Pinkbike Product Picks

May 25, 2012
by Richard Cunningham  
SKS Spaero Alu Pump

SKS is the leading supplier of cycling pumps in Europe and its extensive range of inflation devices includes the Spaero Alu mini-pump. The Spaero caught my attention because I often joggle the valve stems of tubeless tires while inflating them with a mini pump - an action that caused me grief once when I snapped a stem in half and another few times when I loosened the seal and caused a small leak. The Spaero mini-pump features a short section of hose that extends from the business end of the pump that protects the valve stem from being hammered by an enthusiastic pumper. The dual-head screws onto either Presta or Schrader valve and remains securely in place, allowing the user to flail away, worry free, on the beautifully-crafted aluminum pump. When stowed, the head and hose retract into the pump and are retained by a rubber flap. A twist-lock device prevents the pump from opening when not in use and SKS includes a handy frame mount that screws into existing water bottle bosses. The Spaero Alu weighs 160 grams and costs $39.99 USD. SKS

Spaero Mini Pump

SKS Spaero Alu pump showing the frame-mounting accessory, screwing on the dual-sided pump head and inflating the tire. The pump hose also allows the pump to be braced against the ground for easier pumping action.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesSKS is a quality German manufacturer and the Spaero Alu pump reflects this in both its construction and finish. Its 160-gram weight seems a bit excessive for something that is going to be part of your bike or hydration pack, but it might be an even trade for such smooth pumping action. Open the pump with a twist and then flip the rubber flap over to release the short hose. The head screws onto the valve stem, which is a breeze for Schrader valves, but can be a leak-fest if you don't know ahead of time to depress the slim Presta valve against the head's O-ring seal while you screw or unscrew the pump head. The pump inflated a big, 2.3-inch tire in about half the number of strokes that most mini pumps require, which almost made me want to keep it. Unfortunately, the more I used the Spaero Alu pump, the less I liked the fact that two out of three times when I attached the head to fill a tire, I ended up losing a bunch of air. I did, however, appreciate that I never had to worry about stressing a valve stem while I was inflating a tire. A little air loss is a lot easier to deal with than snapping a valve stem in half - and the fountain of Stan's that is sure to follow. - RC

One Industries Interval Jersey

One Industries has been killing it in the Moto clothing and accessory biz, and now has focused upon cycling. The Interval jersey is a simple T-shirt cut in a breathable fabric that feels light upon the body and cool when the sun is blazing hot. Interval Jerseys are made from anti-microbial, UV treated polyester material in chartreuse (pictured), gray, black and white - and in small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large. A goggle/sunglass wipe is sewn into the hem. MSRP is $50 USD. One Industries

One Industries Interval Jersey

Lindsay Currier wears the One Industries Interval Jersey while testing the Norco Range.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesOne Industries surprised me with the comfort of the Interval jersey. I figured that it was going to be an oven to wear in the summer like many Moto-inspired jerseys that I have used in the past, but such was not the case. The Interval, with its loose fit and technical fabric, is one of my go-to items now that the sun is high in th sky and temps are nearing one hundred degrees. Those who want a more loose fitting kit for trail and XC, or a lighter weight addition to their DH kit should enjoy sporting the One Industries' Interval jersey. - RC

Uvex XPCC Helmet

Uvex sells a lot of helmets in the USA, although it is not the first name that comes to mind as a top-drawer protection company. Uvex should be though, because the German-made helmets pass both European and US test standards and are among the lightest lids made. What I found appealing about the Uvex XPCC helmet was its array of useful features. The head-form comes in two sizes, and it is co-molded with a plastic skeleton that keeps the protective foam shell in place should the first impact of a succession crack the EPS material. A bug net protects the front and the headband has '3-D' adjustments for height as well as circumference. Once the helmet straps are set, a push-button chin-strap buckle can be used to loosen it on the fly - or to make adjustments when necessary. All the padding, including the headband is anti microbial and breathable, and the entire assembly can be removed for cleaning. The Uvex XPCC helmet weighs 260 grams, and comes in three colorways: black or white matte, or black with red accents for $99 USD. Uvex

XPCC Helmet

Uvex XPCC helmet, showing the 3-D headband height adjustment, the tension adjustment dial and one-touch chin-strap button.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesUvex gets high marks for not overdoing the styling of this very comfortable XC/trail helmet. The headband is comfortable and its tension knob has enough range of adjustment to ensure that your head is not either one click loose, or one click anaconda tight. The headband's 3-D height-adjust is sweet, as the helmet height can be tuned to put the visor exactly where you need it in relation to your line of vision (or the helmet's height can be de-dorked to look good on your head like so many lids absolutely don't). I originally thought that the one-touch chin-strap button was going to be another gimmick, but discovered that I liked the feature because I could firm up the fit for technical descents and then loosen it for hot climbs where the pace did not warrant the minor constriction. Well constructed, comfortable in the heat, and pretty good looking, The Uvex XPCC helmet is becoming my new favorite for trail riding. - RC

