Video: Red Bull Joyride 2012 Relived

Aug 28, 2012
by Red Bull Canada  

Crankworx - Red Bull Joyride

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 I would just like to give pink bike a HUGE thanks for being on top of everything at crankworks with all of the updates and videos thanks
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flag chyu (Aug 28, 2012 at 0:50) (Below Threshold)
 When the grand prize is 25k, you don't expect it to be easy.
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 Really...cause they are only the best riders
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 Cam's cam footage of the 60 footer and the gate crash at the end... frickin' awesome to see him so pumped up!
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 this years joyride wasnt as good as last year but its good to see the young guns come up and kill it, genon deserved the win because he didnt crash when others did so people stop bitching
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 Where are the streakers?!?!
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 Cam McCaul!
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flag benz-tech (Aug 27, 2012 at 22:24) (Below Threshold)
 Genon backflips a 'small' step-up, Cam back-flips a 60-footer. Do that math. My vote is for Cam!
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 not saying judging is always at it's best, but genon frontflipped that jump with massive style as where mccaul dit a tailwhip(pretty standard tricks for these guys on jumpes that big) so 1-1! maybe 'cause I'm from belgium I think tis way:p
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 i think its a huge shame guys like semenuk, messere, zink, granieri and soderstrom didnt get runs together
soderstrom woulda taken it if he stuck that 3 double whip, messere frontflip was whack (did he also try a flip double whip?), zinks flip nac had a gnar factor of 10, semenuks flip of the dropped that was kinda corked was huge and granieris flip tuck was absolutely insane
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 But on the day they couldn't keep it rubber side down so mad props to Genon for taking the win!
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 I think soderstrom was robbed.
Although that's after watching the vid a couple times.
On the hip he flaired it while genon tuck no'd it. Frown
All I can say that would be a tough one to judge.
Next year I'm going. Smile
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 I wouldn't say he was robbed because it was so close but he did have serious tricks up high on the course. I think all he would have needed to do to take it was tuck or barspin the step up. Breakdown jump by jump. Soderstrom ------------ Genon Drop-360Table ------------ 360 x-up Boner-Truckdriver ------------ t-whip Jump- 360 nak ------------ flip tuck Jump- double t-whip ------------ huge fronty Hip- huge oppo 360 ------------ double whip Hip - Flair ------------ Tuck Dish- 360whip ------------ 360 xup stepup- ------ ------------- backflip drop- huge 360 ------------ huge 360
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 Martin shouldn't have tried to 360 DOUBLE TailWhip the last jump on his FINAL run !!!! He would have won if he just landed something and made it to the bottom!!!!
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 That was a good highlight edit, looked nuts. There will always be discrepancies with the judging no matter what. That's what happens when it's the opinions of a few judges with the final say. I don't want that job. The riders killed it even in the wind, well done.
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 winning with a exploded tire??????????? thats so sick man! this kid rules! very nice to see every year new rider in Whistler!
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 Agreed. Last year it was Anthony and this year it's Thomas (and to a certain extent, Brett as well). This is the only event that can vault a rider into the international spotlight with only one run. Good stuff.
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 In my opinion, Martin had a better run, maybe just a lil' bit more boring Razz Anyways guys where so close, it's hard judge! Sweet run form Thomas, stoked to see him on the top of the podium, glad that Cam finished 3rd too!
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 Thomas put down a sick run but from watching last year and the scores it was more of a third place run. From being there till now I still cant believe all the `greats` crashing left and right. So disappointing but huge ups to the 18 year old! sick run and save atleast some of that 25K!!!
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 Don't overlook that they were dealing with major wind gusts this year. If it was calm, you would have seen a lot more landed.
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 CRANKWORKX!! Possibly the most exciting moment in life... Other then riding that isWink
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 dont forget rampage is on its way, and its gona be jawdropping
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 nobody puts a vid together like redbull!
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 HOLY SHIT. Awesome video. So glad I watched this. That backflip onto the bud light cabin was sick.
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 i've just left whistler, and every time i was riding a lift up i looked at this stand. such a great feeling to remember.
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 So stoked to have been there this year. Glad that someone other than Semenuk won.
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 That was f*cking... AWESOME!!!
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 That's one fucking EPIC video..!!!
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 That was cool.
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 got shivers
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 id rather not relive joyride because semenuk crashed....
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