Online Deals - March 2013

Mar 13, 2013 at 0:01
Mar 13, 2013
by Scott Secco  
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Chain Reaction Cycle Deals:

Answer Pro Taper 780 DH Riser Bar 2012
Original Price: USA$99.43
Chain Reaction Price USA$39.92 Save 60%
Click here for information.

Answer Rove Dirt Jump Stem 2013
Original Price: USA$99.43
Chain Reaction Price USA$55.75 Save 44%
Click here for information.

DMR Vault Flat Pedals
Original Price: USA$152.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$110.15 Save 28%
Click here for information.

Royal Signature Gloves 2012
Original Price: USA$41.29
Chain Reaction Price USA$14.87 Save 64%
Click here for information.

Easton Haven MTB Wheelset
Original Price: USA$1,116.88
Chain Reaction Price USA$502.59 Save 55%
Click here for information.

Intense Tyre Systems FR 909 Folding MTB Tyre - Sticky Rubber
Original Price: USA$56.58
Chain Reaction Price USA$25.47 Save 55%
Click here for information.

Urge Down-O-Matic Monaco Helmet 2012
Original Price: USA$214.18
Chain Reaction Price USA$138.78 Save 35%
Click here for information.

661 Evo Carbon Camber 2013 (*slight cosmetic paint damage)
Original Price: USA$336.58
Chain Reaction Price USA$198.27 Save 41%
Click here for information.

Calgary Cycle Online Deals:

Shimano Saint M820 Mini Gruppo
MSRP: CAD$999.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$849.99 Save 15%
Click here for information.

Truvativ X0 DH GXP Crankset
MSRP: CAD$599.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$349.99 Save 42%
Click here for information.

SixSixOne EVO Pressure Suit
MSRP: CAD$339.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$189.99 Save 44%
Click here for information.

Dunbar Cycles Deals:

Race Face Atlas FR Crankset W/BB
Original Price: CAN$369.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$167.43
Click here for information.

Specialized Butcher DH - 2.3
Original Price: CAN$85.96
Dunbar Price: CAN$64.95
Click here for information.

2011 Race Face d30 Flank Armour
Original Price: CAN$148.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$63.41
Click here for information.

EVO Hurricane Floor Pump with Gauge
Original Price: CAN$39.95
Dunbar Price: CAN$25.95
Click here for information.

Jenson USA Deals:

Troy Lee Designs Moto Short 2012
MSRP: USA $94.00
Jenson Price: USA $55.99
Click here for information.

Intense Tracer 29 Frame
MSRP: USA $2,339.99
Jenson Price: USA $1,559.99
Click here for information.

Giro Remedy Carbon Fiber Helmet
MSRP: USA$275.00
Jenson Price: USA$179.99
Click here for information.

Freehub Magazine Deals:

Freehub is offering Pinkbike users a 40% discount off our 1 year subscription package. The 1 year subscription to Freehub Magazine gets you 4 issues of the community driven mountain bike journal shipped directly to your door!
Freehub Magazine Subscription (4 issues)
Regular Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $21.95 SAVE 40%
Click here for information.

Check out a few great deals from Pinkbike

DVD - Shaun Palmer The Miserable Champion
Pinkbike Price: $24.95
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Pinkbike Plus and 2013 Pinkbike Roadtrip Card
Pinkbike Price: $29.99
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There are your sale items for the month, stay tuned for next month's deals!

