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Jan 28, 2013 at 0:03
Jan 28, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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Food, Faces & Places to Ride: Morocco – Trailer: Domenico Galizia and Alex Ganster, Knolly Bikes rider Mario Lenzen and their team support driver Troy Jungheim, all confirmed epic bike adventurers, set off from Austria and took a trip through Europe to the edge of the continent and then across into North Africa.

Dreamin': Riding starts at 0:59. Video: McLaine Media.
Views: 21,767    Faves: 436    Comments: 39

Elliot Andal - 2012 Season: Filmed in Prince George, B.C.
Views: 13,762    Faves: 299    Comments: 33

Nick Tingren - Four Hours: Nick Tingren rides his 20". Filmed in 4 hours. Created by Rupert Walker
Views: 10,348    Faves: 254    Comments: 24

Nik Dommen - Winter Wonderland: Nik and I went out to film a trail edit but decided to make it a little more gravity oriented. Winter in California is like summer in most places, we thought we ought to capitalize on that. Hope everyone enjoys my newest edit. There will be more to come soon!
Views: 12,005    Faves: 213    Comments: 32

Suspended Productions - Demo Reel 2012: Scrub clinic at 1:19.
Views: 53,443    Faves: 1,043    Comments: 83

Party Tip - Let's Shred! Russ Fountain, Kevin Weinerth, Eric Wahn, Nick Baumanis, Kris Mcmechan, and Mike Kinrade shredding all over the Kootenays, Kamloops, Silverstar, and 'Merica.
Views: 13,961    Faves: 349    Comments: 35

Darcy Day - Trail & Downhill: Shredding on the hardtail.
Views: 6,871    Faves: 70    Comments: 7

James Visser - Cliff Hanger Flip: Just a short clip of James Visser doing a cliff hanger flip at Woodward.
Views: 28,950    Faves: 244    Comments: 36

Trails of Berlin - Josef Woitella: Josef riding at Gym Trails and Strawberry Trails in Berlin.
Views: 9,855    Faves: 108    Comments: 15

Leland Kirton - 2012 Season: Well this vid wraps up another great season at the 'Hard on Park.'
Views: 6,828    Faves: 92    Comments: 7

Sydney's Premier All Mountain Trail: A video of a new all mountain track in Sydney. Video was done for SNORC (Sydney North Off Road Cyclists) to promote the newly built "Old Man's Valley Trails." The new trails couldn't have been completed without hard work, advocacy, and the many volunteers. Video: Kevin Song. Song: Lovers' Carvings Bibio.
Views: 6,582    Faves: 56    Comments: 14

The Rook: Myself, Zakhar Okunev, and Cole Jones had the idea of incorporating a storyline into our favorite sports. Thanks to Dre Visuals for additional footage!
Views: 4,075    Faves: 43    Comments: 7

Way Back Gnome: A weekend with Bossen Apparel and Carine Cycles rider Jordan Prochyra. Song: Frighteners - Golden Tongue.
Views: 7,032    Faves: 77    Comments: 6

Artbarn - 2012 Slideshow: Some moments from 2012. Song: Heart Delay. Artist: Years Around The Sun.
Views: 2,795    Faves: 5    Comments: 1

Darren Berrecloth, Mike Montgomery, and Daniel Dhers Ride at Joyride 150: Video directed by: Marc Landry. Cinematography by: Marc Landry, Josh Macdonald, and Dean Thompson.

Darren Berrecloth, Mike Montgomery and Daniel Dhers ride at Joyride 150 from Marc Landry on Vimeo.

WORLD FIRST? Liam Quinlivan - BMX Inward: Hey guys, this is the third time I've landed this. My name's Liam Quinlivan and I'm only 15. I've been trying to land this for a very long time and hurt myself a lot learning it.

World's Best Freestyle Scootering: I had the chance to hang out with the "Lucky" team in San Diego and LA for a couple days to shoot this project, It was a blast!

Kris Foster - Going Big in Kamloops: Kris Foster is leading a Canadian freeriding charge in motocross from his home base of Kamloops, BC so we talked to him a bit about his past experience in racing and how it brought him to Freestyle MX and beyond.

Deep Winter 2013 - Reuben Krabbe: Team: Reuben Krabbe, Austin Ross, James McSkimming, Tatum Monod, and Rupert Davies. Music: Rokkurro - Svanur. Thanks: Michael Overbeck and Jason Kruk. Sound: Keith White Audio.

Deep Winter 2013 -Reuben Krabbe from Reuben Krabbe on Vimeo.

