Online Deals - February 2013

Feb 9, 2013 at 0:10
Feb 9, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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Chain Reaction Cycle Deals:

SRAM XX Carbon Mag Disc Brake
Original Price: USA$404.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$196.81 Save 51%
Click here for information.

Formula The One10 Disc Brake - Ltd Edition
Original Price: USA$451.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$201.92 Save 55%
Click here for information.

Maxxis Minion DHR Rear Tyre - Dual Ply
Original Price: USA$77.74
Chain Reaction Price USA$43.72 Save 44%
Click here for information.

Intense Tyre Systems AM Edge Folding MTB Tyre - Sticky Rubber
Original Price: USA$53.44
Chain Reaction Price USA$24.04 Save 55%
Click here for information.

Crank Brothers Cobalt Classic Wheelset 2012
Original Price: USA$1,133.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$459.25 Save 60% *On select models
Click here for information.

Crank Brothers Iodine 11 Saddle 2012
Original Price: USA$210.58
Chain Reaction Price USA$116.63 Save 45%
Click here for information.

Rock Shox Domain RC Dual Crown Coil Forks 2013
Original Price: USA$890.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$641.51 Save 28%
Click here for information.

Commencal Meta SL VIP Frame Summer 2012
Original Price: USA$2,672.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$1,837.06 Save 31%
Click here for information.

Calgary Cycle Online Deals:

Easton Haven Carbon 26" Disc Wheelset
MSRP: CAD$2559.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$1499.99 Save 41%
Click here for information.

Mavic Crossmax SLR 29 Disc Wheelset
MSRP: CAD$1439.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$1099.99 Save 24%
Click here for information.

NRG Taster's Choice Flat Pedals
MSRP: CAD$89.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$69.99 Save 22%
Click here for information.

Dunbar Cycles Deals:

Truvativ Boobar Black 780mm
Original Price: CAN$82.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$29.95
Click here for information.

Truvativ Descendant Cranks
Original Price: CAN$274.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$129.95 (While Supplies Last)
Click here for information.

X9 Type 2 Short Cage Derailleur
Original Price: CAN$149.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$79.95 (While Supplies Last)
Click here for information.

2013/2013 Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup
Original Price: CAN$2349.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$1399.95
Click here for information.

Jenson USA Deals:

Easton Haven Carbon 26" UST Wheel
MSRP: USA $1,175.00
Jenson Price: USA $940.00
Click here for information.

Mavic Alpine XL Shoes 2012
MSRP: USA $130.00
Jenson Price: USA $69.99
Click here for information.

Fox Combine Short 2012
MSRP: USA$89.95
Jenson Price: USA$53.95
Click here for information.

Freehub Magazine Deals:

Freehub is offering Pinkbike users a 40% discount off our 1 year subscription package. The 1 year subscription to Freehub Magazine gets you 4 issues of the community driven mountain bike journal shipped directly to your door!
Freehub Magazine Subscription (4 issues)
Regular Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $21.95 SAVE 40%
Click here for information.

Check out a few great deals from Pinkbike

Mind Spark Splatter T
Pinkbike Price: $24.99
Click here for information.

Where the Trail Ends Combo Pack
Pinkbike Price: $29.99
Click here for information.

There are your sale items for the month, stay tuned for next month's deals!

