Teaser: SRAM X01 - All For One

Oct 4, 2013
by SRAM  

"All For One" documents The Coastal Crew and Logan Peat on an adventure into a previously unridden corner of British Columbia's West Coast. Stay tuned for the short film, coming late October.


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 Just wait til it all comes down in price (one day) and when majority of riders realize they AREN'T racers and can not afford to have these parts. Sponsored racers go right to town... use it for a few races then sell it to somebody else. Settle for what you can afford, not what's shoved in your face and told is good because it's lighter. For the average rider, lighter isn't always better.. stronger is realistically what you want. It may be durable AND lighter for that pricetag, ultimately though stick with something more realistic. This is purely gimmicks to me. Neg vote me all you want but when it comes to the all mighty dollar, you live within your means.
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 Totally agree with the living within your means. As far as I know, X01 wont be much more than many other groupsets, sure the cassette and rear derailleur may cost more, but you dont have to buy a front shifter or front derailleur, so it starts evening out. I would urge people to try 1x drivetrains with the narrow-wide tooth profile and a clutch derailleur. In an industry full of gimmicks, this is an advancement that really works, and it works for the average joe and not just the racer-x.

Everyone down in the comments seems to think that this is a SUPER pricey drivetrain. It is about $1200 or so. Look at other drivetrain groupset prices, do some research. This is right in there, and it works better. I know that saying "XX1 or X01 is too expensive" is the new pinkbike comment-du-jour, like "Looks like a session" was last month, but come on...
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 You make solid points about the price being somewhat comparable and yes you don't have to buy the shifters and front derailleur but how often do you replace those? A cassette for me lasts about 4-6 months roughly. Thats $800 a year just on cassettes! Even if you had an XTR cassette, replacing it is about $130 cheaper. I can't look past that $400 lol If you have the money, more power toyou
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 ^^ @Joalst, if you're replacing cassettes that often, try and check your chain for stretch more diligently. If you're replacing your chains before they wear and stretch beyond a certain point, you shouldn't need to be replacing your cassette nearly as often.
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 I do check it. My chain lasts me the longest. I use KMC X10SL's on every bike i own and they last me usually until i get another bike without stretching too much. (or at least it doesnt stretch to a .5) I clean my drivetrain. I lube my chain. I just ride very frequently
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 Race Face and Shimano for this boy. Sram is like this video. Short lived and disappointing.
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 Okay okay... first off yes the group is a bit higher end if youve ever had anytime on either one of these systems you would understand that its worth it ... but all you really need to have a kick ass system is a x01 or xx1 crank (or if you own x0,x9, or a.k.a cranks all you need is the NSB spider and an xx1 chainring) for all you guys with a previous clutch derailluer and a 11-36 cassette.. so stop whining. .. raceface also offers thick thin chainrings as small as a 30t for 104 bcd crank (normal mtn chainring bolt diameter) and there new next crank comes with thick thin ring... now dont get me wrong thw xo1 and xx1 cassette and derailleur also the shifter are amazingly nice and shift far better then a 70 dollar cassette... but the cheap man way to get around it is just the thick and thin ring up front to get the 1 by system with no need for a chain guide.. (screw anyone that says you do!) YYoucan still climb nasty steeps any questions ask bythe way f$ ck "Sshredder" sram is way to go ... (1 by the way of the future and sram made it up they are on top right now)
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 1x10 seems to work for 90% of the riding community who are inclined to sample 1x anything. We're happy enough....Now if Sram could fit 2-3 more hours in the standard day so that I can ride more. That I'd pay forSmile
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 Amen trails801
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 I'm here for the vid, not the overpriced product.
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 Others have said it, and I'll say it again: 1x10 with a 30T NarrowWide Ring and a 36T cassette works dang well, and costs half of what this costs, and it's lighter.
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 Amen. The important technology are narrow-wide profiled chainrings and a clutched rear derailleur. Quiet, efficient, no chain guide needed. You don't need to spend XX1 and X01 money to get these.
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 30 T isn't fast enough if you ask me, especially with an 11 tooth cog. The range of a 10-42 lets you use a bigger chain ring to go faster, and everyone likes going faster right?
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 @trailblitz. I take it you ride nothing but straight flat hard packed trails. The biggest narrow/wide rings available for 104bcd and 76bcd, is 38t. So what you are saying is that, the one tooth high gear advantage of the 10-42 cassette is worth the 1200$? The high light of the 1x11 system was the chainring. That is no more.
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 @dirttrailsociety and I take it you don't ride fast....lol but on a serious note, I don't know what trailblitz trails are like but if they're anything like socal, I like to have a 36t so I have the top end. A 30t ring spins out so fast if you like to push it on the downhills
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 I'm with Trailblitz, 1x10 an 11-36 isn't enough range no matter which chainring I run up front. If I gear it low enough to climb steep fireroads, and technical single-track, I can't really pedal down them, and I top out on the pavement getting too/from the trails. If I gear up so I can pedal more, I can't climb hardly any hills. I need to try a 10-42 before I'm willing to buy it, but I am excited as it almost gets me the range I want.

