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May 13, 2013
by Scott Secco  
Jonathan Lefrançois Montreal Edit: Pre season riding by Majorcycles rider, Jonathan Lefrançois. It features riding made in the region of Montreal. He was kind enough to come ride an afternoon so I could try out my new camera.
Views: 20,265    Faves: 168    Comments: 15

DMR - Sect 2013: Products under the Sect group are all brand new for 2013. They are completely rider designed and represent the realist dirtbike products around. Everything with the Sect stamp is super-light and super-strong. Ready for the Dirt.
Views: 63,446    Faves: 185    Comments: 25

2013 Devinci Wilson Carbon: Product presentation of the all new 2013 Devinci Carbon Wilson.
Views: 22,289    Faves: 144    Comments: 19

Sunshine Sessions: A majestic edit of many highly professional riders cutting sick.
Views: 20,896    Faves: 358    Comments: 25

Sticks and Stones - Trailer: Pixelyt's new films drops June 15th.
Views: 10,625    Faves: 37    Comments: 11

RedBull Phenom - Corbin Selfe: My entry in the Phenom contest.
Views: 9,992    Faves: 99    Comments: 9

Unexpected Thursday 34: For this episode, Vincent Allard went to a skatepark with Louis Lhomel and Samuel Croteau to test his new camera and play around with some slow motion. Came out pretty nice, can't wait to see more of his work with the new gear!
Views: 7,062    Faves: 109    Comments: 8

Workshop Break In: Don't take this too seriously.
Views: 8,385    Faves: 97    Comments: 17

Gnar Carolina Part 1 - Asheville: Gnar Carolina is a movie about North Carolina mountain biking, made by North Carolina mountain bikers, featuring North Carolina musicians for anybody that wants to watch a little bit of shredding in the Old North State.
Views: 9,618    Faves: 57    Comments: 20

MayDayYay! Jerad Fischer has put a lot of hard work into building and maintaing these jumps. He asked that I make a little edit for him and here it is. Riders: Brock Robinette, Dominic Megalli, Kelsy Hoog, Joel Alamo, Austin Chipman, and Mitch McFee. Video: Scott Klumb at SMK Media.
Views: 4,977    Faves: 109    Comments: 9

Yeti Racing UK 2013 - 4X Pro Tour Round 1 - Poland: Check out the Yeti team racing in Poland.
Views: 4,564    Faves: 20    Comments: 1

KHS at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic: KHS Factory Racing attends the 2013 Sea Otter Classic and gets up close and personal with the local sheep!
Views: 2,812    Faves: 19    Comments: 3

May Bank Holiday Weekend 2013: LIttle video of Marcel Hunt and I riding Porc and Lymington over the Bank holiday weekend. Song: Alt J - Breezeblocks.
Views: 6,183    Faves: 80    Comments: 12

Devinci - Jack Chapman: Shredding on the Wilson.
Views: 8,635    Faves: 85    Comments: 7

Sky High - Matt Bolton: Quick shred in Cambridge.
Views: 7,488    Faves: 135    Comments: 35

Voleurz Resurrection: After closing its doors in December 2012, Voleurz has resurrected for one last session. Filmed over 7 days in April 2013, this edit is dedicated to our family, friends, followers, and fans who've shown so much love and support over the past 10 years. This one's for you.

Voleurz Resurrection from Voleurz on Vimeo.

Team IceRicers - The Ski Slope: Ever wondered if a Nissan GT-R can conquer a skis hill?

Team IceRicers V-Log4: The Skislope from Redhouse media on Vimeo.

Through the Lens with Rob Machado: This episode features Jay Nelson, a San Francisco-based artist who specializes in a unique type of automobile customization. This past winter, Jay drove down to Rob's house in Cardiff, CA, where the two worked together to build out the inside of Rob's van and create the ultimate surf mobile.

THROUGH THE LENS with Rob Machado from Through The Lens on Vimeo.

Best of Rory Bushfield: Bushy is gnarly.

Curtis Robinson of The Coastal Crew airs into Drop In Clinic Whistler Bike Park.

Title Photo by: Dan Barham

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:


  • + 44
 God dam, Bushy has to be one the gnarliest dudes I've ever seen, that video was sick!
  • + 1
 Yah I want to party with that guy!
  • + 10
 God damn right he is. Rory is the man and even though he's been through a lot, he's still out there enjoying life to the fullest. Inspirational. Also I highly suggest people check out
  • + 13
  • + 22
 that gt-r 0__0 just another reason to love them
  • + 0
 I fuckin' love japanese sports cars. Supra Mk. IV!!
  • + 0
 hell yeah i dont have a supra but i have a 240sx with a rb25 swap haha
  • + 1
 That car sounds so amazing, music to my ears. If you like Skylines btw, you will probably like this:
  • + 20
 Am i the only one who comes here to see a video version of the photo but never finds it? Frown
  • + 11
 i don't think my parents will be happy when i tell them i missed my math exam because of this
  • + 10
 That was...erm...a lot of advertising.
  • + 2
 dammit pinkbike, i see that shitty machado van every day since i live around the block. now i have to see it here on my great escape from the surf world haha. oh, another bored pro surfer is finding his rustic self and gets a camera. how quaint. i'm this close to pulling up with a spare bike and trying to coax him into a ride, now that would be talent well spent.
  • + 6
 Don't bother paying into a pension Mr Bushy !!
  • + 5
 I want to go back to Whistler so much it's not even funny. Getting serious withdrawal studying rather than living the dream.
  • + 3
 If you're going to whistler take me with you! So damn far away!
  • + 6
 Get Bushy on a mountain bike!
  • + 4
 He could probably hop on a bike and out ride 90% of the people who read this site. Myself included.
  • + 4
 That car one, Team IceRicers, so sick!
  • + 1
 Wow that Voleurz movie is kind of cool, too bad they stop, they seemed to have a lot of fun !
( the first one was really good too )
  • + 3
 where's Semenuk?
  • + 1
 We discussed this earlier!!
  • + 2
 its a joke hoolydooly i know he's making edits haha! #thenextnorbsgotrobbed
  • + 1
 that last photo if anyone has ridden that is gnar to be carrying that much speed! kudos
  • + 1
 Sunshine sessions blazing it
  • + 1
 Team Ice Ricers. Great Name
  • + 1
 why the hell he didn´t gave a ride to that pretty girls!?
  • + 0
 Who needs ski lifts anymore when you can just drive to the top of the run... damn! Big Grin That was sick! And Bush was epic!!
  • + 0
 really like Rob's van, sick
  • + 0
 First vid- superb filming and awesome use of slomo
  • + 0
  • + 1
 Vive La Voleurz!
  • + 0
 that last photo should be a pod if it wasn't already
  • + 1
 i want that car
  • + 0

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