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Nov 5, 2012 at 0:03
Nov 5, 2012
by Scott Secco  
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Twenty Eleven Films - In the Fall: We made this for a film contest.
Views: 20,831    Faves: 234    Comments: 14

Work is Done: Rider - Urs Reinosch. Edit - Philipp Rösner.
Views: 13,482    Faves: 119    Comments: 7

Shea Jordan - In The USA: After living and racing professionally in Argentina for 18 years Shea moved to the States due to a gnarly foot injury. Not knowing if he'd ever be able to ride again he shifted his focus to his eduction. Needless to say he didn't last long without the bike. Any support or sponsorships for advancing his goals is appreciated. Contact info:
Views: 13,209    Faves: 150    Comments: 20

Blaž Hölcl Promo 2012: Rider: Blaž Hölcl. Video byt: Tine Lenart. Location - Maribor. Music: Prononobozo - Every Day is a Saturday.
Views: 17,192    Faves: 304    Comments: 27

Fogel's Summer Adventure 3: Part 1 - Auburn, Teva Games, and Utah: Song: Silvio by Bob Dylan.
Views: 10,841    Faves: 126    Comments: 5

Six Minutes with.... Lee Kirkman: I started filming with Lee many months ago now, I wanted this to be something a bit different from previous edits. As I got to know Lee realized he has a lot of cool stories to tell: from being a father, riding in the Red Bull Dirt Pipe, and of course his long list of injuries he has had during 22 years of riding BMX. Video by: Travis Hanley.
Views: 6,190    Faves: 101    Comments: 12

[Lewis Seagram 2012]: Here is my 2012 season ender video. Huge thanks to Oscar Seagram, Ansel Anderson, and Quinn Hanley for filming. Also thanks to Race Face and Sacred Ride bike shop for their support this year. Thanks for watching. Please tell me what you think or give some criticism.
Views: 9,418    Faves: 79    Comments: 24

Tom Parker - Welcome to Ill Bike // Void Bike Shop: My ''Welcome to the Team'' edit. Filmed over two weeks with Ryan Nangle, Marcel Hunt, and Steven Ardley. I'd like to thank those who helped with filming and taking the time to come out with me, also Ill Bike and Duncan at Void for placing me on the team for 2013. Hope you all enjoy.
Views: 7,732    Faves: 133    Comments: 23

Latest And Greatest - 2012 KHS Highlights: What have you been doing for the past year!? Check out what we did, and share it! Video by: Travis Fant.
Views: 20,932    Faves: 178    Comments: 9

Luca Plach 2012: Filmed over the course of two months. Music: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive. Rider: Luca Plach. Video by: Sebastian Hufeld Photography.
Views: 4,791    Faves: 50    Comments: 3

Max Lange - 2012 Promo: Yo! Here's my season ending promo, I'm super stoked on how it turned out and I hope you are too. Big thanks to Transition Bikes, Chromag, Pedalhead Calgary. and everyone that got me stoked! Additional filming by: Andrew Young and my Mom. Enjoy.
Views: 10,168    Faves: 142    Comments: 53

The Welsh Connection - Episode 2: The Welsh Connection is a series of webisodes following a group of riders from Swansea. In this episode the boys ride the Corby round of Dirt Wars, Lymington, and Holdshott.
Views: 7,931    Faves: 171    Comments: 12

Reagen Baumgarten & Jacob McCormack train: Reagen Baumgarten & Jacob McCormack riding at their home track of Thirroul. Decided to film after watching them both smash the track faster then most people I had seen ride there. Jacob had two nasty crashes just an hour into filming which held him back from performing to his full potential. Although he still managed to look good for the camera.
Views: 7,279    Faves: 74    Comments: 20

Whistler 2012 - Three and a Half Months: This year I was lucky enough to spend the summer out in Whistler, here is the video of what went down. Had some amazing times, met some amazing people ,and hit some of Whistler's ridiculous trails... all together it made for the best summer ever! Cheers to everyone involved. Filmed in parts by: Nick Race, Sam Rees, and Nico Turner.
Views: 14,338    Faves: 254    Comments: 32

Patrick Meen - Summer Sun: One of many videos to come from 3242. Keep an eye out for us on PB and make sure to add us as a friend.
Views: 10,297    Faves: 213    Comments: 14

Yukon, Canada, Mountain Bike Tour: Endless miles of flowing singletrack, pristine boreal forests, glacial rivers, long summer days, rich history, warm-hearted locals… This is mountain biking in Canada. This is the Yukon. The Yukon Territory is located in Canada’s wild north-west, bordering Alaska. Famous for the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1800s, the outdoor-loving locals have taken advantage of the abandoned trails beaten by the prospectors and turned them into their own kind of gold; mountain biking gold! With around 800km of trails in the city limits of Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon, you won’t ride the same piece of trail twice on this week-long mountain bike adventure in Canada. To find out more information visit

Yukon, Canada, mountain bike tour from H&I Adventures on Vimeo.