NOTE: This is a sponsored news piece for Pinkbike advertisers.
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  • + 83
 More stuff. More stuff. More stuff. I need to dump my girlfriend. Sell my house. Forget my life. Buy more stuff. Ride everyday. SHRED!
  • + 5
 I concur!
  • + 11
 silly tworldsmine our bikes ARE our girlfriends.
  • + 10
 My girlfriend is quite concerned about the relationship I have with my bike(s)
  • + 1
 Got some polygamy going on here
  • + 64
 Kicked my gf out tried telling me i hadto sell my bike and grow up .... Acheivement unlocked single shredder forever lol
  • + 32
 I just convinced my girlfriend to buy a new full suspension bike. We got a great deal on a Specialized Safire Expert. Now she's shredding too and eating rock gardens for breakfast. Smile She's a keeper.
  • + 12
 wanta know what else shes eating for breakfast? Wink
  • - 16
flag bensmercer (Mar 13, 2013 at 11:47) (Below Threshold)
 You eat shit for breakfast?
  • + 9
  • + 8
 yea your ruined it dude. I get that you're trying to reference happy gilmore but somebody has to say they eat peices of shit like you for breakfest. But nobody said so you just look dumb now.
  • + 1
 Nobody even metioned shit at all
  • + 7
 sorry i let the team down guys
  • + 15
 What i want is never discounted!
  • + 6
 Me too, I never see Carbon Demos for half off
  • + 1
 I got an Ibis Mojo SL special blend for £1911 the other month so that was a good deal, when you take into account the price of a frame. Granted, Ive swapped out all but the cranks, but selling the bits off it to go towards other better bits was a great help. There was never any need to change any thing actually but thats how I roll. My names Peter and I swap out bike parts when theres simply no need.
  • + 1
 Go to your local bike shop (if it's independent) and haggle, as long as they're still making making some profit on something they'll probably be happy to make a sale rather than having you go on-line. That's how it is where I work anyway.
  • + 1
 I brought this point up in another reply I did. What I would be prepared to do is go to my LBS and see if they can match the price of something I can get on line, if they can then happy days id purchase it from them.
  • + 9
 You guys are dumb as a bunch of rocks for kicking out your GF. I kept mine and stuck her on a street corner (9pm - 3am, cant keep her out too late shes got to get up at 5.30 for her shift in the poultry factory) and now I can afford all the cool bike shit I want. Yes she moans now and again but I remind her how much enjoyment all the stuff im buying gives me and then she quiets down and gets herself ready for her shift. Its ironic shes become an actual bike so I can buy stuff for my bike. Its a win win situation any way you look at it though.......for me any way.
  • + 3
 I was like .... But you killed it in the end. Funny fucker you are
  • + 5
 I think online stores are great for us riders who aren't millionaires and/or those like me who enjoy the bliss of PayPal and CRC so I can order shiny bits while sat on the toilet. However online stores will never be able to replace bike shops for their services like repairs etc which a lot of people don't have the knowledge of. I reckon bike shops would do better if they didn't panic about not selling as much as they used to, but getting more involved with their local biking community with helping out at dig days/races etc. I'd be more inclined to help out a local bike shop if they helped out with other stuff too
  • + 3
 It really sucks every month Pinkbike puts up this giant ad that basically slowly helps put local shops out of business. I own a local shop and we buy our products for almost twice what the big online stores do. They are buying at OEM prices and selling to customers what we have to pay for the same products. I realize that these giant online stores do a ton of advertising with you guys but why not have a local shop of the month feature to show you support both sides and not just the ones that pad your pockets. Ill tell you what, I will give every pinkbike user 20% off of everything I sell parts and accessories wise. Everything, not just lasts years stuff that they trying to dump. Put your money into a local shop that is supporting local employees and their families instead of lining some investors pockets. Go talk to your local shop and give them a try. I have mixed emotions about CRC since they support WC racing but all the other shops that are online only can kiss my A$$
  • + 1
 I feel for you bud. I support my LBS but there are times when these massive on line stores have deals too good to pass up. If it were an option I would give my local bike shop the chance to match the price I can get something for online (and so get my business) but the reality is they probably could not as they dont have the buying power of the huge on line stores which is a shame cause you cant beat the feeling of going and physically buying something from a shop. And I agree, maybe Pinkbike could do regular features on the best LBS in different places.
