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Sep 7, 2015
by Scott Secco  
Phil Atwill - If You're Not Railing, You're Snailing: Fresh off a top 20 finish at the World Cup Finals in Val di Sole, Italy, Phil heads to Morzine and Les Gets to have an all out end of season blowout - ripping every turn and railing every berm in sight, whilst throwing in a few skate sessions with the Kiwi's, and hucking every jump (to flat) along the way.

Views: 35,269    Faves: 980    Comments: 51

Remy Metailler - Charging Hard in Whistler: Remy smashing it as usual.

Views: 24,032    Faves: 278    Comments: 25

Deity - Lynden Sandy rides Sun Peaks: Deity rider Lynden Sandy causes havoc at Sun Peaks Bike Park and nails some lines most wouldn't think possible.

Views: 13,815    Faves: 164    Comments: 15

Jack Ambler - 2015: Jack Ambler's been killing it this year on the UK dirt scene. I’ve been stacking clips of him on the Dirt Wars circuit and we also spent a day at Holdshott to come up with this short edit!

Views: 4,842    Faves: 67    Comments: 16

Big Wheelin' with Paul Gannon: Paul samples the #loam on his #29er @GHYbikes
Views: 10,071    Faves: 109    Comments: 10

Alpen Shralpen In Italy: Kevin, Kyle, Lars and Sam fly over to Italy to visit with their Italian distributor Andrea Bruno before Eurobike. Andrea has an epic two day high alpine bike adventure planned with some spectacular scenery, rugged trails, and cold beers at the refugio.

Views: 3,249    Faves: 29    Comments: 4

Mark Matthews - GoPro of the World Submission: Flowing though part of my trail I built a few years ago. 100% hand dug on my own. I always come back here for a session when I am visiting my hometown.

Views: 4,969    Faves: 58    Comments: 6

Luca Lagneau - Shredding Windham: 9 year old Luca slaying trails.

Views: 9,831    Faves: 21    Comments: 2

True Life Ep4 - Whistler Trails: The BBH Crew shows you some of Whistler's hidden gems. Video: Léon Perrin.

Views: 5,109    Faves: 58    Comments: 3

Kovarik Racing - BC Cup Finals: Here's the team recap of Kovarik Racing's Rider Development team from the Fernie BC Cup Finals.

Views: 4,993    Faves: 34    Comments: 1

Shred The Summer - Gavin Stanton: What more could an 8 year old wish for then riding amazing pump tracks, jumping on trampolines, and shredding the side of a mountain. Gavin Statton spent a couple days in Whistler BC riding the Bike Park and surrounding area.

Views: 5,362    Faves: 32    Comments: 5

Evening Sun: This jump looks like a good time.

Evening Sun from daniel fleury on Vimeo.

Ritchey Timberwolf 2016: Beautiful terrain.

Ritchey Timberwolf 2016 from Marc Cerdan on Vimeo.

Giant Factory Off-Road Team: Full Team Effort: Success on the pro downhill circuit demands a full team effort. From product development to coaching to the total commitment of the most talented athletes. With an international trio of up-and-coming riders, the 2015 Giant Factory Off-Road Team scored a number of breakthrough performances. Colombian rider Marcel Guiterrez had two World Cup podiums and captured his third straight Garbanzo DH title at Crankworx Whistler. Spaniard Alex Marin was a consistent frontrunner in junior men’s racing, finishing fourth overall in the World Cup. And Frenchman Guillaume Cauvin improved throughout the season in his first year with the team, culminating with a podium at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes. But results are just part of the story. Throughout the year, the team worked with coaches, mechanics and product developers during sessions like this one at Les 2 Alpes in France.

Cruz Fest And Post Office Parties -Tyler McCaul's God Luck and Good Speed - Ep. 8: Tyler McCaul has collected loads of footage throughout the season, mostly from around his hometown in Santa Cruz, California, as he and his friends session the massive jumps featured at Cruz Fest during the infamous FEST Series this year. To the final days of the much loved Post Office jumps. Of course with this bunch of riders there is always going to be a big party after the events, where things notoriously get a little while.

Project Jura - One Brilliant Day Of Singletrack On Jura Mountain: Project Jura is a story about a great riding day at Jura Mountain, finding the best singletrack and enjoying a day out in some of the most picturesque views Jura Mountain has to offer. Self shot with Phantom 2, HERO4 and FS700. Project Jura | One Brilliant Day Of Singletrack On Jura Mountain.

