Norco's Truax, Sight and Revolver - Interbike 2011

Sep 22, 2011
by Richard Cunningham  
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We had an opportunity to interview Norco's Dustan Sept at Interbike about his brand's involvement in the freeride movement from the early short-stem, wide-bar hardtails through the mega-travel years and up to present. Dustan, unrehearsed, takes Pinkbike step-by-step through the technology that evolved along with the riding styles that brought the sport and the bicycles that it spawned to the present moment.

Dustan Sept on the evolution of freeriding and the Norco Truax

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Norco Truax specs can be viewed entirely here on Pinkbike or on Norco's supercharged website.

Norco Sight walk-Around

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Sight LE
Norco SIght specs can be viewed entirely here on Pinkbike or on Norco's informative website.

Norco's Revolver All-Mountain 29er

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Norco Revolver specs can be viewed entirely here on Pinkbike or on Norco's multifaceted website.

Visit Norco and view all of its extensive 2012 range and don't pass by the Aurum DH racer, which is one of the most promising gravity rigs coming out this season.



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 Been lucky enough to work on the Aurum, Sight 1 and 2, and the Shinobi 1 and 2 29ers, they are seriously nice! Props to Norco for re-designing the whole fleet from the ground up, they've done a top job for 2012! Keep up the good work guys.
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 They developed their own suspension A.R.T. for this year
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 @mnorris122 They were actually offered FSR first, by the same guy that spec bought it from(some german dude). They turned it down then later accepted it; it was never spec's idea in the first place. However, both companies realized how well it works, and yes, they both use FSR, because it works. And they certainly HAVE redesigned the entire fleet in the past two years WITHOUT any help from specialized, so props Norco! Can't wait to throw a leg over that Truax personally Smile
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 @mnorris - stole is incorrect, as they license the FSR system from Specialized and then they have now made changes to the axle position to best suite their own needs for various designs.
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 I just picked up a Truax a month and a bit ago and it is unlike any other FSR bike I've ridden. There were some other rad things they did as well that I was impressed with. Completely re designed is definitely right.
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flag genericmk (Sep 22, 2011 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 I dig the inspiration drawn from the Trek bikes.
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By god. the bikes you could get for basically 7000$ with taxes.
single crown too.
norco has offically gone overboard.
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 Norco used FSR before Specialized. Common known fact.
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 @ six-or-shore
Actually they licenses fsr from specialized, hence they paid roalties to spec and it was agreement that spec had to be credited on every one of theor frames using fsr which they cleverly hid under their chainstay protectors.

The inventor you're referring to is Horste Leitner, hence the fsr is also knpwn as Horste-link.
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 @ universe

1995 spec fsr:

Lets see a 1994 or earlier norco with fsr...?
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 try wikipedia.. haven't found a decent picture yet but the 1994 fts is the one you're looking for.
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 why are we all arguing over who used fsr first?
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 Oh well, even if they did use it one year before spec, spec. is still the ones who bought it and OWN it, and AMP research(owned by Horste Leitner himself) was ones to create it and the first to use it!
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 The four bar linkage or Horst link actually comes from f1 racing, I had a b3 not the mongoose version that lopes used for dh, but the amp version, and there is a amp b4 in life cycles, in a shed covered in dust and cob webs, so sad
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 as far as i know, the Specialized patent on FSR only applies to bikes sold in the USA.....and norco is canadian, so they make whatever design the want, and the few bikes that they import to the us, they have to pay for the licensing only for those few bikes.....i'd venture to say that norco only does 30% of their total sales at the most in the US....

but that does piss me off...b/c that means you guys in canada get better deals on the norco, b/c they dont have to pay license fees, so they can charge less, AND, good luck finding norco's anywhere this far south (florida)...makes me mad, b/c they're sick bikes...
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 all the ones we sell up here have a little FSR sticker on them; i think we pay the same licensing fees you do. and to be honest, last year's norcos were so dirt cheap, and this year they're just more in line with the rest of the market.
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 Patent fees are not paid in a Canada and they are a very tiny fraction of the cost of the complete bike.
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 Canadian and USA patents are the same. Both countries honor each others patents. Same as USA honors patents throughout the world. China, Russian Federation etc do NOT honor the majority of US patents etc. There is no such thing as a world patent. It's about countries honoring and respecting patents. This is when the political side of things come to play.

