 650b. The other 3 people that gave it a go were happy to give it back.
I know 3 people that I rode with who have Bronsons now. One is kboss who is getting rid of it, another has put 26" wheels in it and likes it a lot better that way, and the other came to visit a couple of weeks ago and wasn't pumped on it and said he would sell it if he lived where I do and get a 26er. Not a great endorsement so far.
Some people are going to love the 'stability' of the bigger wheel. But what some call stability I call non responsive handling. After talking a lot about how it could possibly feel different and it not really making much sense, we realized it's a lot like side cut on snowboards and skis. The smaller wheel regardless of trail/headangle/offset will cut a tighter arc with a given angle of lean. I like the 'sidecut' of 26 better, and it seems that I'm far from alone. I was really concerned about all this talk of 26" being dead and phased out, but now that I've actually ridden one and talked to a lot of people in my area, it's becoming clear to me it's all bullshit and the riders who want it will see to it that it's not dead. There are too many of us to be ignored, and Marz can do what they want at their peril.
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 atleast we dont have dual crowns with 15mm thru axles
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 Give it a couple of years for the industry to push 15mm axles in dh
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 Give it a couple of years, lightweight, 170mm dual crown 29er fork with a 15mm axle. I'm calling it now!
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 Coupe of years? Man you guys are gonna sh*t the bed when you see next years Boxxer.

20mm axles, along with 26" wheels are going the way of the Dodo.
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 no 26'' looks like i will be buying the new manitou mattock then
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 I wonder if you could get way with a 26" wheel on it if you really wanted to.
  • 5 1
 yes, you can run a 26
  • 7 2
 It won't fit. Wink
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 a 26" wheel with a Duro 3.0" Razorback (which are still for sale and produced) is something like 3mm less in diameter than a 27.5" with a normal 2.2 wheel.

So in conclusion, BRING BACK THE 3.0" WIDE TIRE.
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 Yes but the axel is offset differently, running a 26 would be half ass.
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 To run a 3.0" tire, you'd need a rim that could handle that size. Unless you have some extra DH rims lying around that are in good shape that could fit the tire, you'd need a new wheelset which case you may as well just buy new 650B wheels and do it properly.
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 As much as I love Marzocchi, aesthetically these forks seem a little plain... The casting is clean, but uninteresting, and the crown looks like a Durolux or something. I'm sure they will function unbelievably well, as do the current offerings, but where's that Italian style?
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 In Taiwan with the rest of Tenneco's business
  • 5 2
 a-c difference? what a bullshit. anyone compares headtube height beetween frames? different headsets with different lower cups, integrated flush with fork crown, internal with cup sticking 1-2-3mm, standard 10-15mm cup? How about top of the headtube ... h-set top cover style / cone stack height etc. ok i went too far there...

.. another try: if a-c is so important let's start discussing how rake is important. and how it's affecting a-c (depends on how it's measured). and how much 'rake' is build already into fork crown.

anyone is comparing rim outer width? rim ertro? rim lips shapes and how they affect tyre shape? Comparing tyre shapes between brands and models and which 2.2" tyre is lower and which one is higher.

go ride.... but dont forget this fork will be probably tappered. Anyway it still can fit into 44/44ZS headtube. No need for tapered or 1.5" headtube. Just use external lower cup (Cane Creek or FSA ITA-A/ITA-B) and die... beacuse it will stick out another 15mm under headtube or so. A-C even more high...ha ha ha

GO CRY !!!!
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 The only thing I can add is: If you can tell what color your bike is while riding it..... Your going too F'N slow! Pick it up and pedal faster whiny little "female dogs in heat"...... Wait for it, wait for it..... let the negativity commence!!
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 How many of you clowns asking for the 26" option would actually race out the door and buy this fork if it was available to you?

Better yet, how many more will wait 12 months or more then buy it online at a huge discounted price?

Old technology is not pushing this industry and helping it grow.
  • 2 0
 A new wheelsize standard isn't exactly innovative or "new technology". New manufacturing processes to produce higher quality products at cheaper prices or R&D into lighter, more durable materials would be a different story.
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 So when is the 380 FC2R (???) Coming out for all the park bike and freeriders? C'mon Marzocchi you know you rule that market, people need a 170/180mm single crown with 20mm bolt up axle for 26" wheels!!!
  • 1 0
 Again: 55 CR @ 170 + 20mm @ 26" + Inexpensive = PERFECT!!
  • 1 0
 aha such a product already exists!
  • 14 8
 No 26' ?? Bad decisions again Zocchi Boys... This guys don't learn.
  • 19 8
 Or rather pink bike members don't learn...
  • 4 2
 At first: New Marzocchi all mountain fork. Nice !
Than: 650B only and 15mm axle.
That sucks!!!

