Video: Pacific Northwest - Yeti Cycles

Dec 6, 2012
by Tyler Maine  

After years of seeing imagery of the lush green trails from the Pacific Northwest have overwhelming influence on the media and culture of mountain biking, we decided it was time to go experience the rich dark loam of the coastal regions for ourselves. So in the spring, we dusted off our trail bikes, packed up the rig and headed north to see what we could find.

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Filmed by: John Reynolds & Craig Grant
Directed by: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White
Riders: Richie Rude & Joey Schusler

"Tracking, North of 63 Degrees Latitude" by Form and Fate
"Run Home" by Align in Time
"Stories" by Align in Time

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 Every time you kill a berm, a trail fairy cries. ;(
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 Hahaha... I always knew that I was just afraid to speak out loud.
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 That does look incredible. I'd love to make it up there sometime.

As a side note, I hope they brought their shovels to do some trail work for all the berm slashing and etc. I hope there wasn't the mentality of "I'm new here, and may not make it back here, why not have a shred-fest?"
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 I always wonder what's the big fascination with ripping up berms. If you aren't going to rebuild it, you are just a dick
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 here here
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 Agreed, I'm sure the builders are impressed.
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 Funny you guys mention that. That last section is from the trail Double D's on Mt Tzouhalem. Three of us were barrelling down through that trail the day they were filming and my buddy got chucked off the bike right where they caught that last berm-slash cause they had filled the whole berm with loose dirt for that shot and we had no idea. They all just stood around and watched like jerks and no one helped him up. They proceeded to trash the berm and leave it rutted up and pretty much unrideable. This trail gets ridden so much and I'm sure my friend wasn't the only one to go down because of that. OK, my rant is nearly over, but with all the hard work that guys put in to that trail, you really are just being a dick. No respect for these guys.....
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 You mean the people in the video? If so their vid doesn't deserve to be on pinkbike, what twerps
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flag specializedrider219 (Dec 7, 2012 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 you guys are just being little bitches
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 Much of this was shot on very sensitive trails that are being jeopardized by this kind of attention. And for the record, I watched these guys with my own two eyes digging up the duff on the side of the trail and throwing all over the turns to fabricate those shots. Users!...I just can't stand users! The reality is that in spite of the popularity of mountain biking in the PNW, we have some of the worst access issues in the US and are ten years behind the curve. Huge gains are being made right now, and this kind of crap threatens to set us all back.
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 totally agree with mr specializedrider219, stop whinging about 'tearing up berms'. in Scotland we just pap a stick in the ground an viola you have a corner. non of this fix a corner every time you get semi loose in it. Learn from Jesus and the Dudes - "make your tracks steep with flat corners and some sweet booters for maximum radness"
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 Word! If its a dh trail, and think these were intended to be, berms are meant to be destroyed. If its a public xc/ am trail, they should be built well enough to withhold some abuse, but also these guys shouldn't mess with other people's trails!! Enough said. Not your trail, don't dig on it!!!!!!!!! ( only speaking from a trail builders pov) just because your an up. And coming pro gives you no excuse, I remember when if you wanted to film you went out and built your own shit!!!
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 it is getting kind of old to see film of people smashing a's not impressive, and yeah, I see you can edit dirt flying in slow motion, big deal.............and more importanly, I'd be pissed if I was the builder.........screwing up trails so you can make dirt fly aint cool
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 Yeah, fancy throwing loose dirt on top of an existing berm?? It's a bit like getting a spray tan!
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 I hope he got inspired about trailbuilding to the point where he either goes back and fixes every berm he shralped, stops powersliding/skidding, or both. If I was the builder of that trail I would have hit them with a shovel for being dicks and destroying the berms. Not a good image Yeti.
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 Hey guys. First of all, we think the trails are absolutely amazing up there. The trail builders have done some amazing stuff and we respect that tremendously. Seriously. We tried to leave trails better off than when we got there. If we didn't In a few sports, we are sincerely sorry. We were really aiming to showcase how awesome the riding is up there, how lucky the people that call that place home are, and pump up the entire PNW riding vibes. If anyone of you come to Colorado to ride I would be more than happy to show you around to some of the better trails as well as some of my own trails I have personally built. All about sharing the trail and good times on the bike for everyone.
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 Sounds good, thanks for the reply. I can respect that. I just hate having a lot of people I don't know destroy my trails. Cheers.
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 See this is what I was thinking... I'm sure a lot of the "roosting" was for shots, but I can't imagine a bunch of proriders going out and making a film like this and NOT taking care of the trails... Good on ya guys for helping keep out wet-brown-pow intact. Great vid, but next time don't skip Oregon.. You guys missed 1/3+ of the best riding spots in the region Wink
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 what trails are these in the video? id like to get out of flat alabama and ride some places like this!!
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 Great video...........Thing is when you are ripping up the berms.........Are you not ripping up the berms?!!. The trail builders are not impressed and im not as well.
I understand it is a show for the camera but that is destructive style of trail riding.
Thousands of people are going to watch this and think that is a great way to ride a trail. If the riders read this that made this video then how about explaining WTF you are doing!
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 Awesome vid and I like the sentiment... BUT: If you started in Seatle and headed north you missed some of the best riding in the NWUS... Seriously, Post-Canyon, Blackrock, Syncline, Mt. Hood, Bend/The Lair, Windells, Wildcat Mtn... Oregon's got some of the best riding and you skipped it??? Me confoosed....
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 The most beautiful place to ride in the world! Not to mention amazing riders and filming...
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 Where I come from... ripping up a berm is the best way to build it higher!
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 Best and only way!
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 Ripping em is, skidding roosting em isnt. If your ripping them both your tires should be getting lose!!
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 You guys should of kept going into Canada and rode the trails we have here in the Fraser Valley nice dirt,loamy,rooty,rocky and lots of flow let alonethe amazing views that we have along the way and the diversity of diffrent type of trails. Good video love ur bikes Yeti carbon? Got to start saving up...
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 The NW Needs to adopt richie, that kid rips!!!!
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 Cool to finally see this. Met them on the same day we were filming some or those same trails
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 I remember that! Fuckers had a RED and we got jealous...
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 Richie certainly is an amazing rider, the crazy thing is he's only about 16 years old! You're watching the future US World Cup Downhill champion to follow in the footsteps of the record breaking, Gwin!