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  • + 43
 There should be more DH stuff in the product picks
  • + 11
 I agree. Where I am dh season is about to start!
  • + 16
 Whistler opened a week ago!! Need more stuff relating to the general community of Pinkbike.
  • + 13
 I voted for Lindsay Currier.
  • + 8
 Yeah because DH products account for just so much sales in the bike world that the brands are sending freebies to magazines to test constantly. Wake up and smell the coffee kids.... if you want to see stuff tested, tell the brands to submit stuff or buy it from your own wallet and send it into pinkbike or mba or mountain biking UK or wherever so they can review it.
  • + 9
 Send me stuff and I will give it a very thorough review. Pictures and everything.
  • + 31
 everything on this site tends to be either dj or fr/dh. the minute something isn't, everyone cries for moar dh! or moar dj! it's not dh season, it's bike season.
  • - 26
flag epavichthesavage (May 25, 2012 at 11:21) (Below Threshold)
 because anything else is boring in comparison , that's why MOAR DH
  • + 9
 i disagree. everywhere i look on pinkbike its dh and dirtjumps. i like that stuff but its nice to include other forms of mountain biking aswell.
  • + 9
 Not really ...this board is already full of this stuff everywhere!
Besides that DH is sooo last friday...enduro is king Razz
  • - 2
 I hope you all know I'm joking haha
  • + 1
 I think that pump is a great idea, ive broke a few valve stems from pumping the tube up and DH tubes are like $20, so I like that pump idea
  • + 2
 More DH is fine. but definitely need more non-unique direct mount stem reviews.
  • + 6
 The UVEX helmet has to be made by Alpina. The chin strap button, 3-D headband, tension dial and bug deflecting mesh is all identical. And, of course, both companies are German. That said I currently favour my Alpina D-Alto over anything else I have yet to try. Also never though of using a wine glass for photographing a helmet - very clever.
  • + 1
 Clever indeed. What I also find clever is that the helmet itself has mesh covered front vents. I've collected some unwanted things that way on a few occasions so would be a welcome feature..
  • + 4
 The mesh might also work in reverse. Sometimes my hair pokes up through the vents. Very pro looking.
  • + 2
 Actually, the Alpina helmet is made by Uvex. Uvex is the parent company, Alpina is a secondary brand for them.

I have been running Uvex helmets for years, love the fit systems, plus they are light and comfortable. Plus the plastic shell they use is tougher and lighter than any others on the market, it is made by Bayer (yes the aspirin company). Bayer is one of the largest companies in Germany, they make all sorts of tech stuff.
  • + 1
 the UVEX gets my vote too, the visor could do with some adjustment , but the fit and adjustable one touch chinstrap are great, cool, light, secure and comfy!
  • + 1
 Freakin bees in the helmet man :thousand yard stare:
  • + 1
 1. The way the pump is being held in the picture would result in some pinched fingers. 2. The jersey is a t-shirt. 3. Horseflies in the interior of BC would cut through that bug mesh with their bowie knives on the way to taking a chunk out of your scalp.
  • + 1
 well said sir
  • + 1
 I love Uvex stuff- top notch German quality. I was a sponsored athlete for skiing and still use thier helmets and goggles for skiing along with a few pairs of sunglasses.All great stuff.
I have a similar helmet in this range which fits me very well, but the best part is being able to wash all the pads/liner. None of my friends helmets have that and mine doesn't smell rank by mid-summer.
  • + 1
 Quite like the look of the minipump. I seem to be blessed with not getting that many punctures these days but I'm totally with you on the frustration of shearing a valve stem off. It's also priced about what I'd expect here (£20) which is barely more than my current basic minipump.
  • + 3
 Also have a look at the Lezyne MIcro Floor Drive HV

has a longer hose (and a version with an inline pressure guage in the hose)
has a flip-down support so you can use it in a floor pump style.
Best mini-pump I have ever used.
  • + 1
 I just bought a Uvex helmet and its one of the best XC/AM helmets I've owned... and I go through a lot of helmets. The dial for size adjustment it awesome. The chin strap is great too. If you are wearing a hat underneath you can adjust the helmet quickly. I give this helmet a A+. Oh and its super light too.
  • + 0
 "Unfortunately, the more I used the Spaero Alu pump, the less I liked the fact that two out of three times when I attached the head to fill a tire, I ended up losing a bunch of air"

REALLY? And this is your PICK??

I'm sorry but I have to point out the use of plastic on that pump and plastics inherently poor performance in bicycle pumps. I could point to several superior pumps which are widely reviewed and highly regarded. lezyne immediately comes to mind for its all metal drive, hose that packs into the pump body, swivel heads and pressure bleed button which makes it great for trailside adjustment of air shocks and forks in a pinch. Not to mention its around 25 pumps to a full tire!

I am increasingly coming to believe that pink bike picks are not chosen for their merit or quality. Me thinks SKS donated some pumps or advertising dollars to Pinkbike recently....hmmmmmm
  • + 1
 Isn't the product pick section like review from pinkbike? The team pick a product and review its performance. You can see pinkbike's take in the article
  • + 1
 Does the One Industries Interval Jersey actually exist for the regular customer? The interwebs says it only exists on Pinkbike.
  • + 1
 Aren't you guys embarrassed to show a pump attached to a frame? Jabroni central. I love pinkbike articles, but the product picks frequently disappoint.
  • + 1
 it's killing me to know what kind of bike the mini-pump is on, does anyone know? my best guess was a morewood but i'm not familiar with their bikes at all.
  • + 2
 I'm thinking a Canondale with normal forks. You can sort of see (ca)NOND(ale)
  • + 1
 OOO Thats my bike!!! Big Grin

Yeah defo a Jekyll 4! Can't wait to see what people think ! I 3
  • + 2
 I like the idea of the screw head for the SKS mini-pump. Less fiddling around.
  • - 1
 it's less convenient than you think.
  • + 1
 I like the jersey, but am having trouble finding it on one industries website or anywhere online?! any thoughts?
  • + 1
 After a while of searching, i have found that it is not released to the public till Fall 2012. So just when a short sleeve jersey is useless for you guys up north.
  • + 1
 Hey thanks for the info. What a tease!
  • + 2
 SKS? I don't see any rifles in this article.
  • + 2
 post more enduro gear
  • + 1
 No tick box for the Norco range looks nice?
  • + 1
 dimbo Razz
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