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Jul 16, 2012
by Scott Secco  
Luke Strobel Pivot-Kenda DH Team: Follow Pivot-Kenda rider Luke Strobel as he rips down the famous Bromont bike park on board his Pivot Phoenix. Altough the trails are rougher than his west coast ones, Strobel took no time to show his speed. Follow Luke and the Pivot-Kenda team on Facebook: Pivot Kenda
Views: 22,245    Faves: 416    Comments: 20

2012 Dartmoor 26Player with Ray George: Ray and the 2012 26Player get to know each other a little better. With a fresh trail to shred Ray gets some laps done.
Views: 14,496    Faves: 174    Comments: 16

RJ Productions | Checking in with Dylan Unger: From throwing big whips, to drifting his Chevy, Dylan Unger has fun while he gets ready for U.S National Champs.
Views: 8,320    Faves: 91    Comments: 12

Send it to Win it: This is my entry to the Send it to Win it contest - please vote for me (Kurt Shimada) @ Send it to Win. I need your vote to make the top 4 and get into the finals. Thanks!
Views: 14,022    Faves: 310    Comments: 54

Filming Myself #5: This time around I took a bit more time (two days) to film myself "dating" my bike. There are few better feelings in this world to me than riding a bike and shooting video, so I set out around the Boston area to film myself riding my bike. Hopefully the video makes you even close to as happy as I was while making it.
Views: 13,380    Faves: 522    Comments: 49

The Camp Of Champions - Camp A 2012: If riding the Whistler Bike Park and the Camp of Champions' private Compound with lots of jumps, a Big Air Bag, and Mulch pit with some of the best pros in the world as your coaches and friends interests you, you should come to the Camp of Champions next summer. It's not just fun... it's ridiculously fun. Friend us up on Pinkbike or join our fan page on Facebook, you'll be glad you did.
Views: 17,119    Faves: 375    Comments: 40

Spring at Brad's: This spring I decided to film a bit at every session to get some footage for an edit. It was hard because I always wanted to ride Brad's jumps but I think it worked out pretty well. Riders: Noah Brousseau, Harrison Mendel, Aeron Learmonth, Brad Mills, and Marius Ceglarek. Thanks to Harry for the lenses, and Brad for filming!
Views: 8,240    Faves: 131    Comments: 7

The Luca Lucas Experience - Long Version: After getting honorable mentions for the short version of this video in the Ride Giant contest; we decided to upload the longer version that gives more of a warm fuzzy feeling inside! Bottom line these two fellas know how to shred and have a good time - enjoy. To keep in touch make sure to like our Facebook Suspended Photography.
Views: 20,224    Faves: 444    Comments: 26

1 Banger Hour with Jason Côté: Here's our northern Quebec buddy Jason Côté destroying once again at his local park in Matane, Quebec! Jason will be coming to Montreal this summer, so watch out for another video featuring him along with our East Coast Homies. This one is really a banger. Video credit: Jérôme Charest.
Views: 9,528    Faves: 242    Comments: 9

What did you do this Weekend - Episode 6: Plasma cars - heck ya! 100% Gopro HD Hero 2 footage. Ride The Line
Views: 12,671    Faves: 197    Comments: 35

Steve Peat Syndicate 2012 at Glencoe: The SPS team attends the third round of the Halo British Downhill series at Glencoe, Scotland. Additional footage: Chris Seager and Jacob Gibbins.
Views: 6,732    Faves: 75    Comments: 9

Send It Films - Somewhere in New Brunswick: Josh Thibodeau , Mathieu Devarennes, Patrick Maillet, and Jeremie Gaudet riding their local spot
Views: 11,894    Faves: 222    Comments: 24

Windham World Cup: Footage from Sunday's practice and finals. Song: I was Made for Lovin' You - KISS.
Views: 5,569    Faves: 82    Comments: 6

FMD Racing at Les Arcs: During the season, FMD Racing will be releasing short webisodes following Tahnée and Kaos's race season. Here's video number five from Les Arcs. Head over to FMD Racing and click the 'like' button to follow how Tahnee does this season. Check out my page - Furnival Media
Views: 5,278    Faves: 50    Comments: 3

MS Mondraker Webisode 04 / Windham: Shredding at the 5th stage of the UCI DH World Cup.
Views: 12,742    Faves: 92    Comments: 11

Morewood Bikes: Jonty Neethling: Produced by: Lloyd Ramsay.
Views: 2,716    Faves: 0    Comments: 2

Sam Pilgrim - How I See It: Maybe you like?
Views: 12,615    Faves: 337    Comments: 111

2 Days at Woodward West: Headed down south to Woodward West for a couple days and had an awesome time, as always. Featuring: Jeffrey Herbertson and James Visser.
Views: 7,070    Faves: 114    Comments: 14

Team Commencal - Riding Addiction, 2012 - EP5, Windham, WC #5: Riders : Myriam Nicole, Thibaut & Gaetan Ruffin. Filmed and edited by: FastLines Productions.
Views: 2,275    Faves: 33    Comments: 0

Les Gets Bikepark: A perfect day of riding in the Les Gets Bikepark in the Portes du Soleil with 2-time DH world Champion Fabien Barel. Movie by: Lucas Stanus.
Views: 6,424    Faves: 100    Comments: 6

Leader upside down in New Zealand: Tomas Zejda took a trip to famous Queenstown, NZ to check out their trails. With Kelly McGarry as a guide, and New Zealand's beautiful weather, this video is stocked with good vibes!
Views: 4,524    Faves: 121    Comments: 8

FyTwelve | Nepal: Riders: Vinay Menon, GTaode, the Pokhara Unit, event captures from 'Himalayan Outdoor Festival 2012.' Video: Vinay Menon, Location: Nepal (May 2012).
Views: 2,648    Faves: 20    Comments: 6

Letting Go: A film about a boy growing up and of a dad letting go.