On a side note: one of the yeti guys at an outdoor demo said he needs to stop thrashing his equipment so bad, cuz the kid only knows full throttle! haha
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 Best edit since Loam Factory. Nice job!
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 I live up here in washington and ive ridden most of these trails and worked on alot of them, here it doesnt take much to build the berms back up but its all a matter of being saturaed from rain though.
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 What trails are these? I also live in Washington and cant tell which trails these are.
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 I think some of them were what looked like duthie hill in issiquah but i wasnt sure about any others
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 i have all these trails right in my back yard Smile
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 me too
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 What we lack in sun we make up with our trails Smile These boys rip, glad they enjoyed.
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 Fun sound choices, though I did find it intriguing to hear kingfishers repeatedly in a deep-in-the-woods segment...
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 if you ride like that, and ride in the trails like that, i thing skidding it's normal Smile
or maybe this just the scenario of the vid, by the way it's awsome trails
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 It's not, they would have been faster if they weren't trying to roost some duff.
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 Absolutely amazing
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 1. Great edit for the trail junky

2. Fantastic looking trails

3. Awesome bikes (IMO, but I would say that! Lol)
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 Enjoyed every second of that video. Also, what he said "inspiring me to trail build and what is possible," so very true.
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 anybody know what shoes there wearing? random i know :]
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 I believe they are wearing Shimano SH-AM45.
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 yeah the northwest is pretty cool
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 Sick trails!!!!
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 Sweeeeet!!! finally a mint trail edit!
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 Home sweet home!
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 Great edit!
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 awesome vid. Best edit I've seen in a long time. VOD for sure!
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 Awesome trails, awesome riders, great video.
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 Skids are for kids boys.
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 yeah, I noticed a LOOT of close-ups of them rooting the trai out aye... Ill give'm the bene of the doubt and guess they did it for the shots and repaired anything that got dug out too hard.

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