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Aug 17, 2015
by Scott Secco  
Dominik Raab - Wiener Melange: Dominik took a short break from his trials demo season and spent some time in Vienna working on a new video. Watch the Merida Gravity team rider shredding his One-Twenty All Mountain bike on a tour around Austria's capital followed by an street ride in the center of this versatile city. Production company: Auboeck Film.

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Fox Air DH - Crankworx 2015: Video: Alec Ilstrup.

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Petrik Jurs: Shredding the Gold Coast Of Australia.

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Archie Axten Raw: Music: Ear Porn - Raw Goodness. Video: Matthew Craig Photography.

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Build Edit Bike Park Bernex 2015: Making magic in the woods.

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Matadown 2015: Mass start races are awesome.

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Queenstown Gnar - The Kiwis: Welcome to Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand, the Southern Hemisphere and quite possibly the world! The mountain biking opportunities down here are unbelievable, as we found out with Nick Dethridge. Once we had explored the ridiculously awesome, yet "normal" trails, Rude Rock, Dreamtrack, Skyline Gondola, & George Road, we went hunting for something new. With Isaac & Jarrah on board, the riders headed out of Queenstown towards a new zone - where desert 'scapes meet alpine scree - where the lines have since been described as something out of Red Bull Rampage.

Trek World Racing Stories 2.4 // MSA - Windham: Trek World Racing have just completed the North American leg of the UCI World Cup which saw some pretty amazing racing on the Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN) and Windham (USA) courses. High speed, dusty and plenty of action, as the team walks away with two wins for Laurie Greenland. Watch as George Brannigan gets his best ever result on the Canadian track, and Laurie Greenland wraps up the overall World Cup title in Windham with one race remaining.

Extreme Enduro Trials: Well, this is different.

Mercedes-AMG & Richie Schley: Mercedes-AMG welcomes Richie Schley as Brand Ambassador. Richie Schley represents the spirit of off-road exploration as a lifestyle. Navigating various terrains in Laguna Beach, California, Schley shares how he pioneered and established the freeride mountain biking movement against all odds.

Anthill Unreal Moment 2 - Break from the Herd: Cam McCaul and Tom van Steenbergen are featured in this unreal moment from the new film produced by Anthill Films & Teton Gravity Research .

CEEKLIFE - Dennis Enarson: Enarson is an animal.

Kaden Stone - Entranced: Kaden wanted to drop an edit before his 12th birthday, and this is what he was able to pull off.

Lime Street Video - Matt Roe & Robbo: Liverpool, England has always been a staple for some of the UK’s more interesting spots. Armed with no pegs, one pair of brakes, and Ben Lewis’ serving as spot guide, Roey and Robbo tackle the streets of Liverpool with their creative style and flow.

Ahmet Dadali Partly Cloudy Segment: Ahmet Dadali came out swinging in January 2013, spending the next few months filming with Level 1 and stacking shots for one of, if not THE strongest and most well-rounded segments of the year.

The Wallisch Project - Full Movie: The concept is simple, almost 8 minutes of the type of premium action you come to expect from Wallisch from locations around the globe.

Summer Shred with Evan McEachran: Watch as 18-year-old Canadian freeskier Evan McEachran hones his craft in this summer shred edit. The precocious Ontario-native and X Games competitor spent a few days up in Whistler, Canada on the Horstman Glacier filming at Momentum Ski Camp. Evan destroys the lane, be it during the early bluebird days or the smoke-filled evenings from a local forest fire. And throughout, he displays a technical prowess beyond his years, showing why he's one of the top prospects in the sport.

World Record Free Solo - Insane Slacklining!: On August 2nd 2015 Spencer Seabrooke set out to break the world record for the longest free solo slackline ever. He shattered the previous record by 7 meters! This had to have been one of the most gut wrenching things ive experienced in my whole life, between operating the drone and watching him walk 290 meters above the earths floor, it was definitely something I have never experienced.

Brandon Semenuk - Relentless: Congratulations to the 4x Joyride winner! This video is a classic.

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Brandon Semenuk in his 1 shot segment for unReal movie in Cambria California USA 2015 Anthill Films

Title Photo by: Sterling Lorence

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 Don't scroll to the comments for what to watch first, I haven't seen anything yet.
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 Click favorite if you like the video. Else comment about it.
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 I'm sorry. Did that kid just throw a 720? I could barely walk in a straight line at age 12...
  • 8 1
 The classic Brandon Semenuk Relentless video was by far my one of my favourites when I was a beginner in my early days of riding, and this is still definitely one of my favourites! His professionalism, pure talent and commitment makes Brandon such an inspiration to everyone, not just bikers!
  • 4 1
 That backflip was the cleanest backflip probably ever
  • 6 0
 one sure way to not win a race, walk your bike down during a mass start. really?!
  • 6 0
 that slacklining was mighty impressive. he has got some big apples in his gentleman's fruit basket.
  • 4 0
 Including a shot of caden crashing to say 'Hey look, the 11 year old kid is just like you and me...' except none of us 360 tail whipped out of the womb. Stupid kid making me look bad.
  • 5 0
 Mercedes Benz should really check their facts.....NWD 4 was released in 2003, not 1994.
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 Not seen any bmx in ages. Completely forgot how awesomely awesome it is. And how much fun it looks. Oh.. And don't forget ludicrously talented.
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 well... they´ve done all they could to try and kill enduro... but it´s here to stay!!
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 Looks like mountain biking has gone Hollywood in some areas
  • 3 1
 Ahmet Dadali is killing it rn! His wallride to creeper-slide was unreal at 3:22. Cant wait for level1's new movie!
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flag portable (Aug 17, 2015 at 18:53) (Below Threshold)
 freeskiing has as much style as rollerblading...
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 Someone needs to educate Mercedes Benz on how to make a mountain bike video. Great riding, but the film making.......
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 Man I miss biking in NZ, the dirt is better and its just so pure.
  • 1 0
 that first video though..... the skill....a few little twirls with the bike and the rest is just riding down the hill with really bad positioning on z bike
  • 2 0
 The riders in New Zealand are SICK!
  • 5 0
 yes we are...or at least they are....
  • 3 0
 Absurd riding, and talk about kahunas! Half a dozen times they nearly ate it in what would have been a hella crash, but somehow kept it together. Definite props to the NZ riders and to the country as a whole.
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 Weiner Melange, not what I was expecting.
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 Soo... Much.... Content

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