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Feb 11, 2013 at 0:02
Feb 11, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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Carson Ferrin edit: Getting rowdy on some famous New World Disorder stunts in Utah (and in the skatepark too).
Views: 16,842    Faves: 138    Comments: 13

Matt Gosling - Macclesfield: A wintery few days with Matt Gosling down at Macc. Song: Radical Face - Wrapped in Piano Strings.
Views: 12,080    Faves: 157    Comments: 15

Joey Vejvoda killing Mt Buller: Filmed at Mt Buller after the national round was over, just a bit of fun, bit of gooning, bit of shredding.
Views: 16,427    Faves: 508    Comments: 38

Backcountry Pyrenees - Gravity Traverse of Guara: This is us exploring some trails for our Backcountry Pyrenees trips. This is a gravity traverse of an area, descending on rocky carpets and climbing in the BasqueMTB van.
Views: 9,484    Faves: 46    Comments: 7

Gettin loose as a goose: Joe Barry and Jamie Hendersen shreddin Sol Vista Bike Park.
Views: 8,794    Faves: 84    Comments: 12

RideBikes Connection: Riding bikes is not just about big tricks and contests. Actually, for most people, like us, it is about blue sky and friends. It doesn't matter if you ride in the mountains or in the park, 26 or 20, we do it for the same reason, fun. This video was made by German and Brazilian friends who kept contact and met after years just for another session together. Riding bikes is about connections.
Views: 12,605    Faves: 171    Comments: 27

Twins: Looks have nothing to do with these kids. Brothers from other mothers DJ Brandt and Kyle Rosencrans slay Arvada and Parker skateparks during a week of warm weather in Denver, CO. These two pack some serious talent into a short lifetime of bike brotherhood. Enjoy! Video: Quinn Maxwell.
Views: 6,275    Faves: 185    Comments: 13

Out West Downhill: Shot my first all DH edit last weekend.
Views: 18,379    Faves: 369    Comments: 28

Rough and Ready: Harry Wallwork and Aidan Maskell riding at Poldice.
Views: 7,867    Faves: 86    Comments: 12

Winter in the East Bay: Living in the East Bay, we are fortunate to be able to ride year-round. Our winters send us tacky dirt and good times. Watch as Alex and Brad shred their homeland! Soundtrack: Vandalism - Porter Robinson. CJR Films 2013.
Views: 12,946    Faves: 76    Comments: 22

Nate Wynans Creations 2012 Demo Reel: 2012 has come and gone and this video looks back at some my favorite shots and moments of 2012. Video: Nathaniel Wynans.
Views: 7,101    Faves: 56    Comments: 11

Titty Smacker Crew - Sixty Third And Valmont: The second episode for the Titty Smacker Crew, we are missing most of the crew so we brought in a few spares. Filmed over one day in Boulder Colorado, enjoy!
Views: 8,070    Faves: 177    Comments: 31

Andrew McNab: Shot April, 2012 for The Telus Intersection contest. Music: Collect Call (Adventure Club remix).
Views: 6,112    Faves: 27    Comments: 5

The Limit: A trip to Kamloops BC to film some of the local pro's, which was not going to materialize until James Doerfling decided to throw down on this hit. Thanks James for making the drive worthwhile.

THE LIMIT. from Luke Mcdonald on Vimeo.

Jake Hood - Winter?: Jake Hood making the most of a sunny day in February on his Orange Blood - no winter mud on this trail.

Jake Hood- Winter? from Calum Darling on Vimeo.

Joyride150 - XC Session:Join Emily Batty and Wired For Performance, along with other local XC circuit riders at Joyride150 for a day of riding and training. Riders: Emily Batty, Sam Wagler, Elyse Nieuwold, Katlyn Dundas, Laura Bietola, and Karlee Gendron.

Joyride150 - XC Session from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

Kite Porn: While working in South Padre Island we met a lot of great people and were inspired to do a personal project on the kite boarding scene. We decided to embrace the fun loving nature of the sport through a not so serious portrayal of South Padre's world class kiting. Who needs a storyline when you have beach babes and huge airs?

Kite Porn from Après Visuals on Vimeo.

