SRAM and Cove Bikes' Wiffle Golf Invitational 2006

Jul 28, 2006
by Tyler Maine  
Wednesday night of the Crankworx festival was insane with happenings and events all over the village. At any given time it seemed as though there was 4 things going on at once. Mike and I decided to split up and make an effort to hit up 2 things each in order to tell you all about the wonderful after hours shows going on up here. While I loaded up and headed out to Emerald for the SRAM and Cove Bikes Wiffle Golf Invitational, Mike was headed to the Air Dome launch. Mike didn't make it that far after getting his ankle ran over, he got to hang out at the hospital until he was cleared to go. Mike's fine, one big ol' swollen foot (picture to come later) and a good night's sleep was his reward. Expect some killer pics from Thursday's SlopeStyle qualifiers as he planted himself up there for your viewing pleasure. But enough about Mike-this story is about Wiffle Golf!!What is wiffle golf? Good question and after playing 19 holes of it, I still don't get it, but I can tell you that the clubs fly straighter then the balls do! Yeah Kev!!! OK so the idea behind this momentous occasion was to bring a lot of riders, friends, industry types and a few dirty media folks out to basically have a great time. Bevies, food and great company was served up and we took it like greedy teens at a first time keg party.

My team came together by chance-basically we were all at the house staring at each other and asking the same questions. "Has anyone played before? Where's the course?, What are the rules?" Good thing Gabe was there with his insiteful answers-"Grab a club and ball, don't forget a score card and pencil. Now bush wack to the road, go up it and it's up there somewhere. I've never been, but that's what I was told to do once I go up." Awesome, so with that the 6 of us headed through the woods, up the road and hoped to hell we found the course. Well thankfully there was at least 40 other golfers out on the course already, so all we had to do was follow the obsceneties and sure enough we were at the first hole.

The Rules:
-1 swing only-idea being to hit the green/sand area where the hole is
-1 point for a ball in the green/sand area
-3 points for a hole in one-Flanders got at least 2 hole in ones
-minus 1 point for a water hazard (ah Dave we really could of killed it with out loosing that one point)
-I'm sure we made up our own rules as we went along to, but ah its all good.

Tyler Morland showing us his form

Tyler Morland showing us his form

We were the only team to have a ghetto blaster on course.  I wonder if that was the secret to our success

We were the only team to have a ghetto blaster on course. I wonder if that was the secret to our success

As we cruised along special recognition was given to fellow team members for great feats that were witnessed during the game.

1.Watson-Best club throw-both it and his ball landed in the same water hole.
2.Tyler-Best Ball ricochet and ball "sender" for killing that little ball at all opportunities.
3.Quinner-Best club bounce-self explanitory
4.Smiley-Best "I almost died when that club head whizzed by me look"

After 19 holes, and a few close encounters it was time to head back to the party. Holy crap it was in full effect!! There were people everywhere with Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chips, Salads, oh and of course ICE COLD BEVIES for all!

We never found out the scores of the other teams, so we self claimed the title to the 2006 invitational.

We never found out the scores of the other teams, so we self claimed the title to the 2006 invitational.

Aside from bringing us all together to play golf, the folks at Cove Bikes had a new frame to unleash too. The still yet to be named frame is based upon the Shocker DH platform, but with a much more freeride appeal to it. Look for more info on the name frame in the months to come.

Thanks again to everyone at SRAM and Cove Bikes for getting everyone together for a nice little festive gathering. Looking forward to the 2007 invitational.

Happy Trails,

Editors Note-A wiffle ball is similar in dimensions to a true golf ball, but its made of plastic and is full of holes. The holes are in it to prevent it from flying great distances-hence why you only get one swing to make it count.

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