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Sep 5, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
Bikes at Night II:

Views: 10,737    Faves: 132    Comments: 19

Riders - Ben Friesen, Jess Findlay, Jason Lucas, Kevin Gulbranson, Leon Forfar, Michael Chen, Mathieu Weary and Nick Tingren // Created by Matt Dennison and Joel Bastian

Meet Fraser McGlone:

Views: 10,446    Faves: 163    Comments: 13

In only his first year in Junior, Fraser McGlone has won the UK Junior national races and qualified for World Cup finals. Some big things to come from this junior ripper!

Abbaretz - Sick Lines Trailer

Views: 7,704    Faves: 70    Comments: 3

This is the trailer of a short project made about a local spot in France. Filming from winter to this summer. Local riders: Thomas Lombard, Romain Lombard, Corentin Percier, Romain Richard and LPU... Hope you enjoy it.

A Day at Vanier Park with Cole Swanson:

Views: 7,378    Faves: 206    Comments: 24

2011 PerformX Downhill Team:

Views: 6,824    Faves: 114    Comments: 4

2011 PerformX Downhill Team Featuring Remi Gauvin and Kyle Sangers, managed by Todd Schumlick and Ryan Kuhn.

Philip 2011 Promo:

Views: 5,903    Faves: 121    Comments: 14

Riding at 20 & 26 at Quito, Ecuador.

MaidenHood by Lloyd Ramsay:

This edit started out life as something completely different with the intention of it being a short documentary on the riders and my friends in Maidenhead. Maidenhead or "Maidenhood" as we all call it is a small town west of London and the place where I started riding BMX. Why was this project never completed? Time. I have run out of it. Tired of sitting on some of the footage for so long I decided to make this edit so at least something was done.

Thumbnail glitch art created by myself. The intro score was composed by myself. The Dub-Step track was used under a Creative Commons license and can be found here:​artproject/​dubstep-bitch-1

All filming, grading and editing was done by myself.

Shot on a Canon 550d.

Edited in Final Cut Pro 7.

The riders are in order of appearance: Cappy, Ricky Brandon, Carl Oakley, Milky

Ticket 2 Ride BC:

Ticket2RideBC Pemberton

Views: 5,853    Faves: 16    Comments: 0

Ticket2RideBC in Squamish:

Views: 2,916    Faves: 12    Comments: 0

Ticket2RideBC on the North Shore:

Views: 3,806    Faves: 14    Comments: 0

Pro GRT #5: Northstar

Views: 4,038    Faves: 78    Comments: 23

Highlights from the 5th & final Pro GRT dh race of 2011, at Northstar, CA....Vid by Allout Productions.

Team DRD Mission #6: Northstar

Views: 2,344    Faves: 34    Comments: 6

The team heads to Lake Tahoe, Ca for the last Pro GRT race of 2011 at Northstar....

Bubba Edit :

Views: 5,267    Faves: 35    Comments: 15

This crazy French dude rocked up at our downhill races in Western Australia this season. He's an awesome guy, and an even better rider, so we decided to do a couple edits while he is checking out our country. Episode 1 was shot in Perth on a Panasonic AF100 and a JVC HM100. Check it out!

Coastal Crew does Week 3 at Summer Gravity Camps 2011:

Views: 7,686    Faves: 156    Comments: 9

Coastal Crew spends week 3 at Summer Gravity Camps 2011 - Produced by Dylan Dunkerton


Views: 3,935    Faves: 36    Comments: 6

New Trails coming to Wales.

Watson Bell and Joe Boyd:

Views: 5,124    Faves: 81    Comments: 24

2 days in Cumbria with Watson and Joe.

Victorious in Val Di Sole:

Bike Park Pohorje : Rock'n'Roll Section

Views: 7,317    Faves: 124    Comments: 20

Experimental video on famous Rock'n'Roll section at Bike Park Pohorje ( Filmed and edited by Blaz Tomazin

Nicholi Rogatkin at Woodward Cage box session - 13 years old

Views: 31,832    Faves: 567    Comments: 111

The future...

Jackson Crowe - Bike Check

Views: 2,952    Faves: 55    Comments: 6

A bike check with Jackson Crowe's 'Dartmoor Cody'.