I Beat Mike Tyson: "If you take “The Fighter” and strip off its melodramatic arc and the stars’ and the industry’s self-regard, then compress what’s left into 12 poetically concise minutes, you get something almost as good, almost as grown-up, as “I Beat Mike Tyson." - Boston Globe

I BEAT MIKE TYSON - (FULL FILM) from Joshua Z Weinstein on Vimeo.

The Creative Seggy: Behind the Scenes of the "JP Auclair Street Segment" Original Segment Here. From 2 to 2 million. What started as a pair of guys digging around in the slush, ended up with almost 3 million views worldwide and counting. The "JP Auclair Street Segment" is a section of the feature length film "All.I.Can" by Sherpas Cinema, and was an unexpected favourite, capturing imaginations, winning awards, and reaching an audience the creators had never dreamed of. Join Dave Mossop and JP Auclair for a peek behind the scenes of that game-changing 2-week shoot, in the interior of British Columbia.

The Creative Seggy: Behind the Scenes of the "JP Auclair Street Segment" from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Mark Matthews - Island Avenue: Mark ripping on Vancouver Island. Video: Matt Dennison and Scott Secco

Mark Matthews - Island Avenue - from on Vimeo.

One of the most beautiful places I ve ever been.

Title Photo by: Brad Walton

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  • + 47
 The mark matthews vid was insane. So stylish!
  • + 11
 Agreed! One of the best videos I've seen in a while. That rotten stump whip was sick! I've seen people tire tap stumps, but never crank tap 'em.
  • + 10
 Can you really call that a 'tap'? That was a crank smack!! I could only imagine how much shit I would eat if I tried that!
  • + 3
 And he put some good music to vid, not some shity electro or something tup
  • + 4
 that guy rips
  • + 2
 Skill level: BOSS.
  • + 2
 i love the good mixture of normal speed and a little bit of slow mo when appropriate. and the song choice was perfect!
  • + 2
 Fast with flow and style. Hell yeah. Great vid.
  • + 3
 The last thing I think about when I see a rotten stump on a trail is to ride into it Razz What a sick shot!
  • + 1
 I don't know if the film crew stopped the cable cam, but it seemed crazy that he crashed right at the same moment the cable cam ran out of cable line...twice!
  • + 1
 Everything the camera moves were perfect music ridding color awesome
  • + 21
 Not going to lie I went straight to the Emily batty video
  • + 6
 kiteboarding = fruit booting
  • + 6
 WOW, the boxing video was awesome!!!
  • + 1
 ya it was really interesting. i wish he had won that last fight though. its kinda how i feel going into sea otter's cat 1 dh this year. 20 to 1 at best
  • + 5
 Doerfling, going big as usual Smile
  • + 1
 thanks for sharing the limit. its the only thing that really keeps me on the screen. ofcourse i like to shred, a,d sick shredding is also cool video... but theres nothin like a big gap video.. Wink
  • + 1
 Don't know if this 11 hr Monday workday is driving me crazy or not...but the speed, tempo and music choice for th risk and ave video reminds me of "pulp fiction" on a mountain bike! Spectacular riding and edits!!
  • + 3
 Thanks pinkbike, another Monday spent itching to ride
  • + 3
 Loved the creative seggy. Jp auclair is one cool dude
  • + 3
 Colorado killin it this week!!
  • + 3
 Loved the Mark Mathews short. GOTTA LOVE B.C.!!!!!!
  • + 2
 Joey Vejvoda killing Mt Buller... YEAH!!!
  • + 2
 fuck yeah kite surfing babes!
  • + 2
 If I could do this all in one day.
  • + 3
 emily batty come to me!!
  • + 2
 Shocked that this is the only Emily Batty post. I didn't know she even existed before watching this video -- I do now, that's for sure.
  • + 1
 What kind of indestructible tires is Jake Hood running over those razor sharp spear head rocks?
  • + 2
 Joey Vejvoda is one aggressive rider! Geez!
  • + 2
 Pyrenees riding was very good!!!!The trail the scenery love being there!!!
  • + 1
 .....island ave....f---, I'm tired!!!
  • + 1
 best MFYM since a long time!
  • + 1
 i think i saw soderstrom's brother...
  • + 1
 I would love to have a tire job done by the girl inflating the kite! 8-)
  • + 1
 Thank god it`s monday!

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