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Mar 25, 2013 at 0:02
Mar 25, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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Mark Matthews - Island Avenue: Mark Matthews ripping on Vancouver Island. Video: Matt Dennison/Scott Secco.
Views: 26,496    Faves: 639    Comments: 26

Logan Binggeli: I met up with KHS racer Logan Binggeli a few months back to film a laid back, off season edit. Although our quick filming sessions seemed to be quite relaxed, he still managed to amaze me a handful of times. Logan has the ability to reach Mach 10 speeds with little effort and is so smooth, video won't do justice.
Views: 8,283    Faves: 37    Comments: 8

Nick and Ray in Santa Cruz: My friend and Dartmoor teammate Nick Clarke came down to ride for a couple weeks, it was a blast!
Views: 9,276    Faves: 118    Comments: 19

Jeff Herbertson - Post Office SCMTB Festival Teaser: Style for days.
Views: 6,460    Faves: 46    Comments: 12

THE GOLDMAN GAMES: This year's jam at my place will be called THE GOLDMAN GAMES. It's different than past years in that we will be having an all out battle to film and edit the best video from the weekend. Riders will team up to create and edit. Prizes for best trick, best edit, and best single clip. We're rebuilding the entire yard so pull up your big boy pants. It's time to have some fun at the ranch.
Views: 13,133    Faves: 57    Comments: 3

Dreamin': Live your dream.
Views: 11,350    Faves: 116    Comments: 21

Jamrock Jammin': Good times in the Heartland. Song: Get Ready - Rare Earth.
Views: 9,945    Faves: 93    Comments: 26

Gravity Cartel - There Go: Video from a very rainy day at some trails over in the Wirral. Riders: Dave Addo, Pete Rait, and Charlie Flynn. Song: Oxygen - Hadouken.
Views: 7,857    Faves: 46    Comments: 12

Chris Smith Rides Marzocchi: Chris testing out the new 2013 Marzocchi suspension on his Identiti Mogul DH Bike.
Views: 8,102    Faves: 54    Comments: 2

DH Adrenaline: Shot in Zaragoza Desert (Spain). Riders: Sebastián Rodríguez and Rodrigo Carranza. Video: Guillermo Acin.
Views: 10,228    Faves: 151    Comments: 23

Walter Mayerhofer - Winter edit: Walter Mayerhofer stacked some clips during the winter at two indoor skateparks in Austria.
Views: 5,926    Faves: 145    Comments: 14

Blaine Mazzetti: Blaine is a great rider, dedicated to building more than riding. He has some of the dankest jumps in San Diego, any dirt jumper would be envious.
Views: 5,311    Faves: 76    Comments: 3

Magnus Manson - Dunbar Cycles: Magnus Manson is 14 years old and riding for Dunbar Cycles. Video filmed on the Sunshine Coast.
Views: 16,719    Faves: 289    Comments: 24

Mitchell and Kris - Falkand Downhill: Mitchell Skene and Kris Gemmell hit up Falkland for a rainy day sesh, just having some fun! Video: Glen Thomson.
Views: 10,492    Faves: 176    Comments: 23

Glacierbike Downhill 2013: Video: Jan Trnka Productions.
Views: 7,241    Faves: 139    Comments: 15

Kranked Kracked - Juniper Ridge: Kamloops, July 15, 1997 the alpha dogs of BC's emerging freeride scene all gathered for perhaps the rowdiest shoot in Kranked - ''Live to Ride.'' Wade Simmons and Aaron Knowles seized the day and pushed themselves and their equipment way past the point of no return. Looking on with awe were, Richie Schley, the late Dave Swetland and Chris Lawrence. Brett Tippie showed up for the afternoon shoot but missed this one!

Kranked Kracked - Juniper Ridge- Kamloops, July 15, 1997 from KRANKED on Vimeo.

The Webbie Show 2: This is insane.

10 Years of Untamed Service - Gary Perkin: Perkin is one of the best.

Crashed Ice 2013: Better not forget your spiked tires.

Crashed Ice 2013 from BKN-Productions on Vimeo.

John Cardiel - Sight Unseen: Cardiel's full segment from Sight Unseen. Classic.

