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Dec 22, 2009
by Jordan Holmes  
Ryan Howard is not a huge name in the mountain bike industry, however his name is well known around the dirt jump scene. Coming out of Aptos, California, Ryan Howard is one of the most butter smooth, dialed, and stylish riders I have ever seen. When Ryan rides it's evident why he took the "Most Steeze" title at the Ham and Steeze Jam.

Here is a bit of information from the dog's mouth about what Ryan Howard has been up to.

Ryan Howard is a local from the Aptos area that is known for his style, his attitude, and his drive. He will dig harder than anyone else, and still shred at that same high level once play time arrives. Ryan is a really well rounded rider, but seems to spend most of his time getting sideways as opposed to upside down. If you didn't understand that, Ryan is classified as a style rider, meaning he's not worried about busting tail whips and three whips on every other jump, he's more interested in flowing the jump pack, and making you look like a passenger.

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Ryan Howard's bike is kind of a mish mash of parts from along the way. That mish mash is a bit of an Aptos trend that I noticed while there. Every rider would help another rider out to get him/her riding again. If you bust a crank arm and someone else has one that will get you riding again, they will let you use it. That being said, Ryan Howard's bike is constructed around being light, reliable, and quiet.

Frame2009 Specialized P3
Fork2007 RockShox Pike - Lowered
CrankarmsTruvativ Holzfeller 165mm
Bottom BracketTruvativ Holzfeller
ChainguideGamut P30
PedalsTruvativ Holzfeller
HandlebarBlk Mrkt Bada Bing Bar
GripsThe Sensus Grips
BrakesAvid Juicy Ultimate on the rear - 140mm Rotor
Front WheelGravity Wheel
Rear WheelGravity Wheel
TiresGeax AKA and WTB Mutano Raptor
Tubesthe rubber kind, with LATEX
SaddleSDG Patriot Proto
SeatpostSDG I-Beam

Howard's bike was based off a 2009 Specialized P3 frame. He mentioned that the guys over at Specialized have been hooking him up with some frames, so it's good to see that the frames are holding up to the abuse. A fair amount of riders in the Aptos area ride Specialized bikes, along side Blk Mrkt bikes. Ryan's bike was pretty standard when it came down to components. A RockShox Pike 454 fork was on the front of his bike, with Gravity wheels front and back. Some Truvativ cranks, a Gamut chain guide, and a wide Blk Mrkt bar.

Howard is sponsored by SDG and he runs their I-Beam saddle setup. Unlike many of the riders in the Aptos area Howard runs gears, but uses a high end SRAM X.O rear derailleurs. The SRAM X.O is about as nice as it gets for rear derailleurs, so it's no wonder why Ryan was running it. It keeps his chain taught, and on his gears, and when it's time it can provide all the motion needed to either speed up, or slow down the pace.

Ryan Howard's bike had some unique stickers on it, such as the massive Howard on the drive side down tube, however, Ryan was also showing support for Stephen Murray. All over the non-drive side down tube were Stay Strong stickers, showing his support for the cause.

Ryan Howard has managed to keep a fairly small name for himself, however, in the future you're going to be seeing a whole lot more of this guy. Wicked skills, awesome attitude, and the drive to make it big all ensure that Ryan Howard has what it takes to make it.


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 so what did he really do with that $100 ahahahha

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 R-Dog is the man
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 Sweet article but doesn't that bike look really beaten up?
  • + 32
 Yeah it happens when you ride it.
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 Uhg! The spray job is HORRIBLE! Good rider though
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 love that bike...so light!
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 if its so beat up why dont you get him a new one?
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 damn straight on the no dig no ride!
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 Is it just me who thinks this bike looks hideous? I'm sure it rides sick and the spec is nice, but whats the point of have custom parts when it looks rubish?
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 id agree that it looks rubbish but like you say that doesnt mean it rides bad. his bike is functional rather than stylish kind of ironic really considering the topic of the article.
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 hahahahahah i love how cam mccaul was just doing what ever on a mini trampoline there. haha cam is amazing!
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 he is amazing because he acts like a 12 yr old girl?
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 lol rydindirty.. your 13 years old and your bashing one of the best dirt jumpers by saying hes acting like a 12 year old girl. Hmm.
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 lol rffr...your that bothered that your actually going on to his profile to see who he is? offended? lol "hmm".
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 not that hard just to click someone's name. I just find it funny that all those type of comments generally come from the very young ones.
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 I bash Cam when I want lol...ask him. not 13 but I like it when you think I am haha
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 Nice, you have to lie about your age on pink bike. Cool stuff bro.
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 figures i'd hear from you and seraph on this one. figures your both still being a couple of mega nerd interweb douchbags.
you guys should get married, and have ass babies, they could write the most technically perfect, yet retarded bike articles ever.
sound good to you guys?
don't be fooled, i still think you're both awesome!
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 Howard has the best style ever. Just a simple bar spin chuck from homie is always butter. Him and Reveles are the most fun to watch ride.
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 Awesome how it says that the front tire is a Weirwolf when it clearly says "Mutano Raptor" on the tire in one of the photos.
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 And its a gravity stem, not a blackmarket.
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 I get up in the morning just to correct people about the spec on a bike.....I have no reason to get up actually, Sorry.
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 I'm beginning to think that the Pinkbike guys should send all their bike spec lists to me for proofreading before they publish them...
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 That might be a good idea seraph!
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 In all seriousness, I would totally do that. Just pm me with a link to the bike photos and I will tell you the specs, usually down to the model numbers.
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 In this case R-Dog send a list to Jordan of what was on his bike and yep it does not match the pics, but rather what he had the day he filled out the spec form - things change, don't think too hard about it.
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 C'mon brule, you should know by now that every picture posted on this site is going to be scrutinized down to the smallest detail. Why not just have the info match the pics?
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 because then nerds like you wouldn't have anything to do would they?
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 Get Sum R-Dog!

R-Dog is the man!
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flag nouser (Dec 22, 2009 at 2:16) (Below Threshold)
 Ant This Already Been Posted Up Before ? Howard Sick Rider! Cam Mcaul Is Messed Up HAHA!
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 thats what i thought, when going thu there i was getting da ja vue lol, still he deserves another post, such a sweet rider
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 They always mix up the spec with whats actually on the pics. Who cares? Mad unturndown!!!!
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 Is that dog sh#t on the front tyre?
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 steeze master
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