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Dec 31, 2012
by Scott Secco  
Sam Pilgrim - December Indoor: The last session I had before Christmas at Corby Skatepark, UK!
Views: 13,586    Faves: 356    Comments: 26

Three Seasons: Big drops, drifting corners, and speed! Check out the latest video of Dave riding his Devinci Wilson through the summer, fall, and early winter. Additional rider: Greg Korn. Video: Bryan Bobo.
Views: 15,634    Faves: 206    Comments: 42

Brad Mills - 2012: Downhill and dirt jumping from around Vernon and Kelowna. Filmed throughout the year.
Views: 8,667    Faves: 128    Comments: 11

DURYEA: For most of us, bike parks are closed for the season and we are left with a cold winter ahead. Justin Brigandi sets out to shred some frigid and windy DH runs before it's too late and the snow is on the ground. Duryea, PA. Thank you to all of the trail builders. Video: Ben Stanziale.
Views: 6,030    Faves: 69    Comments: 12

Kyle Rosencrans - Fall 2012: It's cold now but check out the footy Kyle "Frozenpants" Rosencrans has been clocking over the last few warm days of 2012.
Views: 6,348    Faves: 134    Comments: 7

Ultimate Olisbos Recut III - The Motion Circle: Music: Olisbos - Western
Views: 9,430    Faves: 244    Comments: 19

Pumptrackliebe Winter Edition - Stuttgart: These two women shred! Filmed on a Canon 5D MK3 and a 7D.
Views: 7,822    Faves: 78    Comments: 19

Summer Session - Ngatimoti - Bernard Kerr: Kerr has sick whips.
Views: 5,713    Faves: 82    Comments: 8

The Moe Show - Episode #2: With episode #1 done and tonnes of "leftovers," Malcolm and I bring you episode #2 of The Moe Show. A little mini and lots of dirt from Moe's home, Bel Aire, and as usual Moe does not disappoint! I filmed some of the clips a little fast, so apologise for some dodgy movement. Everything will be a bit smoother in future. Hope you enjoy the second instalment.
Views: 2,273    Faves: 28    Comments: 6

5-Year-Old Gavin Stanton: Gavin takes us through the Whistler Bike Park and shows us his skills in Portland's indoor park, The Lumberyard.
Views: 16,592    Faves: 175    Comments: 31

20,000KM's and Counting: I drove 20,000 kilometres going to various downhill races around Australia this year in order to qualify for the World Cup in Norway. About to do it all again in 2013, can't wait!
Views: 3,340    Faves: 30    Comments: 3

Let`s Enjoy 2013! Shredding with friends.
Views: 7,830    Faves: 192    Comments: 12

3:00 of My Year: This year I started filming seriously and this is a little recap of my 2012 videos.
Views: 11,393    Faves: 256    Comments: 34

Caldwell Visuals - 2012 Video Reel: Check out Tom Caldwell's demo reel.
Views: 7,069    Faves: 84    Comments: 11

AY 2012 Demo Reel: 2012 was a wicked season. Got huge stuff planned for 2013 so get stoked! Thanks to everyone who helped film.
Views: 3,019    Faves: 61    Comments: 4

LA Show Reel '12: 2012 was my first year as a film maker. Here are my favourite shots from the season, hopefully 2013 will be even better.
Views: 3,758    Faves: 39    Comments: 8

Ben Schleith Season Ender: Didn't get as much filming in as we would have liked, but this is what we ended up with. Thanks to Kelowna Cycle.
Views: 4,210    Faves: 81    Comments: 15

Leftovers and Fails 2012: Some leftovers and fails from our season. Hope you like it!
Views: 5,069    Faves: 91    Comments: 6

Ready Steady Ride Morocco 640: Video: Dan Milner.

Ready Steady Ride Morocco 640 from danmilner on Vimeo.

Insivity - Chris Burkard: Follow photographer Chris Burkard through his daily routine as he seeks out inspiration and discusses his passion for landscapes and how to be challenged in your work. "It's never enough just to observe, I always want to be involved."

INSIVITY - CHRIS BURKARD from Insivity on Vimeo.

White Noise - FULL Movie: Xavier de Le Rue, considered by his peers as the best big mountain rider, reveals himself intimately and exposes his feeling about his life, reasons he keeps on getting the motivation to push his own limits and why snowboarding represent his reason to be.

WHITE NOISE - FULL Movie from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

Huck: Waterfall kayaking has emerged as a dominant subset of whitewater paddling — thrilling audiences and pushing athletes to constantly tempt higher falls. It is constantly glorified and frequently misunderstood by all but the small group of kayakers who make waterfalls their life. Evan Garcia explores what it means to kayak off of big waterfalls; considering both the risks and rewards of a life driven by freefall.

Huck from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

Photo Christoph Laue

Title Photo by: Christoph Laue

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:


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 amazing choices so inspirational make me not want to have a 9-5 job but go out everyday and just do whatever it is which makes me happy, shame you dont always get payed to be happy! good choice of videos guys
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 I have a family or I would go find a crappy job in whistler village. People with crappy jobs don't realize how lucky they are. You can make minimum wage anywhere! If your scene isn't all that great and you are just a kid then move! Whistler has a McDonald's. Fulltime at minimum wage and a few room mates and you can bike or ski year round. If you are a kid looking at university I recommend looking at finding where you want to live, then moving, then looking at trade schools there, then looking at university when you know what you want to do. Otherwise you will get stuck where you are. Nothing holds you back from living until you let it.
  • 23 1
 "Whistler has a McDonalds"

you know, i think that's my future right there^
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 In the early 90's I ski-bummed in the Colorado rockies for a couple years. Sadly this was before MTBing really took off. I skied or boarded everyday of the winter, unless conditions were crappy. While VERY fun and all, living paycheck to paycheck with a couple stoner roomatess and very few chicks around gets old pretty quick.

I think the better option would be to live somewhere like Salt Lake or Vancouver and have a "normal job" and still live close to epic terrain.
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 There is also a work exchange program there. When I was there during Crankworx I met tons of people working the park from Europe and the UK. They were all there on a work exchange. Unfortunately, it's a good bit tougher for us Americans to get into it.
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 Yeah, I'm off moving to Whistler in 3 months! Definately better to be where you want to be and doing what you love!
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 5:37 Insivity (surf photographer) - I hope that's his laptop.
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 As much as I LOVE mountain biking it is only icing on the cake compared to what makes me truly happy, my wife and kids and work. I have worked super hard to get where I am at in my career. I have done all of this to support my family well. Also this will allow me to hopefully have 3+ bikes in my garage and the means to go anywhere I want in the world with my family and go shred it up on my bike. With out my family and my ability to work I dont think I would be truly happy. Moral of the story.. Dont be a bike bum for too long or you will regret it.
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 good to see Rochester up there
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 best choices I have seen at the end of the year.. Good tunes, heard The Cult in there, it is official, I can go killmyself for fun.... Just Sayin.
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 The last Movies For Your Monday 2012 !
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 I really enjoyed the Sam Pilgrim edit
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 Woop, awesome to see EG from bombflow on here running stouts.
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 the kayak vid makes a huge drop off look tame.
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 Fuck you LA, honestly I was all chilling enjoying my movies n' shit and I dropped my soda
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 'KERR has sick whips' - Yes he does but there aint any from him in that Summer Sessions vid! And a Kashima coated Rockshox rear............ Hmmmm
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 Wow. What the kayaker said, words of wisdom.
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 Great vids for the last day of 2012!
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 1st Movies For Your Monday on my new TV!!!! #stoked
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 .......Recut III Motion Circle - Killed it! Happy New Year.
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