Video: Nate Adams on the Niner WFO 9

Feb 4, 2014
by NinerBikes  
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Nate Adams rides the Niner WFO 9 in Southern Utah.

Huge thanks to - Over The Edge Sports, Hurricane - Quentin Morrisette Jordan Rarick - Bill and Shay Bergeron
Music: Drop Anchor “Pulverized”

Title image by Ian Hylands.

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 Seriously PB users, so many spray hate on a bike when over half of you have never ridden in Utah and less than half of you could ride at that level on ANY bike.
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flag Rider656 (Feb 5, 2014 at 17:23) (Below Threshold)
 Own a 29er and rode it. Just purchased a 26er trail bike, love it and will never go back to 29er unless I'm going on a 2 hour xc ride with men in tights riding cycle cross bikes.
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flag pieters (Feb 5, 2014 at 20:00) (Below Threshold)
 all im sayin is it looks the the bike failed the test. nate adams looks like hes working super hard to ride at the speed he is going. does niner really believe i will be convinced that their bike is capable of descending like a "true downhill bike"? utah ha been shredded harder on kona stinkys since 2003.
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flag zorba73 (Feb 5, 2014 at 20:30) (Below Threshold)
 Ha ha are people seriously still buying 29ers? I thought that fad had passed.
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 @insanemntbiker A pro bike can go pro on anything almost, but why amatours should make it harder buying the wrong size?
@zorba73 I think for cross country like purposes only.

So it is getting more and more clear now that 29ers for xc, 27,5 for trail, 26 for downhill. The more you roll the larger the wheel, the more you fly the smaller the wheel to choose.
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 @jedrzeja - does that mean I need 36inch wheels for road?
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 Try, or wait for few years and they will try to sell it to you. Don't ask me. I am just trying to find any sense in modern world.
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 I don't really give a crap about wheel size, I think you should ride what suits you. But I think that only exemplified why 29er's aren't ideal for FR or DH. 29er's have a place in XC or trail riding and can offer some advantages, but they have too many constraints to meet gravity oriented needs.
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 Why? It looked like he was having fun to me... that's all that matters right?
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 Looked like he was shredding it pretty hard to me. As far as 29ers go that bike is the best looking frame design I've seen.
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 Shredding hard... check. Not especially fluid... check.
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 I want to see a PB video with black censored squares over the wheels.
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 Cool video, but that just looked really awkward to ride... I think I'll stick with a 26".
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 That's what I thought too. It doesn't look natural at all you have to wrestle with that Goliath.
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 Same thought here.. It just doesn't look right
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 What are you talking about?! That was a sick video, he hauled ass down all that
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 He definately had some nice lines, when you see someone riding more aggressively like that it puts the 29er in a different light. It didn't look too awkward, but videos with 29ers do look more natural with taller riders.
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 Ya I wonder how talk he is. Im 6'5" and have a long travel 29er but definitely can't shred like that
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flag gmcgurk (Feb 5, 2014 at 20:50) (Below Threshold)
 @jimmy0 that's because you suck
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 @gmcgurk: wow dude sorry. I'm kinda new to mountain biking and still learning and trying to gain some confidence, i guess ill stay away from pinkbike then
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 Go for a 29" if you're six and a half Jimmy...if you get a Niner, you'll be set.!
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 @Jimmy0 I'm 5'8' and I ride a medium, Stumpy Comp 29er. I feel completely comfortable on it. I started on a rigid 26er and just decided to give 29er a try. In my two years of riding I've had two 29ers, one for XC and the Stumpy for trail riding. I just think it's preference and what you feel comfortable with. Riding whatever size wheel you want and having some fun while you're doing it will boost your confidence in no time!
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 @gmcgurk people like you are the reason why people find mountain biking hard to get into.
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 Thanks for the support guys! I'll see you at the podium gmcgurk
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 @jimmy0 Unfortunately I don't race xc like you sir. I have 650b so I'm pretty limited to enduro-ing with my my enduro specific friends.
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 What's enduro? Is that like a rash or something?
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 I thought enduro was a type of motorcycle...
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 How many of you bashing 29-ers have actually spent a decent amount of time on a modern " long travel" 29-er rig? My guess is almost none of you.
I have a 26-er and a 29-er and all I can say is that the 26-er is gathering dust. Sure it corners a tiny bit better and it's a bit more playful but when it comes right down to it a 29-er is just faster ( a f*ckload faster!) me faster is funner. I'd almost put money on the guy on the 29-er down that trail for sheer top to bottom speed compared to the guy in the other vid on the 26.
Big wheels are the future. Deal with it and make friends with them. I can't wait for DH to go 27.5!
Since when did wheel size dictate how you protect your noggin? That is the most moronic, fashion victim statement I've ever read on PB!
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 Love watching Nate Adams ride! Fast as hell and tons of style! Good job guys!
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 Pretty sure it's the same trail as this vid last week

