Video: Mongoose MTB Road Trip - 2012

Aug 29, 2012
by Tyler Maine  

Chris Akrigg and Amir Kabbani take on Malaga, Spain during the 2012 Mongoose Road Trip. There isn't a better place to spot a Mongoose then in the mountains of Malaga, Spain. A run-yourself-ragged road trip with 2 of the best riders in the business.

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 The vids that Chris sets up and edits are so much better than this. Just shows how talented he is behind the camera as well as in front of it.
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 cool video, but seriously when will mongoose realise how shit their rear end pivot system is, so increadibly weak and the bushings destroy themselfs within a few rides.
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 Hmmm..... I have a '08 Khyber Elite with the same pivot system. I've found it too be very reliable. If I'm going through anything, it's tires and chain lube.
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 I totally agree, I stopped watching this as it was highly disappointing after watching this only a few days ago.
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 He has an NVQ don't you know!
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 Mongoose has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years and I agree that they need to sort out the rear pivot system! I had a Teocali and the bushings ate themselves like a crazed cannibal........ On more than 1 occasion!!!!............ But that said I think that they have one of the best teams riding for them! Amir Kabbani is an awsome dirtjumper and a good all rounder, And then you get to the superhuman manbeast that is Chris Akrigg!! The guys a legend! Imense on anything with wheels! And an awsome editor! So.......... Mongoose...... give these boys a decent bike to ride! That's the least they deserve!!!
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 Some technical riding here! You can learn so much from Chris! Props to Amir as well... he came from Dirtjump and is now a good Allrounder!
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 i like their van, gives the athertons a run for their money
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 Argh! Such bike snobs! They shred these bikes amazingly, what makes you think they're rubbish? Because theyre more affordable? Because they happen to have a cheap range? Because they're not Trek or Specialized? If you want an awesome mountain bike with top of the range spec at an affordable price Mongoose is the perfect option. Why wouldn't these guys ride them? Mongoose probably look after them and they make good bikes.
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 I've put in hours of trail riding, commuting, freeride, DH the lot on my Teocali and it has been amazingly reliable. Where did you get your information from deepcreekmedia?
Agreed, quite pants compared to what we're used to from Akrigg.
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 Yeah Reuben Alcantara on a mtb bike style.
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 How the hell did Mongoose manage to snag these 2 riders? They must be cuttin them some fat checks cus seems like both Akrigg and Kabbani are at a whole other level than these bikes.
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 Thats what i call control over the bike. They are handling them like they were one with the body, impressive!
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 Anybody know what they are using for single speed conversion? I had a DMR setup on my old Mongoose Fireball, it was always kind of weird.
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 Hey where can I find the trail where 8 photographers pop out every time I do something rad??!!
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 ive actually been kinda impressed with mongoose lately
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 Chris Akrigg=Click on it
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 That used to be my old stomping ground! Wish I rode more back then!
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 what are the forks on the bike at 0.34? love the colour!

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