Reality Redesigned Episode 7: MasterCAM

Feb 6, 2012
This video is episode 7 of an 8 part series that introduced the Judges for the Reality Redesigned contest. Reality Redesigned is a contest that gives students an awesome opportunity to design and submit an innovative mountain bike component, suspension or frame. Contestants entered their design for a chance to win awesome prizes! Submission entry has now closed. The theme of this first Reality Redesigned contest followed the Edge Factor Show film “Gnarly Metal”.

In April, we FINALLY get to the good stuff.. to the meat of Reality Redesigned: The GAUNTLET video series, featuring our Judges critiquing the Top 9 designs.

Episode Title

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Josh Coaplen from Cane Creek Cycling Components and JoAnn Mitchell from Sandvik Coromant uncover the process of how to manufacture all their products in-shop. They visit Partners in Thinc to research what they will need to machine Cane Creek's bike parts on their new machine tool. It requires Computer-Aided Manufacturing software aka CAM. That's where MasterCAM comes in.


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 i have to say i was looking forward to looking at all these episodes because i thought it would show new and innovative products but its really just you talking to them about what they might do with the products then you total up how much you spent at starbucks, and at breakfast and leave us sitting there going wtf did i just watch
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 MASTGNAR CAM... Im a mech tech and this is past the tipping point of wackness
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 " well as introduce the viewer to the process of getting a design to market, uncovering the cost involved in that process. "

Jesus people. Do some reading before you complain about the costs rundown.
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 I think it makes more sense when you see the entire thing unfold rather than a one off release.

Go here to see it all and grasp the concept behind this challenge.

Pinkbike is doing a great job at supporting this and trying to open everyone's eyes to manufacturing so my hat is off!
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 I'm an engineer, i think this shit is pretty cool.
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 2 favs lol
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 Less competition for me then!
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 meh Frown
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