Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham, UK

Dec 31, 2013
by Si Paton  
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Saturday the 21st of December 2013.
Location: Birmingham BMX Race Track.

Pinkbikes co-ordinator for 'Share The Ride' Rachelle Frazer dropped me a line in November saying Pinkbike were hoping to raise $25,000 Canadian Dollars with this years campaign. A percentage of the funds would be made available to a justifiable cause here in the UK if I could find one, I immediately contacted Mark Sleigh the manager of Birmingham BMX track as I knew their fleet of bikes was looking and feeling a little long in the tooth. Within seconds Mark was on board, knowing what a great opportunity this was for the track and the local kids.

Pinkbike Share the Ride

Aerial view of Birmingham BMX Track

The track at Birmingham is owned and run by the local council, fenced off from the general public and open only during specific scheduled times, meaning the track is as a secure and safe environment to ride a bike in. Mark, Steve, Mitch and the rest of team work around the clock to ensure the track is fully maintained, swept and watered to ensure a super smooth surface.

The track is open weekdays when the local schools are invited in to use this World class facility. Several more timed slots are part of Birmingham's 'Be Active' scheme which allows residents of Birmingham free access to the local leisure facilities, one of which is the BMX track. This encourages the locals to be more sporty and healthy and thus being less of a tax on the National Health Service there.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

The Jack Moody Pump Track is the perfect place to start the rippers off to learn the basic BMX skills.

The beauty of donating the bikes and safety equipment to this facility is that each bike and kit will be used several times each week by different kids, from the local schools as well as those actively seeking out riding the track that may not be able to afford a dedicated BMX race bike. An additional bonus is having such a large fleet of different sized bikes allows the younger riders to try out another sized bike to the one they are currently riding. Hopefully encouraging Mom and Dad to ensure they are on the right sized bike which is so important, especially with BMX race bikes come next birthday or Christmas.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

All hands on deck, with fifteen bikes to build up, everyone was drafted in.

Next steps were to contact several suppliers for kit and Moore and Large came up trumps with their range of Cuda and Haro bikes with great specifications at an unbelievable price. Pro-Tec also bent over backwards meaning we we could deck the kids out, head to toe with quality helmets, knee and elbow pads along with gloves.

Early December and Rachelle Frazer called me up saying we had even more of a budget to play with, the $25k target had already been smashed thanks to you, the generous Pinkbike readers who donated to this superb cause. This meant we were able to up the orders for both bikes and protective kit, meaning more happy kids, result!

A wealth of helpers turned up on the day and immediately got stuck in to help build up the bike fleet, within two hours the production line had pumped out all the bikes so they we were all set for the lunchtime rush. The kids turned up and their eyes soon lit up on seeing the brand new bikes for them to choose from.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Even riders turning up just to ride the track, rolled up their sleeves and joined in to help the cause.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Craig Taylor is the UKs current downhill National Champion 30-34. He brought his son to shred the bikes they built. It doesn't get better than that does it?

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Cuda BMX Race Bikes come in all sizes from 18 inch wheeled bikes along with 20 inch micro, mini and junior sized BMX race bikes.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Pro-Tec even threw in a few extras at no additional cost to ensure we had more than enough safety equipment to enable the full fleet of new bikes and riders to go out and hit the race track..

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Mark Sleigh the center manager makes sure the kids buckle up.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Dad makes sure his bike is all set up for his little ripper.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

The kids were lining up ready to rip up the track.

Share the Ride Vancouver 2013

This was a great chance for the kids to check out a bigger size bike.

Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham

Girls just want to have fun too!

On behalf of everyone in Birmingham, we again would like to thank everyone that donated to Pinkbike's 'Share The Ride'.

Birmingham BMX Track Address: 291 Aldridge Road, B42 2JG Birmingham, United Kingdom. Telephone 0121 464 2420.
Facebook page for Birmingham BMX Race Track

Many thanks to the following companies without whom this would not have happened:
BMX Race Bikes from Cuda BMX
Protective equipment from Pro-Tec
Photographs by Ben Lamming
Video by

Stay Unclipped.