And Nate, the only reason why the guys in Canada get "better deals" is Canadian money is worth more now. Before when the dollar was well ahead it was just the opposite. If you think Canadians get discounts from companies in Canada because they live in Canada you have a whole lot to learn. For a 28 year old, you really lack a sense in over all financial ordeals. Maybe you were too busy riding your bike than studying in college??? This is basic financial 101.

They still would have to pay license fees making stuff and selling stuff in Canada, because Canada and the US have a trade agreement. If you can't understand this concept, I feel bad for you.
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 I've been riding a Truax all summer. Amazing all-around bike for those who like to enjoy the downs, but what is truly surprising is how well it climbs and handles tight singletrack. Definitely doesn't feel like a 35lb+ bike. Norco nailed this one.
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 thats sweet man, I have been looking for a bike that I can ride whistler and some local trails at the same time. I think The truax seems like my ticket
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 new bikes look sick. beautiful tubes throughout the frames. i think norco is ready to shed the budget label.
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 Hello Dustan Sept or Richard Cunningham, Please explain for us the difference between clevis joints and "clevis-less" joints (sic). I thought and believe that the seat stays and chain stays on the Truax are clevis joints, contrary to what is explained in the video presentation. Please refer to location 4:31 minutes in the first (Truax) video. Thanks for you prompt reply.

Ride loose,
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Clevi less pivot point; The tube is machined / modifided to the shape required to include the pivot point. zoom out the chainstay /seatsaty pivot you will see how there is no added welded pieces there.

It does make the bike lighter by not adding extra machined bits and welding.
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 Dear pushy asshole, In regards to your previous question... haha
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 Here is a reply for Richard C. ...RichardCunningham Noteboard
11 hours ago
"The Truax has a true clevis pivot on the top of the seat stays. You are correct. Dustan was incorrectly explaining the fact that the tube maker formed the ends of the tube to be so thick that they could be formed and then machined into clevis pivots and thereby eliminating a heavier, more expensive welded piece."
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 Just as a little detail followup, I own a 2010 Specialized SX Trail 2 frame. Prior to my purchase, during my research I read Specialized started fabricating clevis joints on their 2009 line up through to current models. Anyway, when I heard Dustan Sept, in the video, saying "clevis-less" I did not know what to think about the whole deal. Humm??? So, I did a little digging around on the net and found seemingly confirmation to my question. Lastly, Thanks to Richard Cunningham we have liftoff. Thanks Richard!
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 Great bikes, looks like Trek, but it's completely different system! Trek is on podium because Gwin is riding it, not because it is best bike out there (what about Santa Cruz, Specialized, Commencal, Giant etc.).
All in all Norco is finally making a great looking and great "working" bikes, but also very expensive for 2012.
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 This bendy tubes bandwagon is outta control!!
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 Whats the deal with brands routing cables on the bottom side of the downtubes. Cables get all tore up when shuttling bikes over the tailgate, even with a pad..
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 Well like someone said, Norco has stepped up in the Mtn bike movement. Norco's products are right there with other top companies. The bikes $6500+ plus leave me thinking wow, I think there needs to be a air version of the Truax with 2 rings,maybe next year.
Again, very impressed with Norco's warranty Dept, they stepped up repaired my bike which keeps me thinking about a new Norco. Truax/Range?
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 Truax rides really lively. I took a run on it at Mammoth and it was snappy and responsive. Pedaled really well. This was with the coil shock.
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 I rode a Truax last week, LOVED it!
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 Truax:Haha..I really like he's talking about new technology, new material.I believe that carbon fibre can be different but aluminium?It is still the same, I think.Maybe it's lighter and stiffer but I'am asking for how long.After two years of riding you can throw it out.
Am I too pessimistic?

BTW, It doesn't look bad.Smile
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 All and All said, the Truax in my opinion is an awesome looking rig, i would love to have a good ride on one up hill and Down, Great job Norco!!
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 Truax looks awesome! As well as the Aurum. Really wanted to ride both at the Interbike Dirt Demo!!! Why no show Norco?!?
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 I'll never be a friend of 29" Mountainbikes! sorry manufacturer
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 I don't know..... looks like a mint town bike if you had the money to waste
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 hahaha what does "munt"mean?
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 Truax having shock turn upside down, bit weird. anyone can explain why?
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 It is upside down because of the (favorable) sprung weight factor.
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 As said, this position is the RIGHT position.
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 Yes, this position will allow the rear wheel to react to bumps better resulting in less flats etc.
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 those frame designs remind me a lot of giant......
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