Superenduro powered by SRAM 2012 season starts this weekend!

Apr 10, 2012
by Superenduro  
The Superenduro powered by SRAM 2012 season kicks off 14th -15th April at Golfo di Diano Marina. The quiet, Mediterranean towns of San Bartolomeo, Diano Marina, Cervo, Diano San Pietro and Diano Castello are welcoming their first Superenduro Pro race. Hundreds of riders from across the world will take to the trails to try and wrestle the red champions’ number board from Andrea Bruno.

The big question will be whether he can hold onto that title for a third straight season. In the pre-season races at Sanremo and Coggiola, both Alex Lupato and Davide Sottocornola have been able to get the better of him, with Andrea Gamenara and Manuel Ducci close behind. It is now that the real racing begins though and we will find out whether the pre-season form means anything, or if he has been waiting for the main event. Rumour has it that Andrea has even given up his usual flat pedals for clips this season. But it’s not just the Italians he will need to worry about – Frances Karim Amour, the UK’s Alex Stock and Germanys Rob-J are all confirmed to be at competing at Golfo di Diano Marina. More international racers are expected to be there, so it is going to be a tough competition this season.

The event will open with the prologue on Saturday evening in the center of Diano Marina, followed by a concert headlined by Deverano Tinto. Local organisers FRRD have chosen four special stages that the race will run over on Sunday: Maiali, CNC San Rocco, Antennas and the all-new Molini. Pits and the race start will all be in San Bartolomeo under the Torre Saracena. Throughout the weekend there will be living timing and commentary there and a free bus service taking spectators out to the special stages.

Riders who have raced one of the Superenduro Sprint races here will be familiar with most of the trails. Stage one Sunday will be Maiali, which is returning by popular demand. We’re sure this will make a lot of people happy! It is one of the most popular trails in the and with its twenty-one jumps it is a challenge for riders of all levels. After starting with a 20m slight uphill sprint, it is all singletrack, ending with bike park-style jumps. Then riders will take on the all-new trail, Molini. Typical of the trails in this region, riders will need to find their rhythmn through the sequence of tight, steep corners. After the first two stages racers then head back to the pits and a chance to relax for a few minutes and get ready to head back out again for the afternoon.

When they head back out they will climb first to San Rocco, a classic and another favourite among riders. A mixture of steep chutes and jumps, flowing back down to the town below. Finally they will take on Antennae (Cervo). Possibly the most famous track in the area, with its Salto nel Blu (Jump into the Blue) it has been a favourite with magazines and photographers over the years for its stunning views of the sea. This year the middle section has been changed and lengthened by about a minute. It is probably the least technically challenging of the stages, but whether it will feel like that after 40km in the saddle is a different question!

Fun. That is still the main priority for most of the field. With the Superenduro format there is the unique opportunity to ride alongside the top racers on equal terms. This will always be the heart of our races.

Everything is ready for the 14th and 15th – see you at Golfo di Diano Marina!

For more information you can download the race sheet.


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 Man I would love to try out Enduro racing, it looks soo awesome! Big Grin
  • 3 0
 agreed none around here though
  • 1 0
 Neither here... Frown
  • 5 0
 Gotta set up some small enduro races locally. I might never get to Europe but I can bring the races here.
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 I'm REALLY looking forward to the Oregon Enduro series that's coming up this summer. It's catching on over here in the PNW with another race that I know of in Washington. I've heard of one in MT as well. The future of mountain biking definitely looks bright on the west coast. Woohoo!
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 ^ You'll have so much fun at them. I'm not sure how much different it'll be this year compared to last but Oregon has some of the best trails I've ridden. Hell they're gnarlier than the DH races we have in Utah, haha. Aside from being incredible, everyone there seems to only care about having fun which makes the environment all so much more enjoyable.
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 Its a honor for me this year to be able to compete at superenduro...a dream comes true..
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 Good for you! Smile
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 good luck buddy!!
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 thx..good luck for everybody..Big Grin
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 good luck man! should wear the "watch out we have a badass over here" shirt for warm ups.
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 I've ridden Maiali and Antenne....Really good stuff!!!!
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 When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly.....
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 oh yeah~
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 looks sick
  • 2 4
 Wonder how Dan fairs on the new GT! The meta was sooo much nicer
  • 5 2
 but carbon is faster
  • 13 0
 Carbon is an inanimate material, hence it is not fast at all.
  • 8 0
 what about red?
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 Dan makes it fast , he sure was ripping in the atherton launch video.
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 just a trick of the mind. our eyes are drawn to brighter colours, like red. so we notice it more when a red vehicle is going faster.

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