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Jan 13, 2013 at 22:00
Jan 13, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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BUSINESS - Matt MacDuff in Halifax: Matt came to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to build crazy trails in the woods. After finishing up the trails out in the country he came to the city to spend his last few days being party master and riding street. Here's what we got.
Views: 21,737    Faves: 421    Comments: 33

Ali Chapple 2012: This is the last of our videos from 2012 before we start filming in 2013. This year is going to be awesome.
Views: 14,338    Faves: 307    Comments: 16

Fall Rides: We at Savage Films have made a lot of rock climbing videos but this is our very first mountain bike edit. Featuring Pat Foster and Jeremy Norris on some of the incredible terrain Squamish has to offer.
Views: 26,004    Faves: 597    Comments: 55

Barcelona Trip 2012: This video shows the great time we had in Barcelona! Music: Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World and Theophilis London - I Stand Alone. Hope you enjoy it!
Views: 32,183    Faves: 522    Comments: 61

Harry Steele - Isle of Wight Fun: A short video of Harry Steele making the most of some local trails on the Isle of Wight.
Views: 15,473    Faves: 229    Comments: 30

Sebastian Lutz 2012 Short: Did not film very much this season but here's a short video by Lewis Seagram.
Views: 8,911    Faves: 106    Comments: 11

Winter Ride in the Dyfi with James and Ash? James Corbett and Ashley Stockton rip up some of the more known trails in the heart of the Dyfi forest.
Views: 6,632    Faves: 49    Comments: 10

2012 Showreel: 2012 has been an amazing year for me. Filming has been one of the best things I have done with my life. Been able to travel to so many great places, make so many new friends, and experience riding on a whole other level. It makes me happy to be able to share my year of filming with you all. Enjoy.
Views: 11,085    Faves: 173    Comments: 22

Best of Malaga Riding: Compilation of selected bike clips from Salvador Moreno, featuring a bunch of pros enjoying themselves: from Lehikoinen to Bryceland, to Akrigg. Filmed over the past three seasons on Malaga trails.
Views: 10,708    Faves: 135    Comments: 4

Matt Taylor Trak Cycles 2013: Riding starts at 1:46.
Views: 5,646    Faves: 46    Comments: 12

Ralph Baggs rides Woburn: Unplanned video, had 45:00 to film before it went dark. Ralph Baggs is super stylish and a rider to watch.
Views: 5,678    Faves: 59    Comments: 17

Laurie Greenland - Welcome to Wideopenmag: He's fast!
Views: 6,311    Faves: 34    Comments: 6

Film Things 2012 Showreel: Huge thanks to all the people who helped to make 2012 so amazing. Looking forward to doing it all again in 2013 and beyond. Music: Neuroagent - I Still Believe (feat. Natalia Ashley).
Views: 4,772    Faves: 60    Comments: 15

Christmas Riding: Conditions are pretty good here in France to ride bikes. Snow is up the mountain and we got tons of water on our favorite trails. That makes our ride a little bit nasty and sketchy but still very fun.
Views: 32,308    Faves: 627    Comments: 70

Anthony Napolitan: From getting kicked out of Volcom park to having bad sun positioning at Blue Bench. From offset trips to ankle surgery, Anthony and I had to work for this one. In the end it was worth it and and we're both stoked on how it came out. Special thanks to RedBull for having us on set at Kluge and Heath Pinter and Mike Saavedra for letting us shoot at their respective trails.

Cross Country Snowboarding: Check out the newest Olympic discipline.

Villapoto - Road to Recovery: Directors cut of footage from the Ryan Villapoto 'Road to Recovery' series from Specialized Bicycles and Metis Creative. Clay Porter and John Reynolds did a phenomenal job on this.

Brave: Meet Tommy Carroll. He has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two...

