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Dec 17, 2012 at 0:06
Dec 17, 2012
by Scott Secco  
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Mark Matthews - Super 8 Saturdays: This was already on the homepage but I think it got overlooked. Mark and Stefan shot this entirely on Super 8 film. How neat is that?
Views: 33,363    Faves: 245    Comments: 19

Swinley Sessions 2: This is the result of a week-long (nightmare) shoot which took place at Swinley Forest in October; my gratitude and apologies to all that sacrificed their time in-order to make this happen, special thanks to everyone who manned a camera and gave me the opportunity to ride on this.
Views: 15,034    Faves: 164    Comments: 60

Jake Kinney - Welcome to Deity Bikes: Jake throwing down at Woodward.
Views: 23,038    Faves: 422    Comments: 43

Cam Cole - Another Side: Quick GoPro edit of Cams trip to Mt. Fyffe, stay tuned for more to come!
Views: 13,274    Faves: 29    Comments: 0

Season Collab: An edit of shots gathered from the end of last year and throughout this year. Filmed at Highland, Hillside, the ghetto of Listowel, Shithouse trails, and the new line at Hillside. Riders: Radney Pritchard, Sid Slotegraaf, Kyle Bakelaar, and Drew Anger. Song: Power - Kanye West.
Views: 5,511    Faves: 82    Comments: 11

Ben & Glenn Playing in the Snow: Some good 'ol winter time fun. Zola Jesus - Vessel.
Views: 10,166    Faves: 86    Comments: 5

Late 2012 Edit: Ridden, filmed, and edited: Matt Slager.
Views: 11,936    Faves: 268    Comments: 33

Kyle Warner - Street Edit: Enduro training for Kyle. Video: OTR Media.
Views: 7,250    Faves: 109    Comments: 15

Paul Langlands - Disposition: *DISCLAIMER* Always wear a helmet. "The disposition of the work, to put all things in a beautiful order and harmony, that the whole may be of a piece." - Dryden.
Views: 5,508    Faves: 70    Comments: 13

Drew Gartery - Down Under: Drew Gartery is from Renmark South Australia. He's been racing since he was 10. Now 15 years old, he finished the season 3rd overall. Video: RFPhotographics.
Views: 12,674    Faves: 137    Comments: 12

Unexpected Thursday 32: *DISCLAIMER* Always wear a helmet. Video: Louis Lhomel.
Views: 10,560    Faves: 270    Comments: 22

The Moe Show: Malcolm and I have been working together for a few years now shooting stills of him riding and since I got my D800 we've been filming a bit. My first more serious filming project and I'm quite happy with the way it came out, although with Moe's riding I would have had to do something special to mess it up. We got an overload of clips, so expect another edit soon, otherwise, sit back and enjoy: THE MOE SHOW.
Views: 4,339    Faves: 81    Comments: 12

#RailNZ - A week in Queenstown: Five blokes from rural NSW, Australia, take a weeks holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand - the land of Fergburgers, jam-jars and ridiculously good DH riding. Music: Flume - Sleepless (Feat. Jezabelle Doran), Zeds Dead - Ruckus The Jam.
Views: 11,882    Faves: 206    Comments: 18

Northbound and Down do Europe - Intro: Northbound and Down travel on an epic road trip through the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. This intro is just the start of it…
Views: 3,274    Faves: 20    Comments: 10

Rampage 2012: As I was working as a sherpa carrying the riders bikes up the mountain all week, I snuck my camera in to do a little filming. This is just some film I acquired while working. I threw it into an edit with just a terrific beginning.
Views: 15,361    Faves: 331    Comments: 11

NS Bikes Soda Air - First look: For 2013 NS is presenting a new bike based on the revised Soda frame. The bike crosses categories and can play the role of a lightweight freerider or a heavy duty enduro bike. Tough, versatile, and fun. It will cover a lot of ground - big-air, bike parks, downhill or all-day climbing. Music: Love?Peace - Potatohead People. Quantic - Archipelago.
Views: 11,288    Faves: 114    Comments: 5

The Biggest Bike Shuttle in the World: An adventure story about four yellow cars and two mountainbikers. Song: Bronze Radio Return "Rough Town." Thanks to: Ben Schulz for company, Thorsten Obermaier for translation, and Ride Magazine for inspiration.

The Biggest Bike Shuttle in the World (English) from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

Heart & Soul - Daniel Sandoval: Video: Adam Sims.

Behind the Scenes of Scott Serfas' Pro Photographer Showdown: Serfas has been one of the best for over a decade. Amazing how much work goes into one slideshow.

Behind the Scenes of Scott Serfas' Pro Photographer Showdown from Endeavor Snowboard Design on Vimeo.

The Creep - The Clayton Vila Segment: This is easily one of the best ski segments ever.

The Creep - The Clayton Vila Segment from Stept Productions on Vimeo.

I spent a few weeks this summer touring around Lillooet Retallack and Squamish with Kevin Landry. After a few dusty and dry weeks out east coming to Squamish was a much needed refreshment of tacky trails and green colors. Grin and Holler is an amazing trail with big features but this section called out to me with the big old growth cedars moss ferns and the old lader spaced between it all.

