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Jan 4, 2016
by Scott Secco  
Keep it Real - Full Film: The goal for Keep it Real was to create a movie filmed primarily on super 16mm film. Paired with music to compliment the segments, it will remind people that riding bikes is the realest experience you can have. Riders: Stephane Pelletier, Jarrett Moore, Corbin Selfe, Noah Brousseau, Liam Wallace, Matt Macduff, JP Maffret, Reilly Horan. Filmed and created by Andrew Young. Video: @andrewyoung.

Views: 54,611    Faves: 651    Comments: 37

Get Loose in Bali: ''A day riding at Klunkung DH trail a few weeks back with Italian rider Johannes Von Klebelsberg. It was probably the hottest day riding I have ever done, even my gloves were wet through with sweat. The track was running fast and loose so it was a good time!'' - Wyn Masters

Views: 7,261    Faves: 20    Comments: 3

Boaz Hebblethwaite - Christchurch Shreddin': Boaz Hebblethwaite (Age 15. @boaz-hebblethwaite ) shreddin' his local tracks of Christchurch, New Zealand. Video: Hunter Paull.

Views: 6,874    Faves: 65    Comments: 7

2015 Show Reel: After a great year, I have created a show reel with some of my favourite clips to show off what I have produced. Please watch, enjoy, and let me know your opinion. Cheers!

Views: 7,164    Faves: 70    Comments: 7

The Gaucho: Evoking the true spirit of the Patagonian land, Shea Jordan goes deep in this film shot in the South American Andes for Knolly and O'Neal.

Views: 5,142    Faves: 25    Comments: 11

Study Leave: Decided to go and film some shots around Wellington, cause we got bored of studying. Rider: Jacob O'Donoghue-Price. Video: Sydney Wainwright and Jacob O'Donoghue-Price.

Views: 4,255    Faves: 39    Comments: 8

Weird & Revered - Cow Town Clippin' One weekend in Cow Town. Video: Justin, Thomas, Jesse, and Logan.

Views: 2,906    Faves: 18    Comments: 3

Sweetlines Junior Racing: Fast! Fun! Fierce! Sweetlines Junior Racing is an all-girls downhill development team committed to progressing women’s mountain bike racing at an early age. This ground-breaking group of girls is made up of ten 7-13 year olds, training and competing under the guidance of a professional coaching lineup, including Kat Sweet, Karen O’Connell, and Kaytlin Melvin.

Views: 7,546    Faves: 48    Comments: 9

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Hop on your Speeder Bike, grab you friends, and pew pew pew.

Views: 8,412    Faves: 230    Comments: 41

Finding a Balance - THR Team: Jeremy Schwartz and Michael Cofield slaying turns. Video: Josh Woodward. Drone footage: Max Ladabaum (KiwiLoco Productions).

Views: 6,907    Faves: 54    Comments: 10

Out For A Rip: Going out for a rip in the winter. Not filmed by Mind Spark (filmed by @Joseph-o & @cmitchell actually).

Views: 6,361    Faves: 81    Comments: 20

BSD BMX - Alex D 'On Home Turf' Alex Donnachie spent time stacking clips around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Video: Dave Sowerby.

*NSFW* Bone Deth - Christmas Special - Ft. Sean Burns: (*Skip to 1:21 for riding.) Nothing like a brand new Burns segment!

All In - Enter The Chilkat Range: All In features stand-out performances by Dane Tudor and Sam Cohen as they inspire each other to challenge themselves in the ultimate proving grounds, Alaska. Jagged, snow covered peaks collide with the deep blue ocean as these comrades work together creating a common bond in a land of sheer beauty and terror. Maintaining confidence while standing alone on top of a massive peak in a remote location requires a high level of self confidence, and a special mentality earned through dedication and commitment. ”There comes a point when nothing else matters but what you truly believe in” according to Tudor, ”and for me that time is now.”

All In - Part 2 / Enter The Chilkat Range from Stellar Media on Vimeo.

#Doonies2: Bringing a collection of the most outrageous Monster Energy machinery - The Doonies journeyed back to the Glamis Sand Dunes of California to wreak havoc and go bigger then imaginable #DOONIES2

The Great Siberian Traverse: The Great Siberian Traverse documents a 6,000-mile ski journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The documentary - created in collaboration with POWDER and Sherpas Cinema - showcases a fringe backcountry skiing community, deep Siberian powder, and skiing’s ancient origins. Team skiers Ingrid Backstrom, Callum Pettit, and Nick Martini share their insights along the adventure.

Mike Hopkins doing his best Indiana Jones impression on a recent roadtrip through the United States.