So i have to tune my Lyric with Avalanche advantage, or buy a bos Deville.
20mm axle, 170mm travel and 26" that´s the way i like it.
  • 4 1
 I can understand not building a 29" but seriously, why wouldn't you make one for a 26"? The vast majority of mountain bikers ride 26" so make it for the market thats the biggest.
  • 2 0
 I don't give a gnats twinkie what people think, I am first in line for one of these on my Spitfire. And for those dissing the stanchions its NICKEL not chrome and its far superior to any of the competition's colourful offerings.
  • 13 7
 No 26??????
  • 20 4
 i read 650b only and was instantly turned off...
  • 11 4
 I know WTF, at least you can fit a 26 in there i guess
  • 5 1
 Go ahead and run your 26" and enjoy bags of mud clearance. I've been dying to try out some of Marzocchis' latest creations..
  • 6 2
 ...And enjoy bags of axle to crown height. Throat feeling jammed.
  • 1 0
 I like what you are saying. Surely it's all about a2c height?
  • 3 0
 it will only raise it a few mm
  • 2 0
 26" would fine to use. I can see why no 26" option with 650 option, not much difference in a2c.
  • 2 0
 Same here, once i convert my tracer 2 to 275 (somtime this year) this fork is top on my list
  • 6 0
 As someone who lowered their 55 from 170 to 160mm travel and chose 1 1/8 steerer to allow the use of an inset headset to keep the front end and BB low, I have a problem with adding A2C height for no other reason than Marz thinking 26 is dead. Spending 3 days on a Bronson has convinced me that 26 is in no danger of extinction.
  • 2 1
 Been really enjoying my 55 that I got this spring to upgrade my bike. Now they go to 15mm axle and drop 10mm of travel from the 55... I hope they keep making 55's and for 26 inch wheels too cause this fork doesn't interest me. I know there's plenty of people that think bigger wheels are where it's at and are rushing out to spend money on them, therefore the bike industry is responding, and just going into my local bike shop everything was a 29'r, but those of us who ride for fun and aggressively almost alway prefer 26' wheels and longer travel. I feel like the sport is kinda being overtaken by guys with $ who can't really ride. From some of sponsored trail builds I've seen with not near enough slope to really be flowing and fun as well as the guys riding them on 29'rs I'm not as optimistic about new bikes.
  • 3 1
 Guys, really? Who cares if it's 650b "only", or 15mm... buy one of their forks that were designed for 26 and 20mm, jeez. The 55RC3 forks are fantastic, no one said they were discontinuing all their other models..
  • 1 0
 But they are, no 2014 55s, 44 and 66 already gone.
  • 1 0
 Hmm? According to their website they still have all the 55 models for 2014, and one 44 model still.
  • 1 0
 I rode the 380 at silverstar a few weeks back. Brought me back to my old 888. They have the same look as the 350. And the lowers make up for the stanchions. Oh so buttery. Same story for the moto ti spring rear shock. I want the 350 for my regular ride.
  • 4 0
 Weight: ~1900 g (from official brochure). Not bad Smile
  • 2 0
Sorry, it just had to be done.
  • 2 0
 All axle and wheels size comments aside, I would have hoped for independent low and high speed compression adjustments in an enduro fork coming out these days.
  • 3 0
 had my interest right up to the 15mm front axle and 650B wheel size i guess i,ll get a switch instead
  • 2 0
 You all realize this is just for that market. Why dont you all go take another poll and bitch about something else while this company rebuilds some of the best product the industry has ever seen. There WILL be 26" forks, its not as if they pulled some rule like giant next year with no 26" mtb wheels for their entire production line.

At 250lbs and riding the shit out of my current Marz 15mm fork (yes its a 9r Ti 44TST) I have had not a single problem riding on the best and worst of the Northshore. You guys will soon realize the standards are much higher than you think and MOST every weekend warrior or Computer cruisader could actually still be riding a 9mm axle and just 3" of crappy elastomer bumper travel without noticing a performance loss.

The simple fact that people are willing to talk about a Switch in the same sentence as these forks is why the MTB market is so underinformed and hard to please.

