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Feb 14, 2014
by Ryan Leech  
In the ProVisions Podcast I aim to unmask the pro-athlete celebrity image to expose the real human being by means of conversation; no hype, just interesting topics explored from a variety of perspectives. Ken Wilber, a big influence on my evolving career said:

bigquotesI have one major rule: Everybody is right. More specifically, everybody - including me - has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honoured, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace.

I will aim to integrate these podcast perspectives into the ProVisions article series which will continue this year on Pinkbike. For now, I invite you to check out a few of the featured guests. Whether on a holiday road trip, or while cleaning the dishes, I hope you enjoy as much as I did getting to know these folks just a little more intimately. The podcasts can be found here.

Stacy Kohut

bigquotesEveryone is a sucker for a crying wolf pup, so I've gotta play the victim in an industry of action sports? Really? Because a few certain corporations decide that they want to present people in wheelchairs as people who "need help" and want to "get better"? I don't want to "get better", I just want to shred. I don't want to walk, I just want to ride my bike. Is it so wrong because I accept my body type and have truly moved on? Ever since 1994, all I have wanted to do is shred. Walking? Who cares? Not this guy! - Stacy Kohut

Fourcross phenom Stacy Kohut has a personality that is real and it reaches far and wide. I was pumped to drop in to a conversation with Stacy that challenged my perspective in so many healthy ways.

• Is he really a badass, or just a softy inside?
• Dealing with the baggage of being a multiple Paralympian medal winner
• The societal pressure to play the victim when paralyzed
• Spiritual links with the mountain bike experience
• The bike as exoskeleton
• Taking a childlike approach to riding and training
• Honesty with self, dealing with the dark places to grow stronger

Hans Rey

bigquotesBut the cool thing is the deeper you take one single subject the more endless it becomes, and that's why it's actually a good thing to do something very intense and deep because you get so much more out of it than doing a lot of things just superficially and really not getting anywhere. - Hans Rey

It was an honour conversing with Hans Rey, he has been a mentor and a friend since early in my pro career, and I’d have to agree with what Bike Magazine recently stated, “Hans Rey is the Greatest Mountain Biker of All Time”. There is reason for this title, listen in and enjoy these highly credible thoughts on bike scene:

• The value of Magazine vs Internet exposure as an athlete
• Pioneering a sport, evolving career, reinventing self.
• How the skills learned in trials translate to navigating life challenge
• The physical price of the progression of mountain biking, is it worth it? His own injury history.
• Classic North Shore riding vs the new Flow Country style riding
• The deeper motivations behind his adventure trips to remote places around the world

His website is where you’ll find info about his worldly bike adventures, career, and wheels4life non-profit.

Join me and the other members of Real Action Athletes to listen to a special segment I recorded with Hans about how he went about evolving his career. Whether a pro athlete or not, in today's rapidly changing world it requires that we continue to progress and evolve, many of my clients face these questions in their coaching topic, so in this dialogue Hans gets specific about the mindset that helped enable him to progress time and time again:

• Does this decision lead to a ‘win’ for all involved? He uses his trials show as an example. “If everyone is happy I’ll be happy to
• Taking his role as pro-marketer as seriously as role as pro-rider.
• Learning from mistakes, not just his own, but from everyone else’s too. Then asking “How could things be done better?
• The importance of finding ways to clean out the ‘inner’ garage.
• My favourite quote when he referred to his evolution “Who knows, maybe the beard will be the new ponytail”.

Kris Holm

bigquotesIf you're in a position where you're regarded as the best rider and transitioning in to that being no longer, usually the person that's the most scared about perceptions associated with that is yourself... - Kris Holm

Kris is a pioneer in the off-road unicycling world. He’s transitioning out of a 15 year pro-riding career with more than a dozen films, a book, a brand line, and hundreds of millions of mainstream media hits. His brilliance is shining stronger than ever now that he balances his time between his unicycle company; a career as a geologist, and being a husband and father.

• Why he took such high consequence risks on his unicycle, driven by internal or external motivations?
• Is it selfish to take risks?
• How mtn biking is still young and dealing with growing pains
• Expectations to be the best, dealing with reputation and image
• Judging what we see by how it looks rather than how it might feel
• How different sports cross pollinate, and why it’s healthy

His website is where you’ll find his unicycle line and recent book about the sport.

