NW Cup Finals - This weekend!

Aug 4, 2011
by Casey & Scott  
This coming weekend (August 6-7th) we'll wrap up another awesome season of the NW Cup back at Dry Hill in Port Angeles. It's been great having Mt. Hood and Petr Kakes back in the series and we look to expand even more next year.

Looking through the overall standings shows a lot of tight battles that this race will surely decide. The seeded riders need to take their quali's as serious as they do their final run.

We really appreciate all the support from the riding community, from riders, to the companies that have stepped up and given back with prizes and raffle goodies. Thanks to Pinkbike for helping keep you all informed and entertained as well.

Speaking of which, this will be your last chance to enter to win that super sick Mission 4 generously donated by Diamondback Bicycles. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to continue supporting their mission.

Supporters of the NW Cup

Don't miss the last chance to shred Dry Hill for the year. It's got a view now!

Here are the pre-ride videos for your viewing pleasure. Thank you GoPro for the help with these and your support for the overall prizes. Very much appreciated all around.

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Title image by ggrubb.pinkbike.com

-NW Cup


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 Now THAT is a SWEET DH course, rough, smooth, technical, steep, jumps, berms, wet....I have been into this for a Looong time and that is one of the BEST non-WC courses I have ever seen ! I would love to rip that up !! Nice job !!
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 Finishing touches put on today, just a little taping left. Things are looking good and we even scored a water truck to try and keep things a little less dusty. Generously donated by the logging crew BTW. They have been very sensitive to our trails and accommodating the race. Super good food this weekend. Burritos, smoked BBQ stuff, killer ribs, and breakfast stuff. Thank you Pinkbike for getting this up on the site.
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 NW Cup back at Dry Hill in Port Angeles? Now which country is that in? Im guessing the USA as all the north american reporters have a habit of skipping the country of origin and using an abbreviated state code, i mean NW, seriously were is that! If i put OX or WG or NSW i bet you couldn't tell me what county in Europe or the rest of the world i live in so i would put more detail into the location. Rant over!

Just think of you international audience a little more!

Still course looks awesome fun and the tune is sic.
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 Port Angeles is in Washington state, USA
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 Good Point. I'll work on that. Blackalicious is the bomb!
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 Big ups to the ODS and those that have helped them make Dry Hill the shreddin' venue that it is!!!
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 btw - rad seeing Upper Pro on the Cat II track. Makes me almost want to sandbag 'cept I love me some Kind Diamond!!!
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 is there still practice on friday??
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 Sweet track.... All I kept thinking was.... how long is that blue ribbon down both sides of the course??? haha.
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 ok on the last video did you put backstreet boys song because date suck y juste wont to tel to you
  • 2 0
 Excuse me, that's Bobby Brown. Get it straight. He killed it in the 80's. -Casey Northern
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 so pissed i have to miss it, cat 2 course looks awesome
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  • 1 0
 Is this course open to the public?
  • 1 0
 Yes, but unless a local is up there, the gate is locked but it's an easy push.
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 Gunna be soo sick !! Big Grin
  • 1 0
 Soooo stoked!

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