PORC, Penshurst Downhill Summer Race Report

Aug 28, 2012
by Fraktiv  
Grassroots racing is back at PORC in Penshurst, Kent and despite the shorter evenings as we get towards autumn, it feels as though the summer race season has been reborn at the venue, which has had its ups and downs over recent times.

26th August PORC Race.
Sam Brightman railing the berm on his hard tail

Sunday's race was graced with sunshine and a good turn out by locals from the South East of England, despite many riders in the area hitting up the British Downhill Series race at Bringewood, held on the same day.

With a suitably challenging track marked out earlier on in the week, everyone knew what they were in for come race day and the track held up well given the recent downpours that have blighted this summer in the UK. The race commenced a bit later than planned due to a rider having succumbed to one of the road gaps at the end of the track in practice, coming off with a suspected broken collarbone; healing vibes buddy! Of course, it's never great seeing an ambulance rock up to any race event - it plays with your mind as you walk up to the starting gate - but then again, that's racing and we're in it for the buzz!

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Stace Hudson (5th overall) taking us down the track on his Transition TR450

There was a real sense of professionalism from the race organisers, headed up by Marco Barcella and assisted by Michael Joseph who built the race line, and once the race got going you could see all their efforts come to fruition as the track delivered a great ride for racers and those who came to cheer on family, friends and strangers alike.

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
Marco running through the racing procedure; it was a lot of people's first race event

The track opened with the familiar 'warm up' table and then funelled the riders into a tasty double.

Warming up with some air through the top section

The riders got a nice view of the Kent countryside (overlooking the 16th century home of Anne Boleyn - yup, as in the second wife of Henry VIII), as they boosted off the booters that led down to the newly crafted switchback.

"I can see some nice Tudor brickwork from here..."

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
James Aveil getting almost horizontal

Spitting you out of the berm, you had stunt after stunt in short succession...drop to rock garden to shore-drop and then out from the woods and cutting across the hill to the next road gap.

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
Race winner Brandon Love on his Transition TR450

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
Barry Dunstan sending it...

After the big stunts and a bit of daylight, it was back in to the woods for a short pedal.

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
One of the last jumps of the race line before heading into the woods

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
Race focus

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.
Dropping a foot anchor

Just about the time when you were wishing you had Shreddies instead of your favourite energy drink for breakfast, the finish line appeared and the welcoming beep of the Mikrotime system sounded as you cut the beam. Job done! And that was the case for the following riders:

1st Brandon Love (Senior Men) 0:40.59
2nd Sam Brightman (Hard Tail) 0:40.76 (+0.17)
3rd Jonathan Ward (Senior Men) 0:41.91 (+1.32)
4th Jay Shaw (Master Men) 0:42.40 (+1.81)
5th Stace Hudson (Senior Men) 0:42.64 (+2.05)

Prizes went to top three in every category plus bonus prizes for best wipeouts; one to Mike Joseph for falling on his first run just before the finish line and Aaron Bennett, one of the youngest riders who came off on his last run, hurting his wrist quite badly but refusing to leave until the whole event had finished - tough lad! There was also a Drift Action Camera given away at the end, raffled off to all of the riders, their race plates being their lucky raffle tickets.

It was noticeable that many of the top running riders were riding Transition bikes and there would have been one more were it not for Sam Brightman writing-off his race bike and instead storming it on a hardtail. The sooner this kid gets back on a full-suss the better!

Senior Men:
1st Brandon Love 0:40.59
2nd Jonathan Ward 0:41.91
3rd Stace Hudson 0:42.64

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

Master Men:
1st Jay Shaw 0:42.40
2nd Chris Winfield 0:43.37
3rd Brad Ferreira 0:44.03

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

Veteren Men:
1st Roy Binks 0:44.70
2nd Mike Joseph 0:46.35
3rd Neil Calton 0:46.37

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

1st Lucy Drees 1:01.98

Junior Men:
1st James Aveil 0:43.77
2nd Dominic Mallett 0:44.37
3rd Tom Hart 0:44.44

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

Youth Men:
1st Macaulay Friend 0:43.96
2nd Alastair Holland 0:44.63
3rd Conner Cosgrove 0:45.28

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

1st Jonathan Mallett 0:48.19
2nd Josh Mead 0:56.69
3rd Riley Jenner 0:58.69

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

1st Sam Brightman 0:40.76
2nd Paul Burford 0:44.74
3rd Tom Prestedge 0:46.24

Full race times can be found on Mikrotime's website.

PORC Race on the 26th August 12.

Overall, Marco and the team put together a great race at this, their inaugural event at PORC. We're all hoping it will be the start of a new series and one that will add to the ever-growing grassroots racing scene in the South East.

The next grassroots race in the South East will be at the Bull Track, Crowborough, in aid of the charity Help for Heroes, on the weekend of the 1st/2nd of September 2012. This is going to be a huge event, with some very special prizes! For more info, check this out!

Thanks to Drift Cycles, Drift Cameras, The Bike Warehouse, Madison, Whisper Bikes, BTR Fabrications, Green Oil, Kali, IMB, Cyclelane, Mikrotime and Volvic.

Photos courtesy of Milo Runger-Field and Nick Davies.


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 wicked write up .. awesome photos! Bulltrack race next ..

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 Thanks for the video, pictures, and the story. Great job! Keep me posted! Aloha.
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 Awesome day, nice write up. Bring on the next round!
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 wicked photos Milo!

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