Redbull Cobble Wobble

Dec 20, 2012 at 20:01
Dec 20, 2012
by Simon Paton  
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Michal Prokop tearing up the streets.

Cobble Wobble, an individually timed uphill bike sprint returned to Catherine Street in Frome on Sunday 16th December 2012. Two hundred competitors across five disciplines braved the difficult conditions and set blistering times up the 170-yard cobbled street. A decidedly slippery course proved technically challenging which meant that riders had to use all of their skills to negotiate thousands of slippery cobbles lining the street.


The Charge 'King of the Cobbles' saw a number of high profile riders competing including Red Bull athletes Kye Forte, Dan Atherton, and Michal Prokop and Charge team rider Chris Metcalfe. The level of athletes meant that amateur competitors had to produce their best riding in order to have a chance of finishing on the podium. The top 20 riders qualified for the King of the Cobbles Final.


Chris Metcalfe Charging uphill.

Two time defending champion Lewis Lacey was no match for four time World Champion and Red Bull athlete Michal Prokop from the Czech Republic. Michal’s explosive power saw him crowned King of the Cobbles 2012 while setting a blistering time of 22.966 bumping Lacey into 2nd place. Michal Prokop said “I had no idea what to expect, it’s an extremely challenging course and the level of riding from the pro’s and amateurs was incredibly high. My trip to Cobble Wobble in Somerset with Red Bull has been one of the highlights of my year!”


Local rider Ryan Stack showed he could mix it up with the world’s best finishing 3rd. The top 3 riders took home an individually wrapped custom made single speed Charge Plug.

Podium Time..

Your top three on the podium.

Prokop, Michal - 22.966
Lacey, Lewis - 23.223
Stack, Ryan - 23.619
Horton, James - 24.632
Leng, Chris - 24.658
Atherton, Dan - 25.216
Cousins, Neil - 25.405
Metcalf, Chris - 25.999
Pryce, Stuart - 26.185
Palmer, Tom - 26.370

Stay Unclipped.

Si Paton..
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  • + 66
 What will redbull think of next!? How about a race at the bottling factory across thousands of loose, full cans of redbull, sharp edges, exploding redbulls, flat tires, danger around every factory corner, topped off with a bull on the run that's been fed redbull, winner gets a carboard cut out and that guys robot costume.
  • + 41
 you sir, should save this stuff for the weekly backpack contest.
  • + 27
 ^precisely. way better than "its a bird its a plane its messere" and the awful poems that I can't remember right now
  • + 12
 Hate to be that guy, but this event has been going for a few years (2009 I think) before Redbull came in and sponsored it.
Chris Akrigg won the first one I think

But even so, I think they should definitely take your idea on board!!!
  • + 27
 Is that Mr. Bean on the podium??
  • + 2
 @richlong28 chris akrigg won the second one in 2010, neil cousins won the first one in 09. i have a feeling chris akrigg did it quicker than prokop too, around 21 seconds i think
  • + 15
 Chris Akrigg winning it a couple of years ago on a Mongoose Fireball
  • + 10
 Chris akrigg...... Legend in every aspect!! Big Grin
  • + 8
 So how did the robot do? Haha, is that a turkey pan?
  • + 8
 They call him "the broiler bot"
  • + 4
 Kinda looks like he is staring right at that woman's chest too!
  • + 4
 he probably is!
  • + 3
 Broiler bot better behave himself otherwise his turkey time might pop!
  • + 3
 should've stuck peter sagan, tom boonen and fabian cancellara in it and watched the field explode, the last two are made for cobbles, sagan is amazingly strong tho
  • + 4
 I have no doubt Prokop would beat all those roadie pros in this event. This is what he trains for; explosive power sprinting from a dead stop. Those leg shaving roadies are endurance racers, they train to go fast for long races that are completely different than this.

Years ago Brian Lopes challenged World Champion sprinter Marty Nothstein to a sprint similar to this, but he wouldn't take the bait cause he knew he would lose to the ex-bmx'er.
  • + 2
 change my vote to chris hoy/theo bos... cant get much better than that
  • + 1
 love local events going big, this things been going on for years between the local, before these lycra wearing folk got a grip of it
  • + 1
 actually the lycra wearing folk were there from the start (i know cus i was one of them! :L ) its the baggy clothed 4x and bmx riders that have taken over now
  • + 3
 that is such a sick event it looks LEGEN wait for it DARY
  • + 1
 That actually does look pretty sick, and just the name made me LOL: Cobble Wobble!
  • + 2
 thoses trophys are awesome!!
  • + 1
 frickin brilliant idea Keyul
  • + 1
 Michal has a nuclear power in his legs, congrats!
  • + 1
 no videos?
  • + 1
 Thanks bro Big Grin
  • - 1
 iI road over a brick once, don't see me mackin' an event bout it.

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