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Mar 15, 2015
by Scott Secco  
Dean Tennant - Mt. Prevost GoPro V2.0: Some GoPro DH action from Vancouver Island, Canada.

Views: 14,609    Faves: 71    Comments: 7

Built To Shoot Teaser: Mountain biker and photographer Skye Schillihammer teamed up with film maker Cameron Hotchkiss to build and shoot mountain bike trails and features throughout the Northwest. Throughout this series their plan is connect with other mountain bikers and help produce a trail or feature that they have envisioned. Songs: Better Days by Ben Sound and Gremlins by La Fine Equipe.

Views: 10,437    Faves: 35    Comments: 12

Kickstand In Black and White: Me riding my bike! Huge thanks to Zion Cycles, Zeal, Deep Creek Coffee, Dakine, Demon United, Totally Rad Clothing, and Fuzzy Duds.

Views: 7,221    Faves: 26    Comments: 6

Still Dreaming: On a cool day in late February, a group of local Kelowna riders including Garrett Robertson and Jeremy Weiss enjoyed a jump session on a rebuilt version of the well-known Dreamland step-up. Spring came early this year in the Okanagan, and with the snow gone the riders headed up to Dreamland to work on new tricks and get old ones dialled. Song: Empire of the Sun - DNA.

Views: 8,372    Faves: 54    Comments: 8

Trial and Error - Janine Jungfels: Epic lines and awesome talent. Australia's best female trials rider Janine Jungfels shows us how it's done.

Views: 6,059    Faves: 33    Comments: 5

Matt Moore Rides Black Rock: Matt Moore ripping through the forest. Song: Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix) - Pretty Lights.

Views: 35,481    Faves: 401    Comments: 20

Solid-Reverse Factory Racing in Malaga: Introducing the Solid-Reverse Factory Team. The trails in Malaga are awesome.

Views: 20,589    Faves: 70    Comments: 9

Winter? Classic winter sesh in the south of France.

Views: 19,875    Faves: 38    Comments: 1

Sunday Race Run Fontana: POV Fontana Pro DH track Round 5.

Views: 7,890    Faves: 14    Comments: 2

Pink Build: A tailor made fat bike build with MAXX bikes in Rosenheim, Germany.

Views: 12,334    Faves: 22    Comments: 7

Callum Philpott: Cal got a new bike, decided to shoot everything in 24p with no slow motion - here is the outcome.

Callum Philpott- 650 from Ride More Studios on Vimeo.

Riding the White Line: Rider, Michal Kollbek riding the White Line in Sedona, AZ. Video: Marshall Mullen.

Voices - Vertriders in the Karwendel Range: Follow the Vertriders on their unconventional trails through the Karwendel mountains as they listen to the voices in their head pushing them to test their limits! Our Vertriders Axel, Gerhard & Sylvia go mountain biking in the scenic Karwendel range & challenge themselves to explore new trails in the rough terrain. Wanting to descend to another valley, they are almost stopped by a destroyed trail. But then, Axel finds a daunting line down scree & the temptation to drop in is strong. Tune in to see if the Vertrider conquers the thrilling descent down the Karwendel mountains with his mountain bike!

Barry Nobles - Moto Ramp Tow In: BMX racer Barry Nobles gets towed behind Australian motocross rider John Prutti's KTM in Canberra Australia to see how far they can push the limits on his Airborne Pathogen downhill bike.

Three Emergency Trail Fixes You Should Know - Trail Doctor: Picture this: you're out on the trail, a long way from home, night is drawing in and bang! you rip your tyre sidewall. Even worse: you've forgotten to watch that earlier episode in which the Doctor tells you to always pack emergency tire patches. Not to fear, you can still watch this video. Get out your notepad and watch x-pro mountain bike mechanic and all round adventure bike nut Dan Milner dig deep into his 30+ years of mountain bike industry and adventure knowledge to give you three get-out-of-trouble-fast fixes that might just help you get home, from fixing that tyre to riding up that impossibly steep climb to riding in the rain and seeing where you're going. They're all fixes that have been put to use on home turf and in far flung corners of the world alike. Watch and learn. Knowledge is a mighty thing.

Dennis Enarson: MUST WATCH. Insane.

A Way Of Life - Gervais Rousseau: Gervais is a 44 years old passionate BMX rider who tells his story, intertwining the aspects of our daily lives and the practice of this fascinating discipline.

A WAY OF LIFE - Gervais Rousseau from invert production on Vimeo.

One Hundred Hours - Alex Beaulieu-Marchand: Success requires more than just what happens under the bright lights and the watchful eyes of the judges. The hours leading up to showtime can be critical in getting an athletes' headspace where it needs to be. Take a peak into the world of Canadian freeskier Alex Beaulieu-Marchand as he prepares to compete at Dew Tour.

Cortina - Salomon Freeski TV S8 E10: Winter 2014 was one of the best they've ever had in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy. The Good Times crew rolled in and took full advantage.

