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Sep 8, 2014
by Scott Secco  
What I Do In Whistler: Ross Measures and Matt Dennison teamed up to win first place at the 2014 Crankworx Dirt Diaries contest.

Views: 67,923    Faves: 1,355    Comments: 53

Camp KHS: KHS Camp in Brian Head, UTAH

Views: 8,241    Faves: 16    Comments: 9

Noah Allman - The Island: Big shout out to Straitline Components for all the support this season! Also thanks to my dad for filming.

Views: 15,319    Faves: 110    Comments: 17

Kurt Heering - Out of the Smoke: Rider: Kurt Heering. Filmed and edited by Andrew Santos. Song: Seinabo Sey - Hard Time.

Views: 14,635    Faves: 104    Comments: 11

Nuno Pintas - 2014 Wow, Nuno has some massive tricks! Video: Diogo Ribeiro.

Views: 11,679    Faves: 122    Comments: 26

Wam Bam 2014: Wam Bam 2014 was crazy.

Views: 14,235    Faves: 203    Comments: 17

Miniflip Monday Montage: Who doesn't love miniflips?

Views: 11,034    Faves: 110    Comments: 10

Bicycle Tricks from the 1950's: 76 year old Harry Kramer shows us how it's done.

Views: 20,040    Faves: 315    Comments: 22

How To Ride Like A MLG Pro: Educational video on the basics of riding.

Views: 32,749    Faves: 682    Comments: 59

Go Sławek, GOOOOOOO! This weekend marked a milestone moment for us, with Sławek Łukasik's debut at the World Cup on the NS Fuzz frame. What's more, for the first time in history saw a Polish rider on a Polish downhill frame at the World Cup. Our whole team could not be more proud. Here is a video shot recently during a practice session in Schladming. Our boy is fast. Great job Sławek!

Views: 15,032    Faves: 101    Comments: 3

Tom Teichmann - Unbound: Video: YLYSmedia.

Views: 11,723    Faves: 72    Comments: 12

Pale Sun Rise: Video: Brody Jones Cinema.

Views: 7,581    Faves: 67    Comments: 16

The Darker Side of Pemberton: Riding with me Dog Marlee in Pemberton Paradise.

Views: 8,267    Faves: 53    Comments: 9

Shuttle Rewind: “Shuttle Rewind” is a retrospective look at downhill mountain bike culture in Tropical North Queensland, in particular the Kuranda Downhill Track.

Views: 5,891    Faves: 33    Comments: 0

Marcelo Gutierrez - Urban Legend - Episode 16: Only a few hours before last weekend's DH Pro race in Nordkette, Austria it started pouring rain and the course changed from a tough but manageable piece of technical track into a muddy, slippery nightmare. 'It was insane how much mud there was,' Marcelo remembers, 'but I managed to control my bike and my nerves and ended up with the best time of the day.' The Nordkette Singletrail is one of Europe’s steepest, longest, and most challenging downhill tracks. It’s located in an exceptional alpine setting high above the city of Innsbruck and if it's tough to ride at the best of times, last weekend was surely on a whole new level.

2014 UCI Elite XCE World Champion - Fabrice Mels: The 2014 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships in Hafjell, Norway, opened on Tuesday with the first titles awarded in the Eliminator. Kathrin Stirnemann gave Switzerland their first title of the championships in the women's competition, while Fabrice Mels of Belgium took the men's gold medal.

What It's Like Landing A World First: Nitro Circus stars Travis Pastrana, Jolene Van Vugt, Ryan Williams, Jed Mildon, and Ethen Roberts discuss the preparation that goes into throwing a world first and the feeling that comes with landing it!

Burton Presents - The Teaser: This series looks like it'll be badass.

Portugal Trip 2014: Three friends, three disciplines, one location! A journey to discover the Portuguese surf spots in the company of Alessandro Piu, Airton Lopes Cozzolino, Matchu Almeida Lopez. Video: Nicola Bresciani.

PORTUGAL TRIP 2014 from Surf Culture on Vimeo.

Last Minutes With Oden: Directed by Elliot Rausch.

Last Minutes with ODEN from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo.