Andreas Hestler

bigquotesFor me what I was able to do while travelling on the road was a lot of to stimulate my grey matter quite significantly, I found it quite empowering to disabuse those jock cliche's whenever I could. - Dre Hestler

Vancouver s North Shore. As hauntingly beautiful as ever. Rider Andreas Hestler.

Andreas (Dre) Hestler is a mountain bike athlete, coach, Olympian, and director of marketing for the BC Bike Race. What influenced such an accomplished and influential personality like Dre? I sat down with him at his home office on the North Shore of Vancouver to explore that question, here are some of the topics that arose:

• Do athletes live longer or die younger.
• Training, athlete burn-out, sleep habits, and observations about how our competitive nature changes as we grow older
• BC Bike Race course design, culture, and camaraderie
• Perspective on life, macro vs micro for projects, passions, and family.
• The athlete in action sport vs institutionalized sport

Join me at the Real Action Athletes website to gain access to this segment designed to support my coaching clients. Andreas shares his practical and experiential advice on how to deal with the multitude of medial daily tasks that painstakingly contribute to meaningful long term goals. Using BCBR as an example.

• Instant gratification.
• Entertainment culture.
• Living with Chaos.
• Patiently trusting the momentum of seemingly insignificant action steps.
• Working in chunks.
• Skill combining.
• Essentials of risk and failure.

James Wilson

bigquotesThe overwhelming majority of the message coming from the media and industry is that the most important thing for riding success is all the tech details and measurements. So people pursue those things not necessarily because it's what they really want, but rather it's what they're told to pursue. - James Wilson

James brings a refreshing dose of passion to his work as a functional movement and fitness coach for mountain bikers. It is because he isn’t afraid to weigh in with his opinions that he has such a deep knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for his clients, and this energy created some great discussions in our recent podcast on the topics listed below. Check James out at

• Pro riders are far from models of fitness, sport has nothing to do with health
• Training doesn’t take much time
• Movement vs strength training
• What is a real and true mountain biker?
• How capitalism, the bike industry, and media can confuse our priorities as mountain bikers
• Flat vs Clipless pedals

To listen to these guests and more subscribe to the ProVisions Podcast.

Ryan Leech is sponsored by Norco Bicycles, Ryders Eyewear, Kenda, and RockShox. He performs trials shows at select special events and schools. As an Integral Master Coach™ he started Real Action Athletes, an online coaching community where hobby and pro athletes gather to work on and share their personal development goals. Intimate with the benefits of yoga for a thriving pro career, he got certified to teach and released a new Yoga for Cyclists Video and offers yoga and mountain bike workshops around the country.

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 that quad bike or whatever that thing is, is just so sick, looks fun as hell too
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 They look like so much fun and if you've seen Trevair in NWD, you know they can take some heavy abuse Wink
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flag donalddouche (Feb 15, 2014 at 14:04) (Below Threshold)
 They are really cool until you get stuck behind one casing every jump on a flow trail, then the coolness kinda drops off.
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 Yeah because you know, they have so many other options to get out and enjoy ripping down a trail... and as we all know, it's impossible to pull over to the side of the trail and wait 2 minutes for them to get far ahead of you.
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 Yeah, that's pretty rough for you having to pull off and wait 2 minutes, life sucks huh? Get some perspective. You wish you could catch Stacy ya Douche.
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 looks sweet, but appreciate your two wheels.
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 I got a lot of time for Stacy, he always takes time out to speak to little Polly Rocket at Crankworx. I have two things to do on my wish wish list at Crankworx this year. Hit Crab Apple Hits and then do a run with Stacy down A Line.
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 And that´s how u table a quad thing like
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 Stacy's my good friend, he lives next to where I work. He's awesome
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 Stayed next to Stacy at a Big Bear national way back, Every morning He'd say "wakey-wakey,eggs-n- bakey". awesome....
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 rad. big bear 2000 or 2001. great time for racing in north america. kinda wish the old days were the new days some great article ryan, so many wicked interviews with a wide array of peeps with a big spread in bike skills and life views. nice to get to hear a new perspective on things from people ya only get to know from the pages of a magazine, the liftline, or websites. can't wait for more podcasts!!
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 StaKu! what a beater Wink
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 The one with Stacy Kohut... that's my drill BRO! bueheheh Big Grin
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 Stacy is the man!! Can't wait to see him in Whistler this summer.. AKA the wheely king

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