Deep South - New Mexico True Stories: In late February, 2015, the largest storm in a decade blanketed New Mexico with more than 70 inches of snow. We were ready with our skis and boards. Here’s how it all went down.

My War - Dane Burman: Here's a look at Dane waging war in order to get his last trick for the Zero video. As seen on the December 2013 Thrasher Magazine cover.

Jaws - True Blue: This is insane!

Photo shooting for INTRO CYCLES. Photo by Andrej Grzn r - https andrejgrznarphotography

Title Photo by: Andrej Grznar

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 19
 love the skate videos. jaws... my knees hurt so much just watching it.
  • + 3
 that drop to flat hurt my ankles man
  • + 3
 ditto dirt, I think some ortho surgeon sponsored that video to encourage a future generation of clients!
  • + 1
 same here, especially the one @ 1.38
  • + 9
 "Riding the White Line" had made me feel a bit uneasy in my home chair, i guess i don't get it. Even made me think of Alex Honnold from the same reasons.
  • + 3
 Its the same as skiing exposed terrain, only the consistency of sandstone is much more reliable.
  • + 0
 That is one steep velodrome. I wonder what kind of tires would be best for that... super soft slicks I imagine.
  • + 6
 Here's something else to check out... this fella doing the White Line Plus lines. This is straight up insanity, especially that wall he rides down at the end.
  • + 3
 Just watched that Alex Honnold vid. My hands sweat through the whole thing just watching it. Ridiculous.
  • + 1
 This is all kinda crazy... Unbelievable how people tick sometimes...
  • + 7
 wow, what pro skateboarders and bmxers are doing now actually blows my mind.I mean its now to the point where to be even in the realm of the best dudes you have to be SICK. The commitment it takes to do some of that shit ( that two story rail) is pretty inspiring.
  • + 6
 @ Dennis Enarson: How TF do you do a Stoppie without any brakes to stop the bike? In fact come to think of it how do you do any of that shit... amazing
  • + 1
 its called a nose manual, fairly basic trick in bmx. total blast on a trail bike as well
  • + 3
 ^^ Nose manual as said above. Attempting to learn often results in lots of endo's trying to learn the balance point - embrace your inner Biker Fox if you dare attempt...
  • + 2
 Got to ride with Dennis a few years ago at Ray's, he's super humble guy & funny as hell. Mega encouraging to all the groms that flocked around him. Great ambassador of the sport.
  • + 3
 @jmrbauer I'd like to see you do a nose manual on a bmx if you call it a basic trick...
  • + 8
 @KonaOp-09 are you looking? I'm doing one right now.
  • + 12
 Don't nose manual and text bro. Looks bad for our sport.
  • + 1
 dammit, I do that all the time
  • + 6
 Dennis Enarson!!! FUCK!!!
  • + 6
 All the movies for this Monday were pretty sweet.
  • + 2
 matt moore was cutting up those berms, but yeah, all wicked so far
  • + 4
 That MX jump video had a definite Nathan Rennie feel to it, back when he jumped 120ft in like 05, be sick if he came back to racing world cups
  • + 0
 and this dude thought 60ft was an achievement. Just crabapple these days.
  • + 2
 Watching trials videos like this, it always amazes me:
1) How many people own a Fox Flux
2) How many places have random concrete cubes sticking out the ground
  • + 1
 The woods own my Flux. Drop kicked it into the abyss during a bad ride one evening...
  • + 3
 the internet has ruined what the definition of "good" is for young skaters and bmxers the world over.
  • + 1
 Ohh no my dear boy, she is perfect. I was working on the basis that once married our dear friend Scribbler won't have the opportunity to see my wife's darling face as much.
  • + 3
 Fest series is bigger than mx jump and no moto to toW !!
  • + 3
 riding the white line... only if i had some others white lines!!!!!! :o
  • + 2
 I came for the photo... wth he looked like he race down during a volcano eruption
  • + 2
 If you zoom in on the guy riding the white line, his eyes are as big as tennis balls
  • + 2
 Pink thing was wrong on so many levels......hurt my eyes
  • + 1
 Someone tell me what on has the blue smoke. Im at work and don't want to get caught watching them all :-)
  • + 2
 Maybe he has a 2 stroke... BTW, there is a 2 stroke in the Barry Nobles video, but that photo didn't come from it.
  • + 1
 Mike Mike mike mike mike ! Guess what day it is.......Guess what day it is! Movies for your munDaheyy!
  • + 1
 Pink FATBIKE - not yours, that's why u rage about...
  • + 1
 One-hundred hours - Alex is a guy
  • + 1
 Holy SHIT, the white line. My hands are still sweating!
  • + 1
 Moar bmx!
  • - 1
 That german bird was a bit too smiley for me in the pink fat bike vid
  • + 1
 Hot Pink. Like.
  • + 1
 It's ok though, I've asked for her hand in marriage so no more silly pinkness. It'll be coffee and pastries from now on
  • + 2
 You would rather she had a face of thunder ?
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