Summer of Summit Ep. 2 Whistler shredding:

Views: 15,282    Faves: 347    Comments: 25

Check out the summit crew shredding Whistler bike park. Dylan Forbes, Dylan Morley, Christian Stalder, Mitch Gulliver, and Justing Roy.

Mark & Tom:

Views: 4,397    Faves: 80    Comments: 12

These guys should be the spokesmen for this trail. Crank It Up is a beginner's trail, but all in all a fun ride. Watch Mark Read and the GC crew's own Tom McCarthy slash berms and style jumps down the entire trail.

Welcome to Whistler:

Views: 8,583    Faves: 221    Comments: 19

Summer vibes in Whistler, 2011.

Bond, Alan Bond...

Views: 6,998    Faves: 286    Comments: 28

Alex Bond tears Morzine a new hole in between the La Bresse and Val Di Sole World Cups ... Shot on a Canon 550D , using Nikon Lenses.

Monster Slopestyle - Basel

Views: 5,255    Faves: 71    Comments: 10

Monster Slopestyle, Basel. With Sam Pilgrim, Sam Reynolds, Szymon Godziek, Jakub Vencl, Jan Netreval, Grant Chopper Fielder, Ray Samson, Ben Glassen, etc.

Crankworx Colorado finals:

Views: 3,734    Faves: 96    Comments: 11

This edit is a mash up of all my favorite shots from my trip to Colarado, finals were awesome.

Riding For Me :

Views: 2,397    Faves: 14    Comments: 6

This was a production for school, long time in the making, plenty of stress and fun was created, and overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. First song: 3Mark by Ghoul. Second Song: Crooks by Seekae

An Afternoon in the Yard:

Views: 4,672    Faves: 88    Comments: 7

"Adventures of GR - An Afternoon in the Yard" Aaron Chase, George Ryan, and PJ Post riding Jeff Lenosky's backyard ramps. Filmed by GR, AC, & PJ

Behind The Scenes: Unit Houseboat Party

Views: 4,726    Faves: 125    Comments: 9

To celebrate the launch of the our 2011 Summer Range, Unit put on a massive houseboat party for all our team athletes, models and V.I.P's. We took our cameras along for the day and filmed all the action, laughs and good times that went down.

Title image by

Today is a long weekend here at the Pinkbike HQ, but we will be back next week with another batch of great videos for everyone to enjoy.

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  • 21 0
 with this many edits im set until next monday...
  • 17 2
 please stop doing so many i can't possibly watch them all!
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 Ok, have just watched that 13-year-old kid... you reckon he goes to school? he´s problably never done homework in his life, man. Or maybe his parents do it for him so he can carry on practicing, they see a promising future ($$$$$$$) in their child. lol. Seriously, that was impressive!
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 fuck, late for work now..
  • 7 0
 the videos...just...kept...coming!!!!
  • 2 0
 I really liked the Watson Bell and Joe Boyd edit.
To me thats a great days riding, shredding the trails for an hour or so and then heading up the hills for a bit of "free-range riding"
Nice one!
  • 1 0
 The Swanson vid from Vanier park was good, those trails look like they should be hidden in the woods somewhere, hard to believe there in the core of one of Canadas largest cities.
  • 2 0
 Nicholi Rogatkin at Woodward Cage box session - 13 years old is the only one I watch Big Grin
  • 4 0
 that kid was amazing...
  • 2 0
 Nicholi Rogatk is 13 and would give any one a run for there money in a game of PIG Big Grin
  • 2 0
 I always come up with these great song ideas to use in vids. Then somebody on pinkbike always beats me to it.
  • 2 0
 that 13 year old could teach me a thing or two lol
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 Nicholi Rogatkin rode at NASS this year, he's hoping to return next year along with Rick Mosely. Both good to watch BTW.
  • 2 1
 And you use it just to say that?
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 Yeah Jordie Lunn with the Cannon Ball! so rad
  • 1 0
 Right, off to the shops for some pop and crisps cos it´s video time...
  • 1 0
 Morzine vid, ... impressive
  • 1 0
 thats sick bubbas edit is on here
  • 1 1
 Nice Comment... Great edits by the way!!
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 that kid was amazing...
  • 2 4
 Second coment.Hahahahaaa
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 you got 3rd, dude.
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