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Jul 9, 2012
by Scott Secco  
Paul and Dennis ride The Camp of Champions Compound: The Camp of Champions pushed out the walls again this summer and stepped up The Compound to be better than ever. Camp Of Champions coach, Paul Genovese, and guest rider Dennis Langenstam throw down in the Compound for you to check out the new layout. Film/Edit: Rupert Walker.
Views: 13,735    Faves: 330    Comments: 32

Supermarket Bike II - Miguel Freitas: Although Filipe Perestrelo has fallen and broken the frame in 3 parts, Miguel Freitas continues along the tracks of the Madeira Island to continue the project of his brother.
Views: 19,362    Faves: 127    Comments: 48

Amped - Chris Doney - Southern Comforts: This Is Amped. Going back to his roots and riding trials how it was originally intended, Chris Doney once again shows his ability to ride smooth, flowing trials on natural hazards is unmatched in his new edit, Southern Comforts. Stay tuned to Amped for more videos with Chris later in the year.
Views: 7,613    Faves: 117    Comments: 10

4:00 with Richard Delaunay: I first met Richard in 2008, thanks to our mutual friend Geoffrey Petitdemange (now sadly departed). Since then we have had the chance to shoot some great stuff together, but I had not returned to les Vosges, their homeland, for filming until now. These are truly magnificent landscapes, where nature penetrates and invades you! Thank you my friend. Produced by Motion HD Productions. For a story written in French and behind the scenes click here.
Views: 5,819    Faves: 96    Comments: 5

Norco Truax - Flow & Fairytrails: Der Flowinger auf seinen Hometrails im Berchtesgadener Land.
Views: 7,734    Faves: 166    Comments: 18

J.P. Maffret Early Season Edit Me riding the local park and the local dirt jumping spot in Sherwood Park (Alberta).
Views: 8,195    Faves: 119    Comments: 26

Remek Oleszkiewicz - Spring Time: Remek Oleszkiewicz and ASFstudio showing us a nice piece of nature in Bachledova in Slovakian Mountains. Remek is riding his Wish and talks a bit about himself and his mountain biking love. Music: Slow Machete - Santiago - Film by: ASF Studio.
Views: 7,507    Faves: 63    Comments: 4

Team Lapierre in MSA & Windham: Cam, Sam, Patrick, and Loic travel to Canada and the USA for the next 2 rounds of the UCI World Cup!
Views: 7,477    Faves: 130    Comments: 16

I Love You So - Boaap: Cyril, a Boaap Freeskier, take a journey with Laurent Solliet in a southern France Bike Park.
Views: 8,163    Faves: 49    Comments: 12

Roots Cycles Extreme Adventures Ep.1: The Roots Cycles squad head down to Cannock Chase for the day, this was the result! Robbie Giles Media.
Views: 6,797    Faves: 69    Comments: 12

A Week at Woodward West: Watch Jake Kinney, Benny Phillips, Jeff Herbertson, Shane Trento and many others ride Woodward West during Week 4! It was an amazing week and I hope to go back again soon! Filmed on a Canon 550D. Song is: Santigold - Disparate Youth.
Views: 5,120    Faves: 90    Comments: 7

RJ Productions | Nikolas Nestoroff in Laguna: Nikolas Nestoroff isn't your average 12 year old...
Views: 4,471    Faves: 42    Comments: 14

Havok Jam: Havok Jam 2012. Pro/Am contest and an official bronze level stop for the FMB world tour. 1st- Brett Rheeder, 2nd- Brayden Barrett-Hay 3rd- Matt Pollington. Song: Icarus - Madeon.
Views: 4,892    Faves: 86    Comments: 3

SR Suntour RUX test session with James Doerfling: James Doerfling testing the new SR Suntour RUX suspension fork in Kamloops/Canada.

SR Suntour RUX test session with James Doerfling from Whyex Productions on Vimeo.

Santa Cruz Syndicate Windham WC #5: Minaar, Peat, and Bryceland holding it down for The Syndicate.

Santa Cruz Syndicate Windham WC #5 from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.

Mt Sainte Anne WC.4 & Windham WC.5: Mt Sainte Anne WC 4 and Windham WC 5. Richie Rude lets it fly, placing him 20th in the overall standings.
Presented By: Yeti Cycles and Fox Racing. Riders: Jared Graves, Richie Rude, Elliot Jackson. Filmed By: John Reynolds.

Mt Sainte Anne WC.4 & Windham WC.5 from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.