Photo Christoph Laue

Title Photo by: Christoph Laue

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  • + 89
 Brave made my day. So inspirational. Keep at it, you're killin it!
  • + 5
 id have to say its the cross country snowboarding for me
  • + 28
 Brave - What an amazing and inspirational video ! That kid rules! It really is a big difference between "Oh, I'm blind so shredding the skate park isn't something I should consider" and this kids attitude of "F**k it! I want to go skating so I'm gonna go skating".
  • + 12
 no shit man. good on him for giving it a go.
  • + 14
 much much respect for that guy
  • + 2
 Very inspiring! Don't take what you have for granted...
  • + 2
 Such a good video i'm very glad I saw this, but the part that really got me was when he was talking about skating in the morning, it's sad that he can't go to a park in the day and get in a few runs because people don't show respect at parks and go while other people or on the ramps.
  • + 21
 But it's not Monday yet.... stop making me think about Monday... I don't want to think about school... or work... or doing anything yet...
  • + 34
 Meanwhile in Australia.
  • + 7
 Laurie Greenland is not a girl. He's fast Wink
  • + 4
 Faith in humanity restored.
  • + 22
 Cross country snowboarding... Lol what a joke.
  • + 13
 I saw the title "Matt MacDuff In Halifax", and thought "really, he's over in Yorkshire!?" But then I realised it was the Canadian Halifax, which was obvious really - because riding in Halifax town centre is how you get beat up and your bike stolen...
  • + 1
 People have definitly been beaten up and had their bike stolen too, halifax has one of the highest rates of crime in canada
  • + 11
 that brave film has to be one of the most inspiring videos I have ever watched. The main sense we use to ride, skate or do anything related with extreme sports is our sight. So for this kid to be able to ride they way he does is amazing. most people learn tricks by watching some one else land it then copy there technique. so for him to be able to air out and land tricks that non visually impaired would find difficult to do is out standing! hats off to this kid, I relay hope he goes places with his skating!
  • + 14
 Cross country snow boarding is the best thing ever, skootch leg hahaha
  • + 7
 Brave is by far the most inspirational video iv ever seen. I'm a skateboarder too and my god I couldn't do it if I was blind. I just blindfolded myself and tried to do some tricks, without seeing the board or where I'm going I can't do anything. Tommy Carroll your a beast and my new hero.
  • + 6
 Love the Monday beacuse of this movies, but can there be more movies about making bikes instead of rides only?
Make us engineers happy sometimes
  • + 7
 Movies for your Monday's finally exist over here
  • + 7
 movies for my boring Sunday night
  • + 3
 I thought I recognized that skatepark in Brave, I looked it up and I used to play lacrosse on those fields next to it. I had no idea such an inspiring person lived so close to me
  • + 5
 It's like, the mtb vids were cool but, the Napolitan and Carroll videos were just insane
  • + 2
 After watching the Villapoto edit, all I can think of is a quote from Homer Simpson: "Here I am using my a sucker"
Now I just have to convince the wife it is a good idea to get a moto again after 20 years on a "push" bike.
  • + 3
 The Anthony Napolitan video....Dafuq was that 360 Indian air deal??? If that could be done on a Demo/Sesh/Glory etc, it would look sick !!!
  • + 1
 it already looks sick on the BMX Razz
  • + 4
 Those trails anthony napolitan rode are the stuff of dreams...
  • + 3
 much respect for villapoto but barcia is gonna give that class alot to handle
  • + 1
 Tommy Carroll, real life Hereo!!!! no BS...that's the attititude i wish we all truely could have..Massive props for his achievements
  • + 3
 the blind skater is a real hero!!!
  • + 1
 It was Monday here for once yaaa, and blind skate boarding holy Fcuk I can Skateboard with my full facultys Tommy Carroll your a hero props to you
  • + 1
  • + 3
 Squamish clip was sick...
  • + 1
 yeah that trail looked amazing..any clue on the name of it ?
  • + 1
 Not sure but I hope to find out before I visit in August
  • + 2
 Skating blind??? 1000% respect and f*ck cancer
  • + 1
 Laurie must be chuffed he's on Pinkbike, but not so happy he's being called a girl!!! ;-)
  • + 2
 So do we get another "Movies for Your Monday" on Monday?
  • + 2
 Laurie Greenland must be pissed at pinkbike right about now....
  • + 1
 i pop back a day later and the unfortunate s has been rectified. Laurie's rage will hopefully subside!
  • + 1
  • + 1
 that Kona with Harry Steele looks hella fun to ride
  • + 1
 Scootch leg!?!?! Sooo funny!!!!
  • + 1
 you know those guys with skooch legs...they walk in circles" lmao!!
  • + 1
 brave is awesome - i cant skate like that and i can see
  • + 2
 It's Monday? Weirdddd
  • + 1
 Pinkbike is going global,
The guys are trying to keep up with Monday morning in Fiji or something, ;-)
  • + 1
 I didn't expect to see bikes put on the back of a dump truck haha.
  • + 1
 That's quite the rig for getting to the trailhead-fall rides.
  • + 1
 I still can`t believe I missed previous MFYM. Catchin up..
  • + 1
 Fall Rides video is awesome ! Trails of Squamish seem to be so fun.
  • + 1
 Damn. A lot of riders doesn't use gloves. I cant ride without my gloves..
  • + 1
 since a long time a good MFYM
  • + 1
 so many videos to watch before school
  • + 1
 Props for the blind skater
  • + 1
 Monday For Your Movies
  • - 1
 Cross country snowboarding? Not exciting at all..

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