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 I see what you did there.
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 Amazing ! Fantastic way to use the money so everyone gets something out of it . The track is also really impressive. Just wish that such options existed over here in Stuttgart :-( .
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 Martin, I here what your saying. We can all moan on here but that's of no use to anyone.
I challenge you to make the World a better place and apply to Pinkbike yourself or work with Dmitri and bring this great cause to needy kids in Estonia or another poor country.

Any help or guidance needed drop me a line.

Yours in sport.

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 Well said Mr Paton,
If mattin was really so bothered about this,
why has he not taken time out of his own schedule to try to make this happen in the places he is talking about? as you have

Seeing as he lives in the netherlands which lists far higher than the uk in having a higher standard of living, the fact he chose not to donate,
even before he knew who the winner was says a lot to me.
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 little 4-5 year olds racing on their micro bmx with and a full faced lid, cutest thing in the world aside from puppies =)
  • 2 1
 no, I think the kids on their micro BMX's trump puppies !
  • 4 1
 they're people puppies!
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 Si any idea who won in the other share the ride prize draw ? i donated a bit of cash so i would be entered into the draw but this was 2 weeks ago and still no info to say who the winners were. and before the sheep jump on and say the kids are the winners I know that,
  • 3 0
 I got an email on the 19th saying i've won a go pro so i guess they've just let the winners know
  • 4 3
 would still be nice to see it put on here so all who entered know its been drawn. very shabby if you ask me.
  • 2 0
 Winners will be announced very shortly. Thanks for donating!
  • 1 0
 still no info.
  • 1 0
 flag S-Va-Dijk (Dec 24, 2013 at 17:29)
Still no info.
+ 1
flag rachellefrazer MOD (Dec 26, 2013 at 11:50)
flag rachellefrazer MOD (Dec 31, 2013 at 9:03)
Winners will be announced very shortly. Thanks for donating!
+ 1
flag S-Va-Dijk (1 mins ago) [Edit]
still no info.

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 The 1st pro track to be built in birmingham since senelys park track in bartley green and they had the kellogs world champs in the 80s,hope this 1 is to stay,its just what the kids and 4x riders of birmingham need,so cool !!!!!!!!!
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 I actually like those helmets.
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 They're sold under loads of brands all from the same factory, Pro tec, O'neill, 661, Azonic, iXS, probably some others too.
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 Think I need a bmx again....I have tracks like this near me....although they don't look as good. This is a good deed
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 Hmmm, so the charity funding went to one of the richest countries in the world? Where the people have the most money, so they have it, but don't have to spend it on bikes? I would much rather have seen some support in countries where people are poor and have no money to buy themselves bikes, for example somewhere in East Europe. I was really considering donating, but I'm glad I chose not to.
  • 5 4
 For example I know that Estonia has some insanely talented riders, but no one to support them and they can't ride half the time because they can't afford replacing broken parts (and only riding the cheapest bikes due to no money). Dmitri Shushuyev did a great efford filming them and getting them in the news, trying to get them some more support from big companies. It was even on the Pinkbike front page. Now that's something I'd donate money for.
  • 9 2
 The UK is not in the top 20 wealthiest countries in the world... Thanks for playing! Please take your moaning elsewhere and not on a story based around helping more young kids get into riding thanks to money raised by PB...
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 There's always a more direct route to charity... but people support what they like, not necessarily what's best. So many people donate to animals, which is all well and good, but wouldn't it be better spent feeding those who are starving? Maybe so, maybe not... it's an opinion. It's always up to the donator... if you don't like it don't complain, you weren't forced into anything.
  • 3 2
 Actually Great Britain is on the 6th place worldwide based on total market value, and 21st based on how much money the citizens averagely have. And that's 21st out of 200+ countries, so even if you calculate it that way, Great Britain belongs to the world's top 10% wealthiest countries.
  • 11 1
 Who gives a fcuk how wealthy the UK is? Wealthy countries don't have poor kids? You think some rich brat is gonna go to the bmx track to ride a loaner bike if he has his own? Nope. Those bikes are for kids that don't have their own. Great way to spread the giving to a lot of kids.
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 I'm certainly not criticising what has been done in Birmingham, but I think Mattin has a really good point.
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 "Actually Great Britain is on the 6th place worldwide based on total market value, and 21st based on how much money the citizens averagely have"

You have no idea.
Total market value and averages don't mean s**t to ordinary people.