Interesting to see both. Big difference in riding style, but is that rider or wheel size?
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 I think the trolls would tell you it's the hoops.
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 Yeah Nate Adams was supper pinned and the other dude was on a cruz.
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 I think it would be cool to start seeing videos with all 3 wheel sizes in them following each other. Might cool down some of the wheel size hating. ..
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 All 3 sizes on one bike would be the way to go...
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 @Protour actually that would be really interesting to watch. It'd be cool to see how the line choices and styles change as the wheels get bigger. Obviously there are more variables than that, but from my own experience I think the difference would be noticeable. In my experience (xc/trail) the 29ers are more about point-and-shoot straight line choices and 26ers are about jerking and weaving through stuff; which might also be why people here are saying the 29er looks "weird" here. I'd love to see a video like you're talking about.
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 @ Worm-Burner, totally agree. You could do it on a transition covert since it offers all 3 (and close geo) with the same rider. Would be great to see how it changes line choice and speed.
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 I definitely think that it depends on the rider. I worked with Logan at a bike shop and he is really into his 26. @dirtslayer157 he is riding the Giant Faith in this video, not a cruz.
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 I think this is a great video and I never get sick of Utah, except mabye when I'm stuck in PA under 2 inches of pure ice- then I just get jealous. It's really nice to see Ian's use of the video mode on his big cameras! Wink Nate rode that bike well and I know it's not a DH bike, but it demonstrated some nice versatility. Sometimes I get sick of shuttles and a 29er does cruise up the hill better than my 26ers. They really are a nice addition to a quiver of mountain bikes if you have diverse riding tastes.
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 @Spinteck thanks! And I think your point that it's not a DH bike is something most people missed. The WFO isn't a DH bike and isn't intended to be one. It's an AM bike, something that you pedal up and ride down...
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 Screw all you guys. 29ers are sick, I love mine, and will be racing dh on it instead of my downhill bike all year
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 Every time I see a Niner I can't help to think of a quote from a certain MTB Mag. The RIP 9 goes through tight sections of trial with the grace of a Tractor trailer going through a McDonalds drive through
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 I can tell you from a good amount of time on the RIP that it SLAYS tight corners and does not go any slower than a 26 through them. I was totally blown away to have it's geo feeling good when I thought it would suck. In fact, the 125mm bike handled awesome where I was running 150mm 26" bike.
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 Well honestly I think it was a pretty cool video, but I am just not a 29er kind of guy. I can see the 29er being more comfortable with someone tall on this kind of terrain but I still think 26 rules as far as DH and freeride go.
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 Great video, always loved this bike! wish I had the coin, or just the skills to land a sponsorship with these guys! good job niner!
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 "The first bike I've ridden that really bridges the gap between a trail bike and a true downhill bike." I guess you've never ridden... I dunno, any long travel trail bike.
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 Same old mountain bikers against roadies. Now the arseholes are trying to create a mountain bike devide in this community based on wheelsize. If you want huge air get a motocrosser, if you want a little air get a 26er, downhill rig, if you want Enduro with a hard mix of up's and downs, even European or world travel 26 or 27.5 will be ideal. If you want an all day comfortable ride, long distance, marathon/race, long fire roads with ups and downs, less jumps, just a fast run from A-B, you need a 29er. It ain't rocket science? I'm 46, been around from the start, rode everything from Brooklyn Racelinks down to budget bikes. I'm a large bloke and at the moment ride a Turner Sultan 29er...she can do everything and anything I need? She is a superb ride here in Wales UK, there is no mountain or trail this bike cannot run stop the winging, and just get a bike you are happy with, and stop disrespecting the rest of the biking community, we are all supposed to be one family, ship up, or ship out if you ain't happy !!
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 What 29er wheel and tire is Nate running? Something burly for those trails?
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 not one railed corner in that whole vid. also he looked sketchy on the jumps.
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 Why do all of Niner's bikes have '9' or in the name? Doesn't the name - and ethos (if I'm recalling some rather lop-sided cross-talk style PB articles on wheelsize) - of the company make the extra 9s redundant?
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 A lot of wobble on that front wheel. Wheel wobble not for me. My 29er is very unstable at speed. It's for sale now that i have 650b trek slash 8. Slash 8 very stable, very fun. Probably more stable than 26er with 20mm axle and 40mm stanchions. #trollforlife
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 why don't we just make 2 more wheel sizes that will solve all arguing:
I hear it will make a huge difference in my skill level and will double how fast I go up and down the mountain.
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 Rebound dampening was his friend!
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 Hey, it's everybody's friend, unless you're a pogo stick rider...
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 i love that warbird tattoo!
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 Awkward looking indeed - great bike and riding but just didn't look right. Maybe I just need more time gazing at large wheeled mountain bikes....
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 Wiked riding skills. The bike looked a tad over whelmed.
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 Give him a 26" DH Rig and watch piece of art unfold
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 Is this really Nate Adams? (FMX Nate Adams)
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 I was about 80% sure it was gonna be FMX Nate Adams when I clicked the vid............I was obviously wrong
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 Ohh I was wondering the same thing? Glad I'm not the only one!!!!!
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 Just pick a wheel size (be a dick about it), and ride it. If you don't have fun on the bike, it's probably your own fault.
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 Niners can Jump?
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 Cool... 29 can handle gnarly terrain...... at a lower rate of speed than 26 or 27.5...
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 Bogus - bike just looks goofy! Nice piece of riding tho...considering !
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 It looks like the bike is wrestling him, he is winning the match but it is still a fight (P.S. I have nothing against 29ers, I'm actually for them)
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 Looks fun! But god so awkward looking on a 29er. Yuk
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 I hate niners but Nate sure can rip it up !!!! I do not think a rider with slightly less talent will be as succesful...
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 Awesome! I love the WTF9 and the GTFO9!
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 2:11 looks like the limit of the bike to me...
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 29 is fucking ugly, seems like a kid with big bike
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