Redbull - Skyline Paris Bmx Contest: The Red Bull Skyline is definitely one of the biggest BMX events ever. 25 of the world's greatest riders threw down for one night in the "Grand Palais" of Paris. Video by: JC Pieri.

Steve Sunk - Axe Man: Steve Sunk makes weapons using the same techniques as ancient bladesmiths. He can copy and make any design people bring him. What's unique about his blades is that he makes the steel himself; Damascus is his most popular. Like his knives, Steve has a tough exterior - but there is an underlying gracefulness in his creation of knives and the patterns they yield. Steve's passion for blade making provides stress relief from teaching as a Master Chef at Charles Darwin University. He lives just outside Darwin in the top end of Australia.

steve sunk - axe man from rob norton on Vimeo.

Long Live the Kings - Short film: Short documentary shot on super 16mm relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a motorcycle road trip.

LONG LIVE THE KINGS - Short film documentary - from SAGS on Vimeo.

Japan: A Skier's Journey EP1 S3: Follow skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots through Japan as they explore a world of contrasts. From Tokyo's city lights to Hokkaido's sacred hardwood forests, this episode explores spaces of simultaneous anonymity & intimacy, rigid tradition & an embrace for the future, finding epic powder each step along the way. Video: Jordan Manley.

Japan: A Skier's Journey EP1 S3 from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.

Getting flat out of the berm gap

Title Photo by: Virtu Media

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  • + 16
 Thank you day light savings for giving me an extra hour to sleep tomorrow morning as I have procrastinated going to sleep before midterms to enjoy some late night monday movie madness! And thank you pinkbike for constantly supplying me with banger edits every monday!!!
  • + 0
 Yeah! thank God, Buda, Jehova god almighty or whoever for MFYM. This just made my day. Especially 3 % 1/2 months in Whistler. I like it how regular non-pro shredders can provide some killer fotage for us. And I would be grateful for only one afternoon in Whistler not to mention the whole season.
  • + 1
 I was getting scared that there wouldn't be a whistler vid! Fewf!
  • + 3
 dont forget to thank satan as well Smile
  • + 13
 that steve sunk is incredible! amazing machinist!
  • + 4
 He makes one hell of a Zombie axe!
  • + 1
 could have burned all that oil outside.....
  • + 2
 Yeah, and I'm sure as hell glad he's living way up north! 'Dont go sticking it in someone's head' - Gold! Haha
  • + 6
 I think it's safe to say Bas van Steenbergen has all other riders beat when it comes to Movies For Your Monday thumbnail image coverage. Bas, I'm coming over next week with all your thumbnail images framed buddy! You earned it!
  • + 9
 Who doesn't like a little Steezburger to start their week?
  • + 6
 I've had enough of that Radioactive song...
  • + 3
 WHAT!? How can you not include Brendan Fairclough and a Mexican totally destroying Taxco 2 days ago?
  • + 2
 well that was a great video thanks for that.
  • + 2
 ^^^ watch that, it's awesome.
  • + 2
 fucking insane course !
  • + 2
 The front flip in red bull skylines is wack he holds it for so's around 3:30
  • + 2
 Lee Kirkman, what a boss.
  • + 1
 the best thing to have when stuck inside with a seperated shoulder!! thanks pinkbike
  • + 2
 There is allways 1 handed trail building haha ! I normally do some rake and ride style tracks when one side on me is ruined
  • + 1
 as everyone knows.. this is a mountainbike website, but that skyline vid... well, IT WAS CRAZY AS SH**!!
  • + 1
 Max Lange - 2012 Promo

I see Calgary in the background! Are these jumps still around/are they private???
  • + 1
 2650 $ for a 8 days bike trip to yukon is f###%ng expensive !!!
  • + 1
 Thanks for the post guys!
  • + 1
 It would of been cool if the axe man made bikes instead
  • + 1
 And my workplace filters half of them. LOL
  • + 1
 Lewis Seagram is going places
  • + 1
 The skiers journey carries on !!! This series never fails to amaze !
  • + 0
 we need mor AM riding and less dh
  • + 0
 can u stop making black & white videos f*ck it's 2012 now...

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