Letting Go // A digital short from Epic Motion on Vimeo.

Supermountain 2012 - Round 1 race - Limone Piemonte: Limone Piemonte (CN), played host to the first race of the Supermountain series, the new format for gravity racing, designed by Superenduro to introduce marathon downhill to Italy. Supermountain is a weekend in the bike park that guarantees riders hours of fun runs on Saturday during the qualifications and two high-adrenaline race runs on Sunday. Filmed & Edited by: Music: 'Saturday Night Live (Tonight). Video by: Analog Monks. For the rest of the racing calendar and more information please visit [L=by Analog Monks. For the rest of the racing calendar and more information please visit:

Supermountain 2012 - Round 1 race - Limone Piemonte from Superenduro TV on Vimeo.

Tweedlove Stories- Ben, Gary, Dave: Dave Mackison, Gary Forrest and Ben Arnott, riding their bicycles down Innerleithen. Made this as a little extra for the Tweedlove film night and finally got round to putting it up now, was a proper good day filming. Music - Sushi by Kyle Andrews.

Tweedlove Stories- Ben, Gary, Dave from Calum Darling on Vimeo.

360ties featuring Marius Hoppensack: This is awesome! The Matrix meets mountain biking.

The Plaza [Bootlegged]: Traharn Chidley rides a Commencal V3 in the Premiere of Liam Murphy's B-movie ''The Plaza.''

Alain Massabova - 40 years in Paris: Never too old to shred. Shot by: JC Pieri.

Alain Massabova - 40 years in Paris from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

2012 Harry Main - VX 2: Watch the first clip and be amazed, seriously unbelievable stuff. Easily some of the year's best riding.

DC Shoes: Ken Block's Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground - San Francisco: Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 focusses on raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team are back to work on their second Gymkhana production and delivered the entire city of San Francisco as Ken Block's personal gymkhana playground. DC Shoes also provided fellow DC athlete and longtime Ken Block friend, Travis Pastrana, to make a cameo appearance on his dirtbike, and S.F. resident Jake Phelps of Thrasher Magazine fame also makes a cameo as Block hoons S.F. in his most incredible Gymkhana yet.

Title Photo by: Fassbender

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:


  • + 19
 It's 3am in the morning, and I was just about to head to bed....but after getting stoked watching these vids, a lil ride won't hurtWink
  • + 1
 Sucks for you its 3am in the afternoon here i'm going riding!
  • + 2
 ^^^Just a joke dude!
  • + 13
 Harry Main for fucks sake. Life is not a computer game!
  • + 8
 Ken Block, that is all.
  • + 7
 how did they get to close off san francisco streets for four days?
  • + 1
 They would have only closed off small parts at a time. They would have only done the shot on the bridge once or twice. The rest its not that hard to detour people.
  • + 1
 He isn't on the Golden Gate Bridge if that's what your getting at. Golden Gate is red (and you can surf under it too!)
  • + 1
 Yeah but it was still a multi lane bridge wasn't it? I watch it a few days ago so yeah.
  • + 1
 I heard somewhere else that they were doing repairs to the bridge, so maybe just before or just after the repairs? I know it's the Bay Bridge and it's a pretty central artery to the city
  • + 1
 checkout the original gymkhana- claude lelouche's " C'etait un rendezvous". singletake shot in paris in 1976. no closed off streets. the original go-pro!
  • + 1
 flawless to the inch...
  • + 1
 Yeah, there's two bridges in San Fran hahaha, Golden Gate would have been radder though! just because it's the golden gate!
  • + 6
 2012 Harry Main - VX 2. BMXers are broken, the stuff he pulled was just...
  • + 3
 great pack of edits today... and a special thanks to everyone who did not use dubstep as the soundtrack (it's overdone is all i'm sayin')...

Les Gets looks like a pretty rad park...
  • + 5
 Who needs huffy sliders when you have plasma cars
  • + 1
 Hahaha that video had me rolling dude
  • + 1
 If you want to see some more of Les Arcs, my mate made an awesome video of the day. Check it out
  • + 2
 ken blocks disclaimer " DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE"... good luck with that, TO THE BUSH BASHER!
  • + 1
 oh this got me stoked alright!! but it will take me the whole week just to go through all these, then more movies will come!! the horrible never ending cycle begins...
  • + 1
 It takes you a week to watch all of these?
  • + 1
 yes, yes it does, my friend, which isnt a bad thing. lol Big Grin
  • + 3
 that driving is awesomeSmile
  • + 2
 Fabien Barel is realllllyyyyyyyyyy F#%$ING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • + 1
 Off to Morzine/lesgets in 13 days. That Fabien Barel video made these 13 days the longest of my life!
  • + 1
 If Ken Block was a slopestyler he would be the steeziest rider ever born. His style is so gnar
  • + 2
 Loved the Letting Go Short
  • + 1
 Ken Block´s riding is unreal
  • + 2
 Luke Strobel- music?
  • + 1
 finally found it after countless searches Brad sucks - The First Thing About Me

under the demos on
  • + 1
 spot on Mr nice one dude- appreciated!
  • + 1
 haha yes I have the same sparco seat belts in my car as ken block lol
  • + 1
 Harry main making mtb slope stylers look shit!
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Another for ken block
  • + 1
 Harry Main, dayum.
  • + 1
 Ken Block,Awesomeee
  • + 1
 Block is Batman!
  • + 1
 Harry main is insane!
  • - 1
 Dude that filmed himself on the BMX bike needs a girlfriend really badly.

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