  • + 1
 Two of the four featured stores are brick and mortar shops. Every business model is doomed to fail if it refuses to evolve. Online stores will never replace LBSs. They will, however, put some out of business. The ones that don't offer anything more. If you can't compete with lower prices then you have to compete with service. Or niche products. ITunes pretty much put cd stores out of business. Well, not all of them. Just the ones that weren't willing to change. Online stores are not going away, and I, for one, am happy about that. I also support my LBS. Both can coexist as long as they are willing to evolve.
  • + 1
 Very true, I agree with everything that you have said. I didnt know about the 2 businesses actually being bike shops as I just looked at the pictures and didnt actually read any thing but the comments. To compete the service should go above and beyond, because good service costs the bike shops nothing does it. And further, will ensure the customer goes away feeling like a million dollars and more likely to return. But saying that, in my experience some LBS only seem to make a fuss if you are spending big bucks. Some people I have encountered are just complete wankers and look down at you from the time you walk through the door. And like you said evolving is key.
  • + 3
 Many local bike shops have to order the product in because they can't afford to stock a lot of high end items and also many LB shops will match prices if you bring in an add
  • + 2
 I'm my relationship what I say goes Smile so0 I can buy what I want.. Although try tellin my bf when guys text to go out it is exactly just that ...
Get a bike or go home!!
  • + 3
 You should get him a bike Nd next time he questions you put the bike in front of him and simply say "keep up if you can" lmao
  • + 1
 Support shops that support the scene. I.e dig and maintain tracks, have a team and organise races. If I was to buy a DH bike in the UK I'd go to Pearce Cycles in Ludlow.
  • + 1
 How does crc make any money with such low prices and free shipping on items over 100$?
  • + 2
 Lots of stock and clients. Sell massive amounts of product with minimal profit on each item. But hey it starts to add up!
  • - 9
flag badburke (Mar 13, 2013 at 8:42) (Below Threshold)
seriously why should i have to spend five grand just for local shop to maybe give me 10% of of product later on! and when they dont have the part they say they will order it for me and charge me msrp and shipping. Oh man you should support your local bike shop!!!!!Why because they do so much for me?
  • + 2
 And not pay tax.
  • + 1
 @badburke Next time ask them if they price match, because usually a lot of shops will or they will get the price pretty close to the only price. If they don't then find another shop to go to
  • + 1
 They also got in quite a lot of trouble from Shimano a little while back, because they were bulk buying components under the pretense that they were building their Vitus bikes with them. While this was true to a point, Shimano found out that they were also selling them to customers. Shimano flipped (they were doing them at massive discounted prices because they were buying so many and they were MEANT to going on bikes) and they nearly lost their contract with them. Same reason why Cube aren't being sold on CRC. Don't believe me? if you've ever ordered off CRC and the part/whatever you've ordered came in just a plastic bag or something like it (i.e. no official packaging) it's an OEM part designed to be put straight on a bike and not sold to you. So that's how they can sell Easton Haven wheels at 55% off, if any of the Vitus bikes have them specced, chances are they're doing that again.
  • + 0
 Next time your bike needs to be fixed ship it to an online retailer, they'll get it back to you within the hour.
  • + 2
 I need a knock off credit card!
  • + 1
 CRC has 10% off select tires right now.
  • + 0
 I don't think I will ever run XO cranks. They seem great, just heard to many snapping stories.
  • + 1
 Are all of the pinkbike calendars sold out?
  • - 1
 best products also good prices
  • + 3
 looks good but I cant read Hebrew!
  • + 1
 Why not? :O
  • + 1
 cycleholics i am
  • - 3
 Good going PB for steering more business away from the brick and mortar shops.
  • + 1
 To be fair to PB they need to earn a wage too - they'll be paid for this I'm sure... Also, the companies listed do invest back into the cycling industry - CRC sponsors various races here in the UK and runs a World Cup team for example. I think the argument is more complex than you make out and it's not like you don't have freedom of choice.
  • + 1
 My local bike shop can't sell that cheap so why would I want to go there? Infant if you phone and ask for a price 9 times out of 10 its different when you get to the shop. So, if they can pick and choose which customer gets the best price what's wrong with putting my bank account first?

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