NOTE: This is a sponsored news piece for Pinkbike advertisers.
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  • + 51
 $30 for boo bars. is it just me or has anyone else wanted to put wide bars on something random like resistace training bike, lawnmower or something along those lines?
  • - 32
flag mfbeast12 (Feb 9, 2013 at 13:31) (Below Threshold)
 Not just you..... has anyone else dreamed about sending a remote controlled lawnmower off the canyon gap at Rampage?
  • + 13
 as far as putting wide bars on something...really wanted to put some 780mm and moto brush gaurds on my road style commuter bike and take it down the sidewalks
  • + 30
 Haha...I have a set of BooBars on my single speed commuter bike with a 75mm mountain stem...scares the bejesus out of the hipsters.
  • + 18
 The bar is so wide, it doesn't fit on my iPod screen.
  • - 16
flag mfbeast12 (Feb 10, 2013 at 17:35) (Below Threshold)
 why the neg props?
  • + 19
 I seriously do not care how many negative props i get.... but why is pinkbike presenting us with online deals instead of supporting you LBS. A true sense of "yeh buy from from your lbs.... pause not" As a way to balance out the two why can't they have deals from shops (maybe might be to hard) but just a thought. I support my local and will continue to do so - half the time i get prices that are only fractionally above online stores and I'm happy to pay that extra bit. Bring the onslaught of negative props.
  • + 3
 because both Dunbar and Calgary Cycles have a local store, does that make them local or not?
  • + 7
 They are presenting these deals because these companies are paying for a "sponsored news piece". They are trying to make it look like an article instead of just an ad
  • + 3
 crc has an actual shop aswell
  • + 2
 Seeing as I live in Northern Ireland crc is my local bike store.
  • + 0
 I think at this point in our technological world, we have to understand the internet gives us more options of products and more opportunities to find lower prices than our lbs. I think if you can find better stuff at better prices go for it. Lbs will have to come up with new ways to bring in customers if they are losing hella sales. I went to my lbs and asked for a thru axle adaptor for my roof rack. They didnt have one, so I went online and got a sick one that is lockable for about 60 bucks. Its too much of a hassle to tell your lbs to order specific products you want just so you can buy from them. I feel we need lbs to keep our wheels spinning but find the cheapest price for best product in my opinion. even if thats online.
  • + 1
 Wow, a whole day before a rant like this appeared. Standards are slipping Big Grin CRC did in fact start as a 'normal' bike shop but they just happened to have a business plan that didn't suck, and they didn't follow the herd. Like them or hate them, but you can't really argue with how they got to where they are today:
  • + 6
 I broke my rear derailleur mid-day up at Sun Peaks and bought an x9 from the shop on the hill. Seeing that price and knowing what I paid so i could get the rest of the day in. I wonder, was it worth it? Absolutely! Smile
  • + 4
 My lbs's are ducking horrendous, the prices are shocking and the idiots in there are even worse thank God for these online stores
  • + 3
 I used to buy EVERYTHING from my LBS because all i was after was a mechanics job, but after changing their staff i realised it was all a waste of money. I agree on the "thank god for online stores!"
  • + 1
 Ive only ever had problems with bike shops and never once had a problem with CRC and who wouldnt want to save money by shopping online...
  • + 1
 bought some of those intense tires a while back, haven't ridden them yet (they're going on a new wheelset I'm building) But they look like they'll do a good job, and the pricing is hard to argue with, since you can find them for about that price most of the time. PB needs to review them, what with them revamping their whole line from the ground up. No 8lb tires anymore, that's for sure.
  • + 2
 My local shops suck...columbus ga.. ive had to ask 3 different people at once for a sram x7 shifter and they couldn't even tell me if they carried it..
  • + 2
 Minions...had to buy them Too good to pass up Thinkin about that type 2 as well, sure why not
  • + 2
 JensonUSA Max Alpine shoes also look a lot like a rear wheel. lol
  • + 1
 rode a pair of those NRG pedals for a week in whistler. Literally some of the best feeling pedals Ive ever put my feet on.
  • + 2
 Why are all the CRC prices presented in USD?

Is this site not in Canada?
  • + 5
 N.Ireland, UK
  • + 2
 he's talking about pinkbike. pb is in bc, chilliwack
  • - 6
flag dchill (Feb 10, 2013 at 12:17) (Below Threshold)
 because America rules!
  • - 1
 Murrrica! Derrrrp!!
  • + 1
 I agree dchill
  • - 2
 Support your LBS!
  • + 26
 Save The Whales!
  • + 6
 Ya of they had decent deals..
  • + 4
 And if Dunbar is your lbs?
  • - 3
 I live in van. Visited Dunbar once, thought they seemed like a bunch of douches
  • + 8
 Yeah, i know they can't all be good ones, just support one in your area if they actually make an effort to offer competitive prices and reliable labor. If not then click away, no point in supporting a shop that isn't trying to stay relevant.
  • - 2
 Eh I found em helpful and they have a shit load of dh gear but different bikes is closer and they'll order in anything you want no problems
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