Ross RoseinDog

Title Photo by: alainj

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 34
 "Whistler? biking?"

"Helmet, knee pads, leg pads, arm pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, we'll go shopping and get you a wrist guard too..."

I wasn't aware they interviewed my mother for the dialogue for that line.
  • + 6
 My mom comes with me to the hills at times "Thats all you wear for gear?"
  • + 17
 be happy with that. my mom comes like: new lid? buy the shit yourself
  • - 11
flag scott-townes (Sep 8, 2014 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 My mom can like totally beat up your mom.... lol
  • + 18
 Took my 13 year old son for the first time to whistler bike park this summer,and after getting him all armored up,my wife looks at me and said" i want my son back in one piece!!!",thought she was joking around,"sure no problem " i said. she grabs my TLD jersey with both hands,looks me in the eyes,"ONE PIECE!!!!,DO YOU HEAR ME!!!.

So i understand what moms go through.
  • + 3
 ^^ good thing body parts don't come off easily. Even with broken bones they're still one piece.
  • + 31
 Last Minutes With Oden.....
  • + 15
 i cried
  • + 9
 Fuck me too love dogs
  • + 15
 Holy hell that made me cry so hard and hug my dog!!!
  • + 11
 way too early on a monday to be crying lol but if it makes us appreciate our animals just a little more, guess it was worth it.
  • + 3
 wow. I'm adopting a dog today.
  • + 16
 Oden..... a thought for him
  • + 12
 o man, those tricks from 50' hahaaa that's the best video today :-)) really cool video
  • + 13
 That XCE was insane!!!!!!!!! loved it
  • + 8
 I actually laughed so much about the "What I do in Whistler" Video ... so damn awesome !!! The best part was the one with the girlfriend(so real) and the last part "what I actually do" Big Grin made my day!
  • + 7
 No matter how much hate XCE gets on pinkbike, that race actually looked pretty intense. Crowded track changes it up a little.
  • + 1
 Holy snap, if they put a little bit more work into all the other tracks, XCE could be seriously epic.
  • + 9
 Massive thoughts out to ODENS owners..... That was the best tribute ever
  • + 8
 Man Last Minutes With Oden.. So much feelings
  • + 8
 Harry Krammer…I bet the ladies wore out his zipper.
  • + 4
 AS a dog lover and owner. Last minutes with Oden......... No words, just love and empathy for his families and friends. Yo Oden..... If you run into a little chocolate Pitty up there, her name is Malakai. Tell her we all miss her everyday and love her so much. She was a princess and was full of love for life. RIP fur buddy.
  • + 6
 Harry Kramer, the Danny MacAskill of his time! If only RedBull existed in the 50s he'd have had his own helmet and tour. What a legend!
  • + 8
 shout out to Oden
  • + 4
 I'm gonna put a warning out right now... do NOT watch last minutes with Oden if you have a dog of your own and don't feel like having a bit of cry
  • + 6
 "Last minutes with Oden" bought tears to my eyes.
  • + 5
 I've seen last minutes with Oden before and it makes me cry every time...
  • + 1
 It looks like last minutes with oden was filmed in Long Beach California. We are in a serious drought and it does not rain here AT ALL. I understand this video was filmed a few years ago but this drought has been going on for years now. Very powerful that it happened to be pouring the day the decided to do it.
  • + 5
 Man last minutes with Oden is some powerful shit
  • + 1
 "What I do in Whistler" has got to be one of my favorites. Really captures how impossible it is to describe what mountain biking is like, to people who have never tried. Well done guys.
  • + 4
 Every single second of your dogs life is spent thinking about you.
  • + 3
 No disrespect to skiing, but if you're gonna do winter stuff, please have more vids like the Burton one.
  • + 1
 i logged in just to drop my jaw on that video from the 1950's. now that's skill!
  • + 2
 Burton presents looks amazing.
  • + 3
 Harry Kramer, respect.
  • + 2
 like his yummy mummy on what i do in whistler haha well tight body
  • + 1
 what song was that in the mini flip monday?
  • + 1
 It snowed 15cm in calgary today ... Goodbye biking
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