Red Bull Hill Chasers 2012

Jan 26, 2012 at 0:02
Jan 26, 2012
by Matt Wragg  
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Red Bull Hill Chasers will see 16 elite and 16 amateur cyclists from BMX, mountain bike, road cycling and fixed-gear compete in a series of gruelling head-to-head knockout rounds on the unforgiving incline. Riders will be paired randomly giving amateur riders the chance to compete against the elite. Look out for some big name competitors!

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A knockout format will halve the field until just two riders remain for the ultimate showdown. This year, the course has been shortened and pinch points added to make the race equal amongst all disciplines. A qualifying round will be held on Hill Street, just off Great George Street, between 8.30am and 11:00am on 18th February.

In 2011, the final of the Red Bull Hill Chasers event in Bristol was truly awesome. Charge Bikes team rider Chris Metcalfe eventually won the knock-out competition in front of a huge crowd. In all, 16 national and international pro cyclists, including Red Bull Athlete Danny MacAskill, competed head-to-head in drag races against top local cyclists from five different disciplines; road, fixed, BMX, cyclocross and mountain bike.

After the race Metcalfe said, "The crowd is so close to you as you ride up the hill that they really spur you on and it’s great that relative unknowns can ride against some of the best riders in the world, all right in the centre of Bristol!”

For your chance to compete against the elite as one of the 16 amateur riders go to and register for your place in the qualifier.

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

7.00 pm start

Park Street, Bristol

The Prize
Supplied by Charge Bikes

1st – Gold Bike Frame
2nd – Silver Bike Frame
3rd – Bronze Bike Frame

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Entry Requirements

For your chance to compete against some of the top cyclists in the world and become Red Bull Hill Chasers 2012 Champion, please register for the qualifier by completing the application form here:

The qualifier is open to all and will be held on Hill Street which runs parallel with Park Street, just off Great George Street, from 8.30am - 11am on Saturday 18th February. Come ready to ride!

We will be in touch shortly after the qualifier by text to let you know if you have qualified for Red Bull Hill Chasers. Entry closes on 15th February 2012.

For more information on format and rules go to:

Our Facebook event page:

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  • + 47
 thats the cutest thing ever
  • - 3
 ya but next a jump
  • + 2
 Kinda one sided though, mt bikes are for the mountain, and road bikes are for the road...of course the geared roadie won. They should add a dirt part, just to keep it fair...and so we can see some roadies crash XP
  • + 31
  • + 5
 WRONG! Chris akrigg trounced everyone on the cobble wobble on his modified trials bike FACT.
  • + 2
 It was a jump bike and that race was on cobbles, giving the larger volume tyres a slight advantage.
  • + 4
 Akrigg ran road tires on his bike in that race. So much for the higher volume advantage...
  • + 5
 shit bike would have won.
  • + 1
 Is it possible to fit road tyres on 26" rims?
  • + 24
 bring back mt 7
  • + 4
 I second!
  • + 1
 i concur sir.
  • + 14
 re: video, of course road bikes are going to be fastest, they're racing on a road!
  • + 2
 The course is a little bit shorter this year so it will make it super close racing. last the Roadies were just getting it towards the last few meters of the course. The Dual Start gate is back to make sure the starts are fair.
  • + 3
 Round 1 - Road sprint Round 2 - Skatepark Round 3 - Champery lets see who does the best overall, not some herp derp road race - oh a road bike won what a surprise -_-
  • + 5
 second that notion, and Round 4 - bar hop
  • + 1 i know dh and things would be lose but that is just nuts to do on a road bike
  • + 1
 that was sick man...mad skills
  • + 2
 I guess this explains why Robbie McEwen doesn't ride his BMX bike in the Tour. Who would of thought a road bike would be fastest on a road?
  • + 1
 man there are a bunch of dudes in here getting pretty butthurt that someone on skinny tires is better at something than they are.

who gives a crap? its just some dumb thing redbull puts on. they'll sponsor anything once!
  • + 3
 For this years events a few more corners will be added to make sure the lycra boys don't get the win so easily!
  • + 0
 should ban clips too, level the field some more!
  • + 1
 i think that event needs tobe done again but the course need to be made of small timed sections inc all the differnt disapline types xc dh dj bmx roadie then we will c the outcome
  • + 3
 They should have added a folding bike class.
  • + 1
 was at this last year although a rode bike won you would be surprised how close some of the races were between the mix of riders and their bikes.
  • + 1
 Congratulations to all the people who pointed out road bikes are for the road....
  • + 2
 Very peculiar findings......hmmmmmmm. !!!SCIENCE!!!
  • + 1
 yeah was this result really a surprise?
  • + 1
 i know this is random and all but speaking of red bull what happened to mount seven?
  • + 5
 yeah, let's see which type of bike is fastest down mount 7. I got me money on the fixies.
  • + 2
 I would love to see a final of Graves vs Hoy haha
  • + 6
 Hoy would destroy.
  • + 2
 Now lets see whos the fastest on a downhill track
  • + 2
 i live in bristol and i had no idea this was going on until i saw this?!
  • + 1
 They're using the hill the wrong way!
  • - 1
 sure road bikes are fastest uphill, obviously. But try riding a "carbon", "custom" road bike down a DH course.
  • + 7
 That's about as insightful as saying "Sure, cars are fast on the road, but try driving them on WATER!"
  • + 0
 Or what you could of said is " you dont bring an F1 car to go rallying" lol
  • + 2
 props to smike

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