SKS Slopestyle Finals and Berg Line Practice - iXS Dirtmasters 2013

May 18, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  
SKS Slopestyle Finals

got some really good runs today but unfortunately only person receive the Wildcard for Bergline
  Matt Jones had some really good runs today, but unfortunately only one person received the wildcard for the Red Bull Berg Line contest on Sunday.

Send doubletailwhip and other big tricks during SKS Slopestyle
  Max Friedrikson sent a double tailwhip and other big tricks during the event.

huuge backflip superman during SKS Slopestyle finals
  Klemens Kaudela with a huuge backflip superman during the finals.

full extended flip no hand during SKS Slopestyle
  Daryl Brown's fully extended flip no hander.

Adrian Tell won his wildcard for Bergline during today s SKS Slopestyle in Winterberg
  Adrian Tell won the wildcard for Berg Line by winning the SKS Slopestyle finals.

frontflip no hand during his winning run
  Adrian threw a frontflip no hander during his winning run

big flatspin 360 during his winning run today
  Tell earning his wildcard spot with a with a big flatspin 360.

Berg Line Practice

  Martin Soderstrom inspecting the Berg Line course.

Szymon 2 days ago land his first cashroll so we can expect some big tricks at tomorrow s best trick
  Two days ago Syzmon Godziek landed his first cashroll, so we can expect him to be throwing down at tomorrow's best trick contest.

getting full speed for the first jump after wallride
  Szymon going full speed for the first jump after the wallride.

Superstylish eurotabletop from Martin
  Superstylish eurotabletop from Soderstrom during Berg Line practice.

flippin one of the little jumps at Bergline course
  Peter Henke flipping one of the 'little' jumps on the Berg Line course.

Checking the course
  Brett Rheeder checking out the Berg Line course.

smashing the wallride
  Smashing the wallride.

Looking on the landing during his late backflip on the first jump at training session
  Rheeder looking for the landing during his late backflip on the first jump during the training session

Photos by Bartek Wolinski


  • + 16
 Amazing how huge these features are.
  • + 5
 And to think they are even bigger in real life. My first visit to the post office cured me of the "I could hit those" syndrome when ur watching a vid. Maybe in a few years but as of now I'll stick to 10ft of airtime instead of 30
  • + 2
 Im here right now and i can tell you those himps are like double the size of the 26tricks jumps! And the 7 m drop at the top super bad ass!
  • + 1
 It's looking near FMX Big... Takes balls just to drop in.
  • + 3
 This whole event just seems so sick. I love the idea that there is a 'lesser' comp which has the potential to gain you access to the big time. Also, it seems any course designed and built by the Claw is just incredible.
  • + 3
 Does a flip not count unless your hands are off these days?!! Depth of talent in our sport is amazing.
  • + 1
 i saw the Jumps two Week ago and they are HUGE !!! Not rideable at all for a normal Person. Its kinda sad because the old Park was so cool and good Fun for everybody
  • + 2
 Mike will be there . Late start ....
  • + 1
 Jeezus the slope style hits seem to be getting bigger every year, full retard big.
  • + 2
 how do you pull a late backflip?
  • + 1
 I think he was referring to the hour in the day, looks dark and foggy. though Brett could likely wait well into airtime before throwing a sick flip!
  • + 1
 Or how he's still looking through his bike/arms, then throws his head back instead of looking straight back directly off the lip
  • + 1
 the trails its looking so nice 3
  • + 1
 Which bike is Henke riding?
  • + 2
 Scott Voltage
  • + 2
 scott voltage
  • - 12
flag mikrino97 (May 17, 2013 at 23:41) (Below Threshold)
 Looks like a session tho
  • + 2
 Huge!!!! Rheeder FTW!!!!
  • + 4
 Martin for the win! Wink
  • + 1
 Holy shit! Big course!
  • + 1
 Andrew hurt himself Frown
  • + 1
  • + 1
  • + 0
 Nice lines
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