Due ruote, una passione: Una moto, una bici, un bosco: una sfida. Se c'è la passione, bici e moto possono convivere. In questo video due campioni come Antoine Méo e Marco Aurelio Fontana lo dimostrano. Il video è prodotto da Si ringraziano Ktm, Marco Toniolo (camera e regia).

Stefan Brandow - The Warm Up Section: The ender in this is insane... I don't know how he didn't tear his ACL.

Stefan Brandow - The Warm Up Section from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Shredit: You probably saw Finn Finestone tearing it up with Ian Morrison, now here he is on a snowboard (he's 8!!). The future looks bright.

Shredit from Brian Finestone on Vimeo.

Happy 4th of July to all the Americans From Fogel Mikey and Justin... and a late Happy Canada Day from Howey

Title Photo by: Stewart Medford

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:


  • + 43
 why is there a roller skating video on pinkbike....
  • + 34
 I would say because it was good- but unfortunately it wasn't.
  • + 5
 Why o why? Racking my brain to draw a connection and find a reason for it's placement here, but alas, the answer escapes me!
  • + 6
 The roller blade guy should really be wearing a helmet
  • + 22
 its on here to affirm us of the fact that riding a bike is badass' and roller blading is gay.
  • + 5
 Agree 100% ^^^^^ Frickin' hate fruit booters, more then scooter kids...okay... it's a tie! Really hoping for a full bail edit...WOW...was I ever disappointed! Rarely do I post, but something had to be said.

If this situation should arise in the future, please, leave out the roller blading video. I won't hate you guys for there being one less "Movie-for-My(our)-Mondays". Besides, it makes baby Jesus cry.
  • - 1
 What about the snowboarding videos or the climbing videos or the ski videos or the skating videos?
  • - 1
 well... most part of this movies for your monday... it has good riding but the soundtracks make it so lame... roller blading never saw nothing like this its good... but i dont like roller blading
  • + 14
 Roller gaydes. Stop now please Mtb forum.
  • + 4

New Ken Block Gymkaha:
  • + 1
 you should be the editor! those videos are insane!
  • + 1
 well sorry to say it but i had already saw them :S but they are both freackin insane!!!
  • + 1
 dont neg prop this guy! those we crazzzzzy stuff Andreau was doing
  • + 1
 they both maked my day!!! thats why i subscribe on redbull youtube chanel Razz
and andrew lacondeguy... barelly i saw the launch ramp i was like... I DONT THINK ANDREW LACONDEGUY HAD TAKED HIS PILLS TOO!!!

how do they always got something more insane that we ever saw before???
  • + 4
 That Norco Truax - "Flow" feature is incredible. That guy has got it pinned the whole course, nice flow and loved those eye catching rooster tails he was throwin' up at about every turn.
  • + 2
 re:Supermarket bike least he has a full face helmet and not a KFC bucket on his head for when that pos snaps in 2...or 3.
  • + 2
 People trash other sports too much, no need to bitch about it like a little kid, just ride your bike and let them do their shit
  • + 1
 So in Canada, there is free healthcare from the government, but no free windshield replacement from auto insurance? Razz (in response to: SR Suntour RUX test session with James Doerfling)
  • + 1
 good point! LMFAO Razz
  • + 1
 Could any body else not allowed to watch the first three videos or is it just me because it said operation was not available.
  • + 2
 What's the worst thing about rollerblading? Telling your parents you're gay.
  • + 3
 I almost forgot just how gay roller blading is, thanks for reminding me PB
  • + 3
 Fruit booters :'(
  • + 2
 Due ruote, una passione...Mucho impresionate
  • + 2
 people still in-line skate?
  • + 11
 That's what I thought too, but then I realized that they've all probably been pretty busy lately, what with all the petitioning for same sex marriages and all.
  • - 1
 what's the hardest part about roller blading?

telling your parents you're gay.
  • + 1
 Lots of talking in these videos...
  • + 1
 haha that dude on the rollerblades lives a couple streets over from me
  • + 2
 finn has pure talent
  • + 1
 Now i am Stoked
  • + 0
 Scooters and in-line skates, 2 sports for benders....
  • - 1
 The US rider tried to whip down the canadian flag??
  • + 1
 No way, we love our bros to the north
  • - 3
 I'm gonna make a supermarket bike video too! and hopefully i'll get a bike Big Grin
  • - 1
 In denmark? Man nobody would believe you.

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