Pumped BMX 2 Sneak Peek

Jan 21, 2014
by Rachelle Frazer Boobar  

Adam Hunt, the developer of the popular mobile game Pumped: BMX has been hard at work on improving his formula and has just released the first screenshots of the new and improved Pumped BMX 2.

Pumped BMX 2 is an addictive extreme sports game for real enthusiasts. The aim of the game is to make it to the end of the level by landing a series of jumps smoothly, whilst also beating a number of trick and score challenges. The levels start simply but quickly become fiendishly difficult, and literally millions of potential trick combinations ensure the challenges stay fresh.

Pumped BMX 2 adds a number of improvements to the original game, most notably is that it is now 3D, allowing the player to combine spins and tricks such as truck drivers, 360 tailwhips.

Adam has doubled the number of tricks the player can do including some pretty wild additions like the 360 bikeflip frontflip, which he says is "a ridiculous (if not slightly horrifying) trick."

And if that's not enough Adam has also added grinds and manuals. "Don't expect to be doing over-crooks, but icepicks, toothpicks and 50-50s are all locked in."

In total there will be 16 air tricks to be combined with flips and spins and linked together with grinds and manuals. "I tried (and failed) to do the math, but the number of potential combos is way up in the millions!"

"Ride a relaxed line and do nothing but floaty 360's, x-ups and kickouts, or go big and throw down double front flips, 720 turn downs or an ice pick to decade - the game is there to let you ride how you want."

- 16 carefully animated tricks
- Millions of combos including grind and manual lines
- Four worlds with awesome unique environments
- More to be announced...

Pumped BMX 2 will be released Summer 2014 for iPhone and iPad, with Android to follow soon after.


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  • + 90
 "With android to follow soon."

That's what they said about downhill supreme.
  • + 4
 Hahahaaa. Exactly what I was thinking when I read that last line. Good one Rat!
  • + 6
 What about windows phones?
  • + 62
 lol windows phone. Good luck
  • + 3
 I know there is probably more chance of me riding to the moon .....
  • + 2
 in for Windows Phone version!
  • + 1
 in for Windows Phone version too
  • + 8
 Listen this game is for REAL enthusiasts ok. Not just the sidelines camera geeks, I'm talking about real mofo's. If you can't hit a double truck over the grand canyon don't even download nothin.
  • + 1
 Actually You can play Downhill Supreme on Android easily.
  • + 1
 @coorey how?
  • + 3
 We've learned from our mistakes, and the Downhill Supreme 2 will launch on both iOS and Android. With attention to performance to even older 2.3 android devices Smile
  • + 6
 if you own a windows phone, i think not being able to play pumped BMX 2 is the least of your problems
  • + 0
 apple I phone, good only for mobile games, bad at everything else.
  • + 0
 I really liked the simplicity of number 1... I think that is half the reason it was so good... this is just getting into 3D weird crap, idk if it will have the same affect on me... optimistically waiting tho
  • + 25
 Waiting on this and Downhill Supreme 2!
  • + 17
 At least an update for downhill supreme would be nice
  • - 10
flag benrube (Jan 21, 2014 at 13:18) (Below Threshold)
 are these apps? lol
  • + 29
 No they're potates.

Yes, they are apps/games.
  • - 2
  • + 5
 It would be awesome if on the DH Supreme they included world cup tracks.
  • + 14
 ^ My bad, my bad. I should know this stuff too. I'm from Maine, the whole upper state is pretty much a giant potato field
  • - 7
flag freeriderayward (Jan 21, 2014 at 22:53) (Below Threshold)
 ^ Cool story bro.
  • + 9
 I don't get it there are just as many android users, why not develop it for both at the same time? I hate waiting for apps to come to the play store. Downhill Supreme we are looking at you!
  • + 2
 We're developing the Downhill Supreme 2 for both iOS and Android. They will launch at the same time and maybe we'll give few days earlier the game for Android user, just as sorry for DHS1 Razz
  • + 1
 That is hard to believe after countless months of waiting for DS1.
  • + 1
 Well I hope its true!
  • + 1
 There's a sweet PC Game in production, it's only a beta at the moment but still well playable now. It's called MTBfreeride, available thru desura, a kind of steam-like games hub. First person full sus DH and dirtjumps! Can't wait for the full polished version!
  • + 4
 Cant wait, ! it should defiantly come to windows phone tho
  • - 1
 All I got from this is that apparently basic math is hard. (16 tricks) x (# of flips) x (# of spins) x (# of manuals) x (# of grinds) = total combinations. Even if there are 10 of each, you're at 160,000 thousands tricks, not "millions."
  • + 1
 It's going to include factorials too. Your method assumes you can only do one of each trick in each category, and only do it one time. A barspin to x-up is one example.
  • + 1
 I suppose you're right, although without knowing the limit of what can be combined (quintuple barspin?) it would be near impossible to estimate. We could probably break down some crazy combinatorics, but I think you'd still be hard pressed to get an actual number. So, I stand corrected you *could* probably get millions, but it depends on a lot of factors.
  • + 1
 isnt it just basic factorials? use binomial expansion you wouldnt even need a calculator? could be wrong im no genius haha
  • + 1
 Sorta. It's got combos with repetition, combos without, and permutations. I would use a calculator but that's because college taught me to be lazy.
  • + 3
 we need news for dh supreme 2 !!!!!!!
  • + 2
 "with Android to follow soon after." so never. ah well, samurai siege is where its at.
  • + 2
 Wow this year is going to be epic! Downhill supreme 2, pumped bmx 2 and the new MX vs ATV. Stoked!
  • + 21
 you need to get out more
  • + 1
 Hells yeahh, great year for bike games.and I didn't even know about the mx vs atv. Sweet!
  • + 2
 Can't wait for this. I'll still be playing the original till this comes out though.
  • + 2
 And I thought the original version was great
  • + 1
 GNARLY...this game is soooo sick! - the best i've ever played
can't wait for it ;DD
  • + 2
 So pumped on this
  • + 1
 Really looking forward to this
  • + 1
 Whatevs. I got my Trials Evo on PC, f*ck the iPhone & iFad.
  • + 1
 I cant wait, i am a big fun of the first one so i will be getting ASAP
  • + 1
 Looks so sick! MTB apps are simply the best out there.
  • + 1
 that look so sick!!!
  • + 1
 that t-bog looks swag
  • + 1
 Such a blast
  • - 1
 please do not try this in real time
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