Title Photo by: Garrett Grove

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:
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  • + 39
 movies for your mondays, you keep me sane. im recovering from shoulder surgery and this keeps my spirits up while im in bed. always appreciate the work you guys put in
  • + 9
 I know how ya feel, keep up the PT seriously because it's easy to fall right back to where you need surgery again.

And... nice on featuring a (Steve) Stept edit, lolol!!! Clayton is def. one of the gnarliest guys out there.
  • + 4
 get well soon bud and back out there! Big Grin
  • + 2
 thanks guys. im actually a pt major too so i know its importance. and im looking to get into dj and park riding when im healthy so just counting down the months haha
  • + 1
 Haha same bro, I can't wait to ride! PT really loosened up my shoulder, now I have started moving it again! Smile
  • + 34
 How about refusing to post video's from people who don't wear helmets... Seems completely retarded that you post non-helmet video's and a video which shows what bad helmets can do...
  • + 18
 Thats what I would do , fed up of watching these dick heads ride with no lids , fair enough they don't give a shit about their health but i'm sure Girlfriends/mothers/brothers don't want a vegetable for a relative.
  • + 40
 I hope the girlfriend isn't a relative...
  • + 13
 probably is though for people stupid enough not to wear a helmet...
  • + 11
 I guess it's a good thing that people have brains and can ration if what they're doing warrants the use of a helmet or not based on their personal risk assessment skills... I'm always about wearing helmets but I can't understand why people who do wear helmets care if other people, that they don't know, wear them or not. It's called personal responsibility and it's none of your business. Just ride your bike and enjoy the riding that other people do without chastising them for their choice of what they want to wear.
  • + 9
 There are so many talented riders and videographers on this site. You know that a lot of young and aspiring athletes come here to get inspired and take their riding to the next level. All of you who contribute are role models for those up and comers. Let's give them a positive message that wearing a helmet is where it's at.
  • + 4
 Doggier has a good point, I'd be the last one to meddle in other peoples business, or care what people I've never met do, but I worry about up an coming riders getting the idea in their heads that helmet-less riding is cool, or "real riders" go without them. Personal responsibility is one thing, but people have to realize the effect that high profile riders have on impressionable minds.
  • + 1
 Doggier- I guess that's what parents are there for... I watched plenty of helmet-less riding and have always done it on going to parties (one of the only benefits of moving to suburban hell) but because my parents always taught me that a helmet is the smartest choice, I learned to wear for every ride. I guess what I'm saying is that blaming bad habits on some bike edits a kid watched online is stupid. If he's not wearing a helmet then he didn't have parents that cared if he wore one or not... and then there are some people out there that find helmets so uncomfortable that wearing one puts them in the wrong state of mind while skiing/snowboarding/skating/bmx, to a point where their chances of crashing are multiplied... think of it like people who wear and don't wear LEATT braces or chest protection. Who cares. Let them ride how they ride.
  • + 1
 I don't think anyone's "blaming" bike edits for people not wearing helmets, but you're right that the issue is bigger than just what people do in videos. And the comments section on MFYM probably isn't the place to come up with any answers lol.
  • + 1
 the greatests always wear helmets

oh and u forgot people that dont wear them becuz they think it doesn't look cool.... (a hat fallin off is much more spectacular Wink
  • + 21
 That heart and soul BMX edit was f*cking insane , how does he fit so many tricks into such a short time ? respect to that kid
  • + 8
 The last segment in the indoor park was mental! No wonder he wears a gum shield!!
  • + 3
 I agree, he made everything look so smooth and it seemed like he tricked every single jump!
  • + 4
 Daniel Sandoval has some crazy tricks, and is really one of the most stylished bmx riders of today !
  • + 1
 Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • + 1
 Nice to see the Tehachapi Woodward West crew throwing down some great footage. Props to Jake. I wish my son was able to take more camp classes from him. Great guy!
Kinda sad we moved away from there. We lived 1 mile from Woodward West Frown
  • + 4
 Daniel Sandoval, god among men.
  • + 2
 I can`t belive I checked MFYM on tuesday.. This has never happened to me before. I swear.
Swinley Sessions were awesome!
  • + 3
 Pinkbike makes Mondays tolerable Wink
  • + 2
 Mark Matthews - Super 8 Saturdays: This is pure art, and is very nostalgic. Brings me back to the 70s
  • + 2
 RADIO BIRDMAN!...made my evening...
  • + 2
 Soda air is soooo sweet......
  • + 2
 Bmx is on a hole nudder revel. That Sandoval kid is basically a Jedi.
  • + 1
 how is it there are still so many people stupid enough not to wear a helmet?!
  • + 1
 Skydiving is making its apperance in loads of videos recently! sick gold gambler in the queenstown vid
  • + 2
 18,000 wertical feet of descent!
  • + 1
 YEEAAAAHHH Clayton thats my boy!!!!
  • + 1
 Good choice this weekSmile Lot of street riding even on skisSmile
  • + 1
 Heart & Soul - Daniel Sandoval: Video: Adam Sims.
crazy skills man.
  • + 1
 when is NS going to build a downhill bike?
  • + 1
 The Queenstown video ... wow ... gotta go.
  • + 1
 That Adam Simms video is rucking fidiculous.
  • + 1
 i love biking
  • + 1
 1st ughhhh I pulled!!!

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