Few photos for a photo article on riding in South Spain Malaga with RoostDH

Title Photo by: Aspect Media

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:
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  • + 98
 Scooter..... Really pinkbike?
  • + 43
 I'll give it to the guy, he's really good...
  • + 2
 Bedroom Stalking Level: Defcon 5
  • + 48
 It's impressive, but what's the point at being good at something this shit?
  • + 20
 if every scooter rider was that good, I wouldn't have a problem with them
  • + 27
 I still can't take scooters seriously.
  • + 46
 Being good at scootering is like having no gag reflex. Sure it's impressive to witness but you're still doing something that's really, really gay.
  • + 12
 the filming is awesome though
  • + 34
That's NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be taken seriously?!

Jesus, I don't wanna see what IS, in your opinion...

That was BANANAS.
  • + 39
 Total mastery is always impressive and deserves respect.

Can you imagine how many times those guys f-ed themselves up learning those tricks!

Do I want to scooter: no. Did I enjoy that video: hell yeah!
  • + 9
 ok that was pretty sick, how many of you can do double backflips on anything, even a scooter? also, filmed by devin super tramp who is amazing.
  • - 16
flag stuiewarrior (Jan 28, 2013 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 king of the losers..
  • + 3
 i liked the part where he fell off
  • + 12
 I don't understand why people are ripping so hard on the scooter video... The rider is extremely good and obviously loves and puts time into his chosen sport. Sure, when most people think of scooters, they think of the kids who just get in the way, but this guy isn't 1. A kid or 2. Someone who doesn't know better. Seriously, Pinkbike needs to grow up if this is how they act when they see something they don't like.
  • + 11
 Some of those scooter tricks look like yo-yo tricks to me.
  • + 7
 no matter how sick the trick is... its still kinda stupid looking on a scooter
  • - 2
 correct amazing but still gay
  • + 1
 just imagine the scooter guy telling someone he is a professional scooter rider.
  • + 1
 freestyle scootering = An easy version of bikes
  • + 0
 scott-townes you sir know whats up!!!
  • - 1
 the scooter kid could have pulled a quad backflip 1080 off a curb and it would still be stupid
  • + 5
 i know everyone considers scootering gay and childish but keep in mind: virtually every part of action sports evolved from kids riding a toy - whether that be a skateboard, scooter, roller skates, or a bike. just take a step back and think. those dudes still deserve respect
  • - 8
flag cameronumf (Jan 28, 2013 at 20:00) (Below Threshold)
 no they dont deserve it, there gay
  • - 3
 Just because it has handlebars doesnt mean it's a good idea.
  • + 5
 You are morons. Do one trick from that scooter video, and then you can say what you will. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean its gay, as hard as that may be to believe.
  • + 2
 Watching a pro scooter rider is like Synchronized swimming, its amazing but still gay
  • - 3
 BMX riders think the same as scooter haters about MTB Slopestyle... and after seeing the video at Joyride 150 I agree with them !
  • - 1
 since when is roller skating considered an action sport?
  • + 2
 Lolo- That's cool and all but those people are idiots. We're smart here. We know MTB slope is sick and we know that scootering is not. It's fact, don't get upset over the truth.