Frankowski Pictures - 2013 Demo Reel: Derek Frankowski was the co-creator of Life Cycles along with Ryan Gibb. His reel is phenomenal. To see more of his work for to Music: Mountain Folk - Black Fields (Cabin mix).

Director & Cinematographer - FRANKOWSKI PICTURES from Derek Frankowski on Vimeo.

Jordan works some magic in Squamish BC

Title Photo by: Garrett Grove

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:
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  • + 38
 webb is in a league of his own.
  • + 12
 oath. that double flair at the end is insane! took me about 15 minutes to figure out what it was
  • + 9
 "webb is in a league of his own" That's pure understatement. This league doesn´t exist or only in some playstation game.
  • + 1
 Does he ride MTB? Looks like he would kill it on the redbull circuit.
  • + 3
 every trick he did was just epic!
  • + 3
 Man i was just totally Stoke-Shocked after that Video... That was just insane!!
  • + 9
 Watch that last trick again. its not a double flair. its a flair to frontflip...! :O
  • + 5
 holy shit it really is... unbelievable.
  • + 4
 yeah standard22 that wasn't a very productive 15 minutes. Flair to fronty indeed, not that it makes any sense!
  • + 2
 So that's why I can't do a 180,360,720,tail whips,flips cuz Webb has takin ALL of them!!!!
  • + 1
 dizzy now after watching webb words..are.. well there just aren't any
  • + 1
 360 whip to invert...
  • + 1
 Witch Craft! I call witchcraft on Webb.
  • + 3
 Shame athletes like this don't get paid more...
  • + 1
 I wonder what tiger woods or any of em would say about that?
  • + 13
 Life Cycles is still my favourite MTB movie ever... EVER.
  • + 15
 I always thought life cycles was more about cinematic experience rather than the riding. I am a seasons man myself just for the whistler section at the end
  • + 3
 Seasons is still my favorite. Life Cycles is great too though... just a different style. IMO though, those first three Collective movies are the best mtb films ever made, each one better than the last culminating with Seasons. Nothing touches it. It's emotional, well shot and the music is fantastic.
  • + 3
 life cycles is the best in my opinion, since it strayed away from the mindless mountain biking montages we have come to expect and actually told a story, and although the story was a told a little wrong the fact that they managed to capture biking and the passion for the environment with such emotion was awesome.
  • + 6
 "LIfe Cycles" definitely raised the creative bar for live action film.
  • + 7
 Webbies vid is ridiculous!!
  • + 3
 double flair transfer. omg!!! hope to see this in a contest
  • + 2
 flair to front flip
  • + 3
 That Cranked video. Fucking hell! Riding that stuff with an xc lid, shorts and an xc hardtail. A load of kids would wear neckbraces riding that now haha. Old skool is gnarly
  • + 5
 I knew it... Wade Simmons is the Joker!!!
  • + 6
 All hail Cardiel!
  • + 5
 Magnus Manson.... Fast ... only 14 years old !
  • - 4
flag DKdownhill (Mar 25, 2013 at 2:08) (Below Threshold)
 ahahaha yeah, im 14, and i race against some f*ckin fast guys, but u can tell hes been ridin for a while- if uve got a bike like that ur either rich or thats the case Wink great ridin bro, well done!
  • + 3
 I'm so glad pinkbike put the mark matthews vid up! Now I can add it to my favorites!
  • + 2
 Used to skate with Cardiel as a teenager..............forgot how crazy he was!! Used to do some crazy stuff on a local ramp when he was just fucking around...........
  • + 2
 John Cardiel Sight Unseen, best skate video ever...Cardiel's sick but Kirchart's part was the best
  • + 2
 the "DH Adrenaline" edit was clearly sped up, I have 0 respect for that.
  • + 1
 If you mean that I modified the speed you're wrong
  • + 1
 Definitely, apart from the slo mo parts. Good spot Smile
  • + 2
 Movies for your Monday complete let the week begin!
  • + 1
 Garrett with another title photo! Grats man! Also, these vids are insane!
  • + 1
 Ray, that transfer at post office was so dope!
  • + 1
 Webb has truck loads full of fucks and he aint giving any of them out!
  • + 2
 Kranked it up!
  • + 1
 Its too bad there's six feet of snow outside

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