Most people here are struggling to make ends meet, let alone buy presents for Christmas.
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 You could argue that it's the same anywhere, but I don't think that is the real point. Estonia deserves a chance as much as anyone else, and I for one am curious to see what they can do.
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 @speedy06: I'm sure many people are not satisfied with what they have in Britain, but you can still not compare the situation to at least 80% of the world. I believe you that many people there can hardly pay their bills, but I'm pretty sure most of those people have an iPhone, a nice flatscreen tv, a nice laptop, a car, buy coca etc. IMO that's not poverty, even if they are broke at the end of the month. I have a Hungarian background and what I see with many people there is something you Brits can't even realise. Poverty IMO is where you don't have a tv, only have the cheapest 10$ prepaid phone, can't afford to drink anything else than tapped water and can't afford to put nutella or anything else on your bread, and where you can't afford to pay for gas to keep your house warm in the winter, and you don't have a car. Where you don't know how long you can keep the house you're living in and have no idea how to survive when you get old and stop working. Hearing Brits whine about the poverty in their country I think is really disrespectful to 80-90% of the world, who can't even dream of being in a situation like you are in their own country. Why do you think so many East Europeans go to Britain to work? Even very highly educated people (doctors, engineers etc) from East Europe go to the UK to work in a McDonalds there, or to clean up or to wash toilets? Because even the lowest / worst situation in Britain is better than the highest positions in their own countries. And than I'm not even talking about the other parts of the world like Africa, that are even more poor. Brits need to stop being complaining pessimists, and start appreciating what they have. Unless you have any mental or physical problems, and you're willing to work hard, everyone can become successful and live a good life in Britain.
  • 3 2
 East Europeans are all in the UK scavving our tax money, have you not heard???
  • 4 2
 We have work in the UK, but the government take lots of our wages in taxes and give it away to people that have never contributed to our society. The UK had a national debt for over 50 years, debt from WW2 saving Europeans from the Nazis, who paid that debt off? It wasn't Europe that's for sure.
  • 2 2
 Who paid the debt to the families of the Australian and Indian soldiers that the British sent to the slaughter in WWI? Because if you want to go pointing fingers, I have all day.
  • 2 0
 @Zziplex: When everything goes legally tax is being paid in/to the country where the work has been done. If you work in another country your employer in that country has to pay the taxes for you in his country. So except for the illegals, all the tax they make goes to the UK. I know this as I work abroad (as freelancer) quite often myself.

Also the same is going on in pretty much every country in the world. I don't know any country that doesn't have a big debt? And the way taxes work is never fair, but is much better than in countries that are more poor. Here in The Netherlands they take 45-55% of your income, but in countries that are more poor this is often much higher. It's really unfair in the UK aswell, but it's nothing compared to Russia for example, where 90% of the citizens are startving, and 95% of all the money is in the hands of only 1% of the citizens, who are richer than we can imagine, and live in areas surrounded by big walls and many military with machine guns to protect the place.
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 That's Good news. There's seems to be a few new tracks popping up all over the uk! Fingers crossed we get some juniors growing up to be full on pros!
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 Glad to see BMX alive and well. Makes me even happier seeing my donation being well used. Thanks to all those who also donated time.
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 great article and nice job for those that helped. I'm sure those kids will be better riders and we'll get several life long riders from this porgram.
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 This is actually such a good thing to do!
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 This track looks very similar to the one in Burgess park, South London. Very cool.
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 Absolutely brilliant !!!! Props to everyone involved, Nice to see Ben's name for photography, top lads!!!
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 Finally some news on my doorstep Smile
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 Well done to everyone involved. That is one nice looking BMX track.
  • 1 0
 Great to see. well done to all involved!!!
  • 1 2
 @GoRide, funny thing is, that's how the locals would actually pronounce birmingham.

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