Title Photo by: Bruno Long

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 Is it me or is that play symbol pointing right at her balloon knot??
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flag dank-caser (Jan 4, 2016 at 0:30) (Below Threshold)
 No its just you
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 Not heard it described as a balloon knot before, well described!
  • + 17
 Here's to the cognitive dissonance: The Monster Energy commercial and Sweetlines Junior Racing...
  • + 2
 Absolutely agree with you!
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 Waki, you owe 3 seconds for having to google cognitive dissonance.
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 I hate to think that it is just that type of stereotypical Monster approach of displaying women (acting pretty, waving at the guys who do the tricks) what makes girls feel more comfortable to train in a separate group from the guys. Sure I love the Sweetlines edit and I have no doubt the girls love what they do but the reason to have a separate group could be more ugly. And the stupid thing is, it is probably not even because of us mountainbikers. None of the girls/ladies who's ever ridden in our group ever seemed intimidated or uncomfortable riding with the blokes. Still there appeared also some initial discomfort before their first ride leading them to pose excuses like they may not be able to keep up or may not be able to ride all that "we" (dudes) do. It took a short bit of riding for them to find out that it doesn't matter one bit but it is peculiar that most new girls/ladies experienced this kind of discomfort. Even if they already knew us well so it wasn't about us. I can only think that they've got this vision of the helpless incapable girl whose only "skill" is to be pretty and admire the fearless cool dude. Agreed the Monster edit is about motorsports but since Palmer adopted the image it also became part of mtb. Think Marzocchi at around the year 2000. I think the ladies in mtb sports got more fair respect in recent years though so maybe the time has come to stop my rant. In a minute. Again I love what Sweetlines is doing yet at the same time a mixed group could take so much more from each other, just because boys and girls in general may approach riding differently. In boardsports (snow/skate/surf, not necessarily chess) this segregation isn't there as far as I know and it works just fine like that.
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 @vinay agreed. I think the Red Bull girls are a lot more classy. Just wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and handing out Red Bull or water. Unlike Monster, who are always trying to shove half naked girls in your face. Again, just my opinion.
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 I had the thought for a second there that props should be given to Dianna Dahlgren (AKA Miss Supercross) for actually being able to ride a dirt bike--followed closely by the thought that, with Laia Sanz finishing 14th in the bike class in stage 2 of the Dakar Rally earlier today (that's the bike class, not the women's bike class, which doesn't exist), the previous thought was setting the bar pretty low.

I don't want to be the puritanical bitch telling other women what to do with their bodies or telling dudes that admiring the female form is bad, but still... seriously? Is it worth the paycheck to make little girls think they're supposed to stand around in the desert with their underwear up their butts instead of doing epic shit on two wheels? That ain't the culture I'd want my daughter to grow up in.
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 @bigburd - haha, yes the term cognitive dissonance can be too much for a regular petrol-chick fan.

@vinay and others: I have nothing to girls themselves, I am gutted that we have so many men and women endorsing such marketing. I will not get into elusive morals since everyone with a tiny bit of common sense knows that it's wrong in one way or another. Most importantly I hate blokes standing in defence of women in cases that women can handle themselves. From a psychological point of view it messes up psyche, like every type of playing on base instincts does. It is ok as long as you know what is going on in your head and undortunately most of us don't. There is an interesting trend in Hollywood. Limit sex, distort it with some soft humping, but increase violence to insane levels. Morality is an extremely tricky game, full of false ideals and you can't just deal with cases like Monster Girls or porn by saying: "I don't want my daughter to live in the culture like that" while you (as a hetero male) are evolutionarily wired to enjoy it. I also don't like when men say that there should be "no girl only" camps, since quite honestly, men have nothing to say in that respect, if they like it - fine. There is always a possibility to sign your little girl for a mixed ride. The urge to control too much is at the base of problems. We have to move forward, one step at a time, and I think every (honest) voice of a dude saying things like "Monster Girls are food for soft dick wankers" or "this is pathetic" makes it a bit better.
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 I want to amend my above comment by saying that I'm not offended by the naked girls themselves--naked girls, per se, are quite nice--but what the hell are they doing in an action sports movie? You can get your naked girls elsewhere, leave the sport alone. Putting bikes and babes in the same edit says to women, "You have no part in this sport or culture unless you're leggy, have a DD cup, and are wearing a leather bikini." And there's no female-centric equivalent--can you imagine a gymnastics or figure skating movie that randomly cuts to a bunch of hot shirtless men winking and blowing kisses at the athletes? If that sounds insane but the clip above seems totally logical, it's only because we're used to it.

Also, regarding women/girls-only mtb teams, events etc, I actually think they're a good thing. For example, the existence of an all-girls race team is a subtle reminder to parents of girls that their daughters as well as their sons might be interested in bike racing. Women-only clinics and clubs are a way for female riders to get some media coverage and get the word out to other women that bikes are fun. These things would be difficult otherwise as women are 10% of the mountain biking population and generally less flashy riders than the top guys. In an ideal world, gender-specific clubs and events won't be necessary, but this ain't an ideal world yet.
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 First paragraph: Hear, hear! Hallalujah! I mean... I do get ignited by Monster chicks sometimes but I don't wear a T-shirt, aaaand more importantly I don't really need them existing...

