Results: Mens XC World Championship

Aug 31, 2013
by Matt Wragg  
A dominant Nino Schurter does the business in PMB!


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 correct me if I'm wrong, but there's only one rider in that list not from Europe? The rest of the world has some catching up to do.
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flag poozank (Aug 31, 2013 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 Japan is in Europe, eh?
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 pretty sure japan is asia..
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 you may not like XC, but these guys are really impressive to watch!
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flag biker3335 (Aug 31, 2013 at 20:56) (Below Threshold)
 as you can see us in canada would much rather be riding stuff better then xc
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 Canada, where you at?
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 On the DH track
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flag freeride-forever (Aug 31, 2013 at 9:36) (Below Threshold)
 And on the slope course, where it actually matters.
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 They had a poor start position to begin with (around 30th I think), making it pretty tough to close the gap on the top 10 guys who are able to pin it right from the start without dealing with mad traffic and pile ups. Plaxton has been cracking the top 10 the last 2 years on the circuit so combined with a bad start position and perhaps a bad race he ended up way out of contention. Maybe next year!

Canada did place second in the JR mens xc champ race, link:
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 On heckle's rock! Wink
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 Euros robbed NA...
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 or are better, different ways to see the issue! Wink
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 Notice that Absalon had two massive crashes before the race resulting in 3 broken ribs... His performance is not bad at all!! It's just frustrating that he couldn't manage to fight properly with the others! Congrats to Nino, so talented rider, and to all the others that put an awesome performance(fumic, hermida, tempier,...) Big Grin
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 Absalon broke ribs in the end?! Oh man! I knew he had fallen but wow. On the rocks?
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 During training yes, two floating ribs broken and an another one pretty damaged, he said during an interview that he never could breathe completely during the course, he said it was like someone stabbed him in the chest every time he breathed. Yeah he did that in rocky hell "tree house section", while he was tryin' to get a faster line in order to make time on Shurter!! ^^ He's not done at all, he said he recover his power and his health from Beijing 2008....Enough said!! Big Grin
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 Nino, destroying everyone as usual ... 23sec in front of Fumic, crashed, and still won with 7sec ...
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 Man it wasn't even close. The race was his from the beginning. Kind of a buzzkill I thought. Not that anyone watching this year would be surprised, but it would be nice to see a bit of competition, right? Wink
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 Nino still killing it.
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 Nino is a propah beast. Thanks Matt Wragg and PB for posting this.
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 Way to go Nino!!! Hopp Schwiiiz!! Nice also to see Hermida on 3rd place! He's finding his form at the end of the season
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 Felicidades por ese tercero Jose Antonio, un gran muchacho con una mamá increíble.
Tuve el placer de conocerlos en el mundial de 1997 en Suiza.

Muchos saludos España
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 Where did Dan McConnell go after the start of the race he just disappeared?
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 Wow, I would pay good money for a sample of his training schedule...
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 Is that the same Miguel Martinez of France who was kicking about a decade or so ago. If so he must be pushing 40?
  • 1 1 USA finisher? Nowhere? Kind of disappointing... Must be that everybody is focusing on cyclocross...or enduro....or road...
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 Correct me if I am wrong, but Mr. Schurter rides 26" right?
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 You are indeed wrong my friend. Schurter rides a 650b.
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 yep, 27.5'' wheels...actually, this might be the very first weekend where will see both the XC and DH race won on 650b rims !!!...
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 He dominated last year on 650B (he's too short to comfortably fit 29ers, and being comfortable on your bike is critical to winning races) which is what opened the flood gates for 650B buying frenzy by the public, and he repeated that dominance this year. Its now back to back world championships on 650B wheels and for scott bicycles. It would be interested to find out if ANY of the other 19 riders in that list rode anything other than 650Bs or 29ers.
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 Julie Bresset won the women's XC race on 650B as well!
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 oh snap
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 Dan McConnell? Frown
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 nice to see no english ha
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 was about to say the same
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