CHANGE is a good thing Ive seen it for the past 23 years riding mountain bikes.
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 I've been on my 2013 55RC for about 6 weeks now and I'm quite happy, but to be honest I'm just waiting for another Ti sprung single crown fork, hope your going to deliver, constantly checking air pressure is a faff.
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 Dear Marzo:

Call me when you bring back the Shiver. Until then, let's just not talk, I think it's better for both of us.


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 it's how the fork works and not what the colour of the stanchions are!!! they work great! some have nothing else to complain about so they make shit up.........
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 Take a freeride forks, lose 10-20mm of travel, market it as "enduro"
  • 1 2
 Watching companies' offerts for 2014 it all seems almost sure like it will be 26" and 27.5" (alternative) for downhill / freeride and definitely 27.5" for trail / enduro. Nothing forcasts any end of 26" wheels and there is less and less attention on 29ers. The magical 27.5" shaded the 29" revolution that was so very bright just few years ago.

However I am judging mainly on the basis of pinkbike news and few other minor sources.
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 Now all we need is a clothing line only for the 650B riders
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 why not just take a 26" wheel and stick it into this fork? sure better than taking a 650b wheel in a 26" fork
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 Does not look that great and im a big marz guy... Facepalm But i can tell its a nice fork,well the concept is nice..time will tell.
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 that's a clean lookin arch!
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 "N" for Nduro.... Whatever. I guess they didn't want to reference the their old ECR fork from 2003.
  • 1 1
 For me 15mm can be good for XC and trailbikes but I think 20mm should be used on 160mm fork and up. Maybe Shimano have some power to force de use of 15mm axcel..
  • 3 0
 SKF fork seals? Nice Smile
  • 2 4
 Please make a 180 mil fork with 20 mil thru axel and options for a 1 1/8 steer tube. Yes make an updated version of the 66.

Why flood the market with the exact same fork that every other brand already has a similar product.????

Do your forks still work perfectly for 6 months to a year with out maintenance? What are you offering me that makes me want to buy your fork?
Btw I luv my RC3 55s.
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 News flash people, you can use a 26 wheel on a 27.5 fork. Trail/rake might be a tad 'off' though.
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 Somewhat devoid of shape and style compared to typical Marz. Bring back the M-arch (but not the M-crown).
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 Looks like a suntor with fatter stantions to me.
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 27,5 mandatory market!! buy it buy it... not me
  • 2 2
 No 26 ?, then you will not sell nor a donut, that taste for chrome, is horrible
  • 5 7
 Im very exited about Marzocchi jumping on the Enduro train with such ambition.

Of cource they are only making it for 650b in stead of the outdated 26" size for enduro.

Good going Marz! Don't look back but forward.
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You're drinking the industry Kool-aid.
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 No dude im just not stuck in the past...
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 Not convinced! All we hear about is better rolling characteristics and a bigger contact patch (longer instead of wider) . The latter of which everyone assumes means more traction.

Yet "NOBODY" wants to talk about increased un-sprung and how that affects traction, however indirectly.

So this is not me living in the past. This is me asking a legitimate question and not hearing anything in return, which can only mean that a good portion of all this chatter is just marketing BS.
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 Well i have tested both on the same day and the same track in same conditions.

My conclution was tha 650b is faster, more grip under braking and cornering with less vibrations through the bars, gave a confidence boost and more fun.
Cause if you feel you can push the bike further the mor fkn fun it is to ride it.

This might not be facts to you but it is a fact for me that 26" is less fast, less fun, yesterdays news and i will not be riding it in the future.

Cheers to all ya 650b haters.
And please do some real time testing on your own before you start coming up with stupid theories about the "industry" forcing worse products down your throat.
The pros want to ride it cause it is faster, more fun and i like it better for the same reasons.

Over and out!
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 1) I've ridden both.
2) I'm not a 650b hater.
3) I agree all day long that if you feel faster, go with it!

That said, the jury is still out as to what will prove to be the weapon of choice at top level racing.
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 15 mm axle, no good. 650b only, no good, 35 mm stanchions, good
  • 4 2
 650B sucks.
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 Performance is what count's. Looks are secondary.
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 160mm but reduced to 140 internally... Well which is it?!
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 1998 just rang, they want there forks back
  • 1 0
 650B only? Marz fracken screwed the pooch with this one!
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 Come on Marzo!We would like to have the iconic "M" arc back!
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 2008 called. they want there graphics back
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