  • - 4
flag TORIBIO (Jan 29, 2013 at 12:18) (Below Threshold)
 please... let's be serious scooters suck, they are everywhere you are going at the exact time before you arrive so you can crash more than once with the same blind kid... maybe it's because here only kids scooter..
  • - 1
 He's good, but its all still happening on a metal stick
  • + 6
 I'm not into scootering but I'm not into a lot of other things that I'm still able to appreciate and enjoy others being good at those things. The scooter video was actually my favorite.
  • + 1
 I thought it was an entertaining video. I'm sure all that stuff requires lots of dedication & hard effort, but unless I see proof otherwise, I'm always gonna be wondering if scoots ain't just for dudes without the skills to stand out on a board or a bike, so they ride something with the advantages of each & the disadvantages of neither (in a park setting).
  • + 1
 Glad to see some respect for this new cross bred sport. I work with the guy who lands the 20 stair at the beginning and he can do "flares" on a bmx and can hit massive dirt jumps on bmx as well. I'm scared to let him ride my dirtbike because he would probably rip that too. He could put together a pretty legit bike video too but Lucky is paying him to promote this sport. It's catching a lot of attention.
  • + 1
 Flares & massive DJ's doesn't translate into a great bike rider. I'd expect that someone this agile on a scoot is capable of learning a few things on a bike or a board for that matter. BMX has its fair share of "trick junkies" or "one hit wonders" & so does FMX. The freestyle scootin' is neat to watch but I find it forgettable. I expect it to be nothing more than a short lived fad like street luging & in-line skating. No matter how you compare it, skateboards require much more skilled footwork & bikes will always go bigger & yield more serious consequences than a scoot. Even BMX is pretty "niche" compared to bigger bikes & that trend is holding steady. I'm a huge fan of versatility, but a combo of bike & skate isn't versatile, it's trendy. Maybe when the scoot fad dies down he can refresh himself in the freestyle pogo-stick game?
  • + 43
 well i actualy liked the scooters video, it was something new !!! pretty insane honnesty, im impressed !! thums up
  • + 7
 Agreed. That was very impressive. except for the morons not wearing helmets.
  • + 24
 scooter-ing on movies for your Monday ?? this is outrageous!
  • - 9
flag GoAnDRiDe (Jan 28, 2013 at 1:23) (Below Threshold)
 pinkbike. i am disappoint.
  • + 19
 Surprised no-one's mentioned that totally mental BMX trick... I've watched a few times and I still do not know what is happening.
  • - 3
 the trick is called a "bike flip" except he is doing it backwards rather than fowards. here's sam pilgram doing it fowards on a dirt jump rig
  • + 1
 It's not like a bike flip..It's more like he trick that they do with scotters...first time I ever seen it. Freaking core!
  • + 5
 Dude that cliff hanger flip was sick too!
  • + 1
 watch it again Jaske2a, the bike does a tailwhip also, its no ordinary bike flip
  • + 1
 It's bonkers!
  • + 1
 its a scooter trick done on a bike. insane is the only word to sum it up
  • + 12
 Scooter boys fucking amazing stuff. Had no idear u could do that on a scooter FairPlay guys
  • + 7
 I dont get why you're all hating the scooter vid, it was bloody awesome some of the stuff they were doing! Some people need to remember its the KIDS that get in the way at skateparks and annoy people. the scooter just does goes where its owner does
  • + 5
 It does say scooter in the title... You don't have to watch it... Just skip by.. But it's kind of like a train wreck.. You have to see what it's all about. The BMX trick and the scooter stuff was fun. They love it, spent thousands of hours perfecting it, why not show it. I'll never do it, but my kid thinks it cool, and now I can show him a vid of some crazy guy doing crazy tricks on his scooter. Respect to all who hurt themselves trying to better their ride... Whatever it is.
  • + 7
 You guys are like little high school girls.... real recognize real. That was dope. Took some serious time and effort to learn and prefect. Why the hate?
  • + 5
 That guy on the scooter had a beard! Never seen an adult on scooters before. Absolutely amazing skills, no doubt! But sorry, people can't take me seriously that I ride a push bike at 28 years old, let at alone a scooter!
  • + 4
 Hey! Just cause you have a beard doesn't mean you have to be an adult!
  • + 5
 Thumbs up !! Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional !
  • + 7
 The Joyride 150 video. The most high stakes game of rock paper scissors ever for that kid.
  • + 3
 Scooters are interlopers to a degree. But I would think they are more of a Fred Flinstone bike than a skateboard. Disclaimer aside, those scooter'ers were killing it ! They remind me of the super talented unicycle trials riders. Different for sure, but still awesome.
  • + 5
 aaaannd boom goes the dynamite
  • + 1
 Elliot Andal really killed it this week. Props on that guy. Titties to James Visser for that attempt. Looks like he probably lost it at the end. Mike Montgomery is the king baby. Would you like a bar hop flip with your perfectly executed hanger flip today?
  • + 5
 and my homework goes, ah well my speech can be about scrubbing table tops.
  • + 6
 Scooters..Nuf said
  • + 2
 I know hes a scooterer and all but we love our sport and he loves his so... and its not like pinkBIKE is going to turn into a scooter sight.
  • + 3
 pretty harsh doing rock paper siccors for a new bike, bet he was gutted
  • + 2
 i think they may of been brothers and both got it? says two people won it in the text just after that bit
  • + 2
 As childish and pointless I think scootering is, those guys were pretty good.
  • + 3
 Cliff hanger backflip...awesome
  • + 1
 As someone lucky enough to meet Marc Landry (guy who did the Joyride edit) that video was so awesome and I can't wait till there's more events like that!
  • + 3
 Ben HIll's Clearly the best Video here. Aussie Aussie Aussie! (:
  • + 1
 Holy sh*t ! Motley Crue on PB, thank the baby jeebus for that coz my Monday needed some Crue !!!
  • + 2
 Those scooter guys are immense!!!! Fairplay
  • + 2
 That crazy bike flip thing originated from scootering... Suck it haters!!!
  • + 1
 Seriously though no matter how good you are on a scooter you still look like a massive princess on one
  • + 2
 @ Party Tip - Crue and Black Rock = Radness
  • + 0
 just kidding but i think it was a lots of fun watching them, they knew what they where doin Smile
  • + 0
 i dont think scooterers know how gay they look are some people forgetting the BIKE in pinkbike!!!
  • + 1
 Ya scooters are sick huh!?!
  • + 1
 scooters are gay! but some of the tricks in that vid were mental!
  • + 1
 Scooters, just say no kids!!
  • + 1
 Great videos everyone!!
  • + 1
 Awesome vids
  • + 1
 Veto Rat sighting.
  • + 1
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