Cleat Set Up Made Easy - Progressive - Trail Doctor: Today's mountain bikers are split in their pedal choice, with many downhill racers joining the XC riders' clipless pedal option and many trail riders opting for flats. Being clipped into your pedal might seem daft on technical trails, but clipless pedals and shoe cleats can boost your pedalling efficiency by upto 30% on climbs, which means possibly going 30% longer during a ride. Everyone likes to go 30% longer! So if you're looking for the lowdown on how to set up cleats and shoes for the first time, or looking for some cheat codes to make the job easier, then ex-pro bike mechanic Dan Milner has the answers here.

Nike BMX - Malaga to Gran Canaria: Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco in the streets of Spain.

Brian Foster - Holy Fit: 43 years old and still crushing it.

Brighton Ain't Ready 2: What happens when you unleash the best street riders in one town?

Behind the Scenes of Drew Bezanson's Uncontainable: Full video here.

Lorenz Holder Pro Photo Showdown Slideshow 2015: An incredible collection of images.

Lorenz Holder Slideshow 2015 from Lorenz Holder on Vimeo.

Tantalized. Finally. #G3Backstories EP.1: Every backcountry track has a story, as does every rider.

Tantalized. Finally. #G3Backstories EP.1 from G3 Genuine Guide Gear on Vimeo.

BAMLAND ft. Justin Barcia: The whip master.

Nature Rx: Take one bike ride per day and repeat as needed.

Primož Ravnik - Riding a Dam: Well this looks terrifying.

Riding with Kyle last night and the sky was looking neat. Canon 7D Canon 70-200mm f 4L 118mm 1 640 f 5.6 ISO 320

Title Photo by: Thomas Barbin

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 64
 How the f*ck is that Phill Atwill video only a feature on movies for you monday?!? That shit was f*cking mental. VOD VOD VOD!
  • + 5
 Yeah that vid is pure radness!!!!!!
  • + 2
 Probably learned to go so fast cause the brake jack on that bike is probably horrendous.
  • + 24
 Phill Atwill is rowdy as hell!
  • + 11
 Anyone know when/if there's going to be a recap of Logan Peat's coast gravity park jam from after Crankworx?
  • + 1
 that!! ^^
  • + 8
 Atwill is an ANIMAL!!! Such talent.
(Almost makes me wanna buy another Orange).
Reminds me so much of Fairclough.... if only we could get a video of them trying to outdo each other, would be supreme!!!
  • + 7
 fairclough, brannigan and atwill all together in one edit following each other. this has to happen
  • + 3
 fairclough and atwil are by far my favourite riders to watch, i could watch them ride all day!
  • + 8
 bam bam all day
  • + 7
 Brian Foster was and still is one of the most stylish BMXers EVER!!!
  • + 4
 Barcia´s vid at 1:43, is probably the most insane moto whip i have seen in a long time....
  • + 5
 the last video ''Primož Ravnik'' makes no sense to me...
why man?
  • + 2
 I agree WTF is the point when u know u cant ride ride it out?
  • + 2
 he probably slapped that water so hard
  • + 1
 If I was on that damn there would be a brown streak on the concrete from top to bottom and I'd be leaving one pair of undies lighter. Assuming I grew some massive nuts and actually did drop in.
  • + 1
 In that dam video, he puts on his goggles like it's going to help him in some way. Maybe a bit to keep your eyes open with the speed, but definitely not in the water.
  • + 6
 didn't you get the memo, every single "go pro of the world" needs googles to be put on at the start to waste time.
  • + 3
 Project Jura is amazing!!! Self shot!!! Great job!
  • + 2
 The Damp video is just plain stupid. I like the steep shit but into water is just dumb.
  • + 1
 the evening sun is cool, but i don't need to see the same trick 20 times in a row
  • + 2
 DAM that last video is crazy! Also, that justin barcia video was sick!
  • + 2
 Stoked on the title photo, thanks Scott!
  • + 1
 Brighton aint ready was sick
  • + 1
 26 video's? Is that a subliminal message?
  • - 1
 I thought I had a pretty broad range when it comes to music but good god almost every video I watched was intolerable without mute.
  • + 1

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