Second: I think that men and women are different enough that gender specific groups in all sorts of sports are more than welcome. By nature, in 99% of cases, males are stronger and more willing to take risks - everyone who's been to school knows how frustrating it gets sometimes to work hard on something, next to the talented kid who doesn't even try much. I also spoke with a few people doing skills clinics who say that it is very good to separate men and women, particularly COUPLES. In the same way, they say that parents of kids are not welcome. I guess the lack of presence of regular human points of reference allows them to relax and focus more on what they are doing, therefore take more enjoyment and learning out of it (eventually a clearer realization: I really hate riding bikes or playing piano) There's place for every interaction but quite often, the isolation does wonders.
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 99%? Naahh, at the pro level okay, but the bell curves of gender performance overlap quite a bit on the bottom end. Trust me, I'm a female squid and I wait for my male squid friends at the bike park. Smile I do see your point though, and also I suspect that women perform more shittily when they're in front of men whom they *expect* to perform better than them.

Separating couples/parents and kids: That's a great point. Totally avoids the whole parental/spousal micromanaging thing and the "I'm only doing this because Dad wanted to be a DH racer before he met Mom and now he's living vicariously through me as he slaves away in the law office, but actually I want to be an interpretive dancer" issue.
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 Yea 99% was too much hahah. I don't ride with girls often, but when I do... they are faster than me. I am a happy man Big Grin
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 @WAKIdesigns I agree with you there. I didn't mean to say girls shouldn't ride in a girl-only group if they want to nor do I disapprove of the ladies for acting in the Monster edit. If that really is what they like doing then I won't be telling them not to. I do also agree that actually getting views on such edits reinforces their creators that there is a demand, the marketing works and they should keep going on like that. To view is to vote and by actually having watched, I'm guilty as well. I wasn't expecting quite this though. I knew Monster through riders like Brendan Fairlclough, Sam Hill and Steve Peat. Skilled riders also in for a joke. So I just thought the pantless lady on the MX bike was just joking there and about to show off some impressive riding. Apparently not. I don't know much about motorsports and off the top of my head I can only name Travis Pastrana and John van den Berk as MX riders. I just don't like the role for these women is to just apathetically hang there, even when the dudes are still asleep. I could be completely wrong here but these 80's kinds of stereotypes could just lower girls' confidence in attempting anything risky like jumping with vehicles to the point where they feel they rather train in a different group. Yes guys could be stronger but that only starts at the age of 12. A 12yr old girl could easily be stronger than a 12yr old boy. Once again if girls just have more fun riding in a girl-only group then that's perfectly fine with me. But if it is rooted in a lack of confidence due to how they are being portrayed in the media then it still saddens me.

I don't agree though that men and women are that different as you say they are, especially at that young age. And not even close to the difference between a 12yr old and a 7yr old girl though that seems to work out perfectly fine in that group. Actually I believe that if differences are that big, riders will stop measuring themselves against each other and instead learn from the more skilled and help those starting out. I haven't talked on the subject with instructors but Rachel Atherton did mention training with her brothers (so that's guys and siblings) did help her progress faster than she thinks she would have if she would have trained with girls only. I don't know whether she still does it now that she's riding enduro, but back when Anneke Beerten was racing 4x she did also train with the national BMX team with both guys and girls (and ex B1 team mate Bas de Bever as coach).

To end on a positive note you are probably right that I shouldn't be too bothered with that one Monster edit on PB against all those others which do display skilled female riders in a fun and respectful way. It is definitely not longer as messed up as it used to be back in 2000 Smile .
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 Tucker the dog is more game than any other trail dog I've seen.
Also, #Doonies2 Big Grin
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 Easy Like Sunday Morning look like an absolute dream! We got alot of amazing content lately, but nothing makes me want to go out and ride as much as that video! 4k, multiple angles and double backflips are quite cool, don't get me wrong. That trail though...Heaven!
  • + 3
 Thanks @ExNihiloNihilFit - I actually filmed it in 4k but it's compressed down Wink And if you dig that, please vote in the GoPro contest finals! Thanks homie and glad it made you want to ride!
  • + 6
 Out for a rip. Not bad but I was like wtf? That's it?
  • + 4
 Didn't have a whole lot of video unfortunately... There will be more... Sometime.... In the future...... Maybe......
  • + 3
 I loved it! Classic tune right there.
  • + 6
 That Doonies 2 video had a lot of mounds in it. Had some sand dunes too.
  • + 1
 Out For a Rip is Canada's greatest contribution to western culture since Strange Brew, and it has a better soundtrack. No seriously, that was rad. Now I wanna go ride in the snow--I mean, the -11F sheet of 4" thick refrozen slush out there... damn.
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 how long does Sean Burns have left in his knees! Any man who falls off a roof and then goes again deserves a medal, or a helmet!
  • + 4
 One of these videos have one of the better thumbnails that I've seen on a pm video... Not saying which one
  • + 1
 It's definitely my video Wink
  • + 4
 DOONIES 2!!!!
  • + 1
 Can we focus on those sic freaking reverse whips? I don't know what they're called but body first is pretty ill!
  • + 1
 BoneDeth for the WIN!! There really is nothing like a corpse riding BMX like a fcking madman.
  • + 2
 gotta love da booty Smile
  • + 1
 Bonedeth was awesome - looked like if the Young Ones took up BMX tho haha
  • + 1
 what shoes was Jarrett Moore wearing?
  • + 1
 listen to the 11th videos song
  • + 1
 BONEDETH outlaw cycling at its finest
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