Look Back: Red Bull Rampage 2012 - Black and White

Oct 9, 2013
by Hoshi Yoshida  
  LH454 Frankfurt - San Francisco

  The Airbus A380 was just too wide for my 35mm Summilux lens - 2nd shot needed.

  My first time in Las Vegas and what I first saw when I disembarked

  ... and my second impression from Las Vegas

  The kicker Brendog was shaping looked like the preparation for a suicide mission

  Brendog looks pretty satisfied about his work

  James Doerfling warming up on one of the "easier" drops"

  Andreu and Martin observing the camera man preparing a long camera support

  Andreu Lacondeguy's jump session

  Pushing bikes with Pierre Edouard Ferry

  This was training for the cameras as well, checking jump height, distance, all to sort the proportion of riders and terrain

  Brandon Semenuk's little kicker that leads into something with a much larger effect later

  Spectators walking to the pits after the qualifying run

  Sam Pilgrim, Martin Soderstrom, Brendan Fairclough on the couch

  Anthony Messere

  The wooden bridge gap jump was one of the last obstacles down to the finish area

  Big forks, big bikes, a clear indicator for a big mountain event

  Mick Hannah explaining his line choice

  The helicopter was omnipresent

  The impression of a desert camp was underlined by camouflage nets

  All qualifiers - ranking doesn't matter, because here, being in the finals means everything

  Cam's top result after the qualifying gets twittered

  The smallest big bike I've seen: Andreu's YT

  Geoff Gulevich hitting up the jump over the bridge gap during training

  Sweet table top by Gully

  Cam McCaul and his shape crew at work

  Geoff Gulevich again

  Thomas Vanderham

  James Doerfling and the SRSUNTOUR North America crew

  Ramon Hunziker representing Switzerland and his compatriot Rene Wildhaber

  The sound machine

  The water reservoir

  Kurt Sorge and James Doerfling shoveling

  Geoff Gulevich posing for the ladies

  Tyler McCaul's portrait shooting with Ian

  The icon sender needs a good landing

  and this is still hard hand work

  The basic tool set for all riders

  Guido Tschugg (middle) couldn't participate due to an injury

  Nico Vink, a legendary Downhill rider showed his signature MX riding style.

  Geoff Gulevich rolling in to check out the icon sender.

  Last minute shots before sunset

  The bridge gap jump at sunset

  Waiting for the shuttle bus back to the parking

  When the day ends for the riders, the mechanic's work begins

  Finals day: Following the crazy spanish crew with Andreu on their ATV

  Cam Zink on finals day after his terrible crash at the qualifiers

  Cam gets medical treatment. Is he able to ride or not?

  Brandon Semenuk: Relaxed and self-confident

  Pushing the bike up slowly by internalizing every line and every move ahead

  Bearclaw's run

  Brandon Semenuk's sickest drop of the event

  Wil White

  Quick fork service between the final runs

  Martin Soderstrom whipping to the finish line


  Kurt Sorge's Rampage trophy

  James Doerfling finished 6th


Red Bull Rampage 2012
  Brandon Semenuk

Red Bull Rampage 2012
  Garett Buehler - celebrating his team mate Doerfling's big day.

  James Doerfling back at the SRSUNTOUR truck waiting for some cold IPA

  Vacuum cleaning after the Rampage is mandatory - Pinkbike photographer Colin Meagher

  The end, for now.

Check out more work from Hoshi Yoshida here.


  • + 53
 cant wait to watch brendog
  • + 7
 I seriously can't wait for Friday, to all those that can't make it I guarantee we will be screaming there for you
  • + 41
 Semenuk smiling
  • + 7
 Ya, I noticed that too! Their must be pigs flying around somewhere. Smile
  • + 1
 And money growing on trees
  • + 17
 Not even one of Bizet Smile
  • + 12
 I wanna see a "Bikes of Rampage" :-) PLEASE!!!
  • + 7
 I'm really looking forward to watching Wil White and Kirill Benderoni. These two guys are so motivated to perform for themselves, not even for their sponsors (and lack thereof). I know they aren't going to be the favorite riders, but I'm excited to watch them!
  • + 10
 Not one pic of norbs.
  • + 20
 He got robbed again! :0
  • + 9
 the water reservoir - lies they found Heisenbergs methalamine stash
  • + 1
  • + 1
 cheers jcjp94, i was power typing and dint really have a clue how to spell it haha.
  • + 1
 mountain biking is more fun than my organic chemistry homework anyways
  • + 4
 gosh they need to eat some carbs and proteins to balance out all that GRAIN
.. gotta eat healthy eh? Wink
  • + 2
 Just got to block out the NOISE, get some big balls, and drop some big lines.
  • + 5
 Now that is what i call a sum up! Makes me want to go this year even more!
  • + 4
 Love it.
  • + 5
 Great pictures here makes me very excited for this year.
  • + 1
 "Geoff Gulevich hitting up the jump over the bridge gap during training" My My My!

TImeless... That what the pictures look like! you cant tell what decade they came from!@ They seem timeless.. Very cool!
  • + 3
 picture number 13, the chick in the middle....
  • - 8
flag mysticar (Oct 9, 2013 at 8:29) (Below Threshold)
 ...has too much cellulit
  • + 5
 With all these awesome photos, why do you have to be a huge a-hole by being disrespectful and insulting to my wife, who was excited to have her photo on PB for the first time. FU mysticar. Be sure to think of her this Friday when you are sitting at home and we are hanging out with Zink and Semenuk again this year!
  • - 1
 So have fun. Of course Im sitting tomorrow on my fat ass which you can check on my photos because it's normal workday. But during the weekend I'm going to have lot of fun riding my bike. Dont be so serious.
  • + 2
 I wonder how SX riders would react if they were told they had to build their own course.
  • + 0
 Some of those photos are crazy!!! Those are some of the greatest pictures I have seen from Rampage.
  • + 1
 im looking forward to Kiril, im still optimistic he will bring a hardtail
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  • + 1
 Crazy stuff.
  • + 1
 Shit is mad sick
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