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Mar 11, 2013 at 0:06
Mar 11, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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Keenan Bujotzek - Start to Finish: This film follows builder and rider Keenan Bujotzek as he scouts, builds, and rides his trail "Pipeline." There's a journey, a story, and a purpose behind every trail, this is the story of Pipeline. Video: Nathaniel Wynans. Song: White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons
Views: 16,191    Faves: 124    Comments: 14

Steffen Graf - February Session: Steffen shredding in Germany.
Views: 12,567    Faves: 65    Comments: 12

Jack Fogelquist - Geax DHea: Redwood loam doesn't even know what hit it.
Views: 12,697    Faves: 0    Comments: 8

From Top To Bottom With Alex McAndrew: Alex McAndrew, Pro DH racer from East Hardwick, Vermont takes you on a ride down one of the East Coast's premier downhill spots, Plattekill Mountain.
Views: 12,358    Faves: 109    Comments: 20

Not Another Woodward Trip: Yet another adventure down to Woodward West, this time with David Schimmel and Tom Glaser. Shout out to Jake Kinney for having us and my Mom for letting me borrow the car... again. We had a great time practicing some tricks and messin' around. Good times!
Views: 9,269    Faves: 110    Comments: 13

Sam Shucksmith - Morzine: A week's filming and riding in Morzine with Sam Shucksmith. Most of the riding is on the trail Le Pleney.
Views: 12,520    Faves: 79    Comments: 8

Alex Passa - 2012 Edit: Fun times. Video: Will Passa.
Views: 5,773    Faves: 125    Comments: 13

Killer Kids Halahan at Ray's MTB: See eight year old Nathan and ten year old Lukas rip it up at Ray's.
Views: 10,472    Faves: 63    Comments: 18

Welsh Big Mountain - Cadair Idris: Gavin Pugh rides the big mountains up in the hills of Cadair Idris, Wales.
Views: 9,733    Faves: 97    Comments: 20

Shelby Paget Rides Zaca Station MX: Check out what this weekend warrior is up to when he's not killing it on the dirt jumper. Shot at Zaca Station, CA.
Views: 7,553    Faves: 86    Comments: 16

Matt and OJ's Summer Ride: Apparently it was sunny in Wales once?
Views: 7,319    Faves: 77    Comments: 7

Like/Share/Win - Andrew Bigelow: Check out Bigelow killing it at Joyride 150.

McKenzie River Trail - Part 1: The McKenzie River Trail is one of the best mountain biking trails in the United States. It is located between Eugene and Bend, Oregon. This video was shot in a single day last August.

McKenzie River Trail Mountain Biking (Part 1) from wandr on Vimeo.

Bilt Bikes - National Champs 2013 - Mt Stromlo: More fast Australians? Sounds about right.

Bilt Bikes-National Champs 2013, Mt Stromlo from Eastern Edge Films on Vimeo.

Alpine Gravity Fox Norco Team Video 2012: Video: JL Media.

Alpine Gravity Fox Norco Team video 2012 from Jake Lucas on Vimeo.

Dylan Pfohl - 2013 Mix: The riding in this is amazing.

2013 Mix from Dylan Pfohl on Vimeo.

Russell Dalby - Deep Winter Slideshow 2013: Fantastic images.

Russell Dalby Deep Winter Slideshow 2013 from Russell Dalby on Vimeo.

Shane McConkey - ''Claim... the greatest ski movie EVER!'' - Full Segment: McConkey was a true legend.

Back flip no hander during a rad sun shower during slopestyle practice at the Colorado Freeride Fest.

Title Photo by: Dave Trumpore

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:
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  • + 63
 Dylan Pfohl - 2013 Mix: The riding in this is amazing. Indeed.
  • + 7
 Some of those transfers are beyond epic!
  • + 1
 really well done edit. nice work!
  • + 2
 laughed so hard when seeing trail boss
  • + 1
 unbelievably nice work from riders and videographer!
  • + 1
 **Some of those transfers are beyond epic!** ya the cliffhanger backflip, and the 1080 werent as rad
  • + 1
 now now, everything was sick
  • + 1
  • + 1
 where is the fave button?!?! i need it!! this vid was great!
  • + 1
 it's ironic that the music is about being 'safe and sound'
  • + 17
 Good to see some McConkey action. RIP
  • + 2
 Saucer Boy!
  • + 7
 Dylan Pfohl - 2013 Mix:

That was like playstation tricks from the future!!??
  • + 8
 It looks like it was sunny in Wales...twice.
  • + 6
 Welsh Big Mountain - Trees? Loam? Forget all that nonsense, just replace it all with MASSIVE ROCKS.
  • + 2
 I rode MRT bottom to top and back last summer, about 52 miles I believe. Now I feel I can shuttle it guilt free. However riding all of the way up, turning around and passing tourists that are just starting the ride down is priceless. Great scenery but the lava rock has claimed more than one of my derailleurs/hangers
  • + 1
 Keenan Bujotzek atta you bud, fun looking trail! Cant wait to start building a good one for the riders and myself in the hills of in my area. its good to see there are poeple out there who find the balance between building and riding.
  • + 5
 this always gets me done at school :'(
  • + 1
 I'm ill Smile oh shit, that means i can't ride:0
  • + 3
 McKenzie River Trail: Destination to add to my list! What a beautiful place.
  • + 2
 MRT is a beautiful trail, I recon there are betters in the area, but for all our beauty the MRT owns it. I had a blast filming out there that day. 10+ hours.
  • + 4
 monday is my pinkbike day
  • + 2

Who is the 'Shane McConkey' of Mountain Biking?

Who can get you so stoked, rip the sickest line and make you laugh hard at the same time....
  • + 7
  • + 5
 So many to choose from, but imho i'd say Cam Mccaul or Andreu Lacondeguy, those guys arte so funny and insane shredders.
  • + 1
 there is none, shane gets me more stoked to ride bikes than any rider, that really was the greatest ski vid ever
  • + 2
 Tippie, McCaul and Fogelquist. But McConkey is on a whole other level!
  • + 7
 Have to be CG
  • + 1
 McCaul is too young but on the right track, I'd say azza and zach are pretty damn close!
  • + 2
 Tippie or Cedric may be close, but Shane was such special dude...
  • + 1
 lars sternburg!!!!
  • + 1
 why must they always have shitty music in videos?
  • + 1
 These always make school so much better on mondays!
  • + 1
 That kid Oscar already sponsored that's sick
  • + 2
 haha mr. mcConkey!!!
  • + 1
 No skatepark can hold Dylan Pfohl. Build the fences higher!
  • + 1
 Ha ha those nipper rippers are badass!!
  • + 1
 shapo,love it
i am still here
  • + 1
 Dylan is a beast.

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