Red Bull Joyride 2013 Airs on NBC

Sep 6, 2013
by Red Bull Bike  
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The dust may have settled since Red Bull Joyride took over Whistler this August as part of the 10th annual Crankworx mountain bike festival, but anyone that missed the slope-style action can now catch the event from the comfort of their own living room.

As part of the ongoing Red Bull Signature Series, Red Bull Joyride 2013 will air on NBC this September 7th. The full broadcast is also featured online at Red Bull TV. Relive Whistler native Brandon Semenuck’s record setting run and all of the gravity fuelled slope-style action this Saturday!

Martin Soderstrom s attempted 360 double whip at Redbull Joyride 2013 Crankworx Whistler
  Martin turning things up.

Broadcast Schedule:
Catch all the action either on cable TV or online below:

NBC Broadcast – September 7th 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT
Red Bull TV Online – Red Bull Signature Series

Please note:
- Canadians that can get NBC will be able to watch the show.
- If you can't see the show it will be available online on Sunday at

Do not consume if seal broken.
  Watch the whole story leading up to this championship moment.

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  • + 30
 Martin will get his chance next year
  • + 5
 oppo triple whip or oppo 3 double whip?
  • + 0
 With the rate of progression now, I wouldn't doubt it. It looks like they finally found their groove in course design... although they should really bring back the hip design they used when Anthony booooosted it his first year. Anthony's run was on the same level of intensity of Martin's (possibly a bit more considering he was a rookie and throwing down stuff that had never been done in MTB contest before) since he also had a chance to take gold but fell on his last run. Man, that event was as awesome as this year's.

The level of riding gets better and better every year and it's been a very lucky contest considering only one year had bad weather, if I remember right, which means the riders have the best venue to throw down their craziest stuff without holding back. = perfect formula for progression.
  • + 5
 all credit to messere, but far from soderstrom's level
  • + 3
 I think it's comparing apples to oranges... sure Anthony won't be doing opp dub tailwhips but Martin won't be doing fronties off flat drops.. in comps as the first time he has tried them... little details like that make it a bit more special.
  • + 1
 Can't believe that they're not airing rampage until December
  • + 17
 Dear PB, can you please do a "ASK ANYTHING: BRANDON SEMENUCK"?
  • + 11
 Really don't want to see Martin shatter his shin again:/ heal up bud.
  • + 1
 oh man. That was hard to watch. Lame that they didn't even mention it in the broadcast. I know that highlighting it is kinda macabre but at least give him a shout out and a get well soon. I suppose that's too much of a buzz kill for tv. So here, i'll do it Get well soon Martin
  • + 7
 Finally made it to TV! hopefully next year they will air it live onto TV!!!
  • + 7
 You guys probably meant 2PM EST | 11AM PST
  • + 2
 Love the camera presence of the can tell these guys aren't used to a camera and mic shoved in their face between runs.
  • + 1
 Awesome. From 2;00-4:00 ill be at work. Looks like it'll be Sunday on line. Not that it matters, I was at Crankworx anyways. Lol.
  • + 1
 Of course NBC is circle-jerking us around and showing a bunch of highlights of other sports
  • + 2
 Still think the judging on fmb is shotty
  • + 1
 It would be AWESOME to see mtb slope style or maybe some speed n style type events in the X-Games!
  • + 1
 It was this year
  • + 1
 Oh yeah? I didn't watch this year I only caught the end of the rally and gymkhana
  • + 0
 Yeah semenuck had a killer run. Too bad Lawrenuck wasnt there. C'mon, he was world champ last year, at least get his name right. Lol
  • + 1
 I saw Stikman at the end.
  • + 1
 Got to hand it to the kid, "Where is Intern?"
  • + 1
 First thing to say when you meet Brandon :"Where's INTERN?"
  • + 1
 Damn, I want to be out riding when this is on... decisions, decisions
  • + 2
 Hmm watch TV or shred? Doesnt sound like a decision to me.
  • + 5
 good news for us injured!
  • + 4
 DVR it and ride while it records.
  • + 2
  • + 1
 01:59 .... cool super retro jersey !!!
  • + 1
 Good on ya NBC!
  • + 1

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