1x10 and 1x11 both have their place, but neither is the be-all end-all of drivelines.
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 I ride flatario, excuse me Ontario. The hills aren't very big, but they can be steep both up and downhill. I have pedal downhill sections, and I find I need at least a 34T to be effective, but climbing a 25% grade with that chainring can be extremely tiring
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 You guys all need to man the f up 28 by 11-36 can climb anything an decend fine. If you need to go faster stop braking or get a bigger ring up front but then you cant pedal up ? Wahhhhh back to square 1 man the f up!
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 I've got no beef with a bigger range in the cassette, but not for 400 bucks over the price of a more traditional cassette, that works on my hub. I too ride Onterrible, and rarely need to pedal down a hill, but agree it could be a little easier going up, but it's not a big enough problem to solve that I'd be willing to buy a whole drivetrain for it. I love going with the tried and test stuff, cause you know it'll work and you don't have to pay the show-off tax.
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 I run the Race Face narrow wide 32T with a normal 9 speed 11/ 34 cassette on my Blackmarket Roam and haven't dropped a chain yet. Its been through bike park jumps and gnar and everything else and still climbs good enough to keep up with the granny gear guys, albeit with a little more leg effort. Cost: 40 bucks
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 i got the same setup on my kona taro cept i got a 36 granny gear in the back, just dropped my chainguide and got the 32t rf narrow wide ring, it works fine for trail riding cept for when i race and put more intense effort in where that 42t granny would make more sense for me.. when its time for an upgrade i might consider it, but for now im happy with 9 speed 12-36 cassette..
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 I converted my XC to run a 36t with a 11-32 9spd, and still the non clutch long cage rear mech, haven't dropped the chain once, those narrow wide chainrings are excellent. For £40 I saved around 500g and haven't seen any loss in speed or performance over my 44/32/22 triple.
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 I just got a 30T Narrow wide and love it. Have a clutch derailleure too, but didn't bother to put it on yet, cause the NW ring works so damn well. Probably the coolest "innovation" I've experienced in a while.
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 In an alternative universe, I wonder if single chainrings could have been the default with increasingly wider and wider cassettes. Suddenly, new technology emerged with a trend smashing dual ring setup boasting tight ratio cassettes.
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 A cassette costing that much should have replacable cogs. Are you to just junk a $400 cassette when one or two cogs call it quit?
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 Yeah, it's one thing to have expensive parts, but a $400 part that you know you'll have to replace yearly or so is pretty crazy.
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 very good point - 35$ cassette made of stamped and conservatively machined individual pieces is the way to go. Sram got it all wrong with the 400$ part. That buys me a set of 4 pickuptires.
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 your mistaking the fact that they made that part stronger, from what i hear the cassette lasts longer because the process in which its machined creates a stronger product. so lets get some real world reviews on this product from pink bike......
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 It's still a $400 dollar replacement. It would make more sense for the cogs to be replaceable instead of having to replace the whole thing. Also a cheap cassette might need to be replaced a bit more often but the cost of the replacements still adds up to a good deal less than this cassette.
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 I just put on a new sram x9 cassette and bent it 3 rides in. If that cost me 400+ I would have been furious! I look forward to bigger cassettes in the future that are priced as the disposable items they were meant to be.
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 All for the one percent
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 Comparing deore to xo1 is like comparing ford to BMW. Yeah cool they both make nice cars but we all know which one is better. And those who are having to replace cassettes every season u should prob invest in a chain checker. If u are smart and put a new chain on a couple times a year your cassettes will last many seasons FYI.
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 Maybe you forgot about the cost of that proprietary chain.
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 Ask the BMW guys how often they have their car worked on, I bet its a lot more often than the ford people, then include after warranty prices and your getting F'ed in the A.. kind of similar huh.
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 @dirttrailsociety Maybe you forgot that the cost of this proprietary chain isn't any more than any other high end chain from sram.
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 All for 1.,....... Million dollars

Too expensive , I've already gott a crap load of obsolete 26 inch tyres my rc3tis are being swapped for a lesser fork with 650b clearance

There's no f*ckin way I'm buying into a whole new gearing standard , Several companies are already offering custom 10 speed cassette give me a 32t thick thin and 11-38 ( or a rf 30 t thick/thin chainring and a hope 10-38 ) in 10 speed andet on with it shimano
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 Wonder what Shimano will pump out to rival this.
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 You and me both. I am eagerly awaiting. I don't think I really need the 11 gears as I could probably handle the large spacing between cogs, but I definitely could use the monster 42 tooth.
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 1x10 with the General Lee cassette adapter. Running 32 narrow wide with a 10-40 rear cassette. Works amazingly well and shipped from Italy in 4 days. Yes it's $200 but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than xx1
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 Which derailleur do you use? I have a Zee 11-36 and thinking about a switch to singlering in the front
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 Am I the only one around here who thinks XO1 is decent value?
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 Well the case can be made because "it is all relative", but when you can get a Deore groupset with brakes from $400, and X01 costs $1200 without brakes, I wouldn't say it is a decent value.

I know we like to rag on Deore, but seriously, it is just as good as the top of the line from 5 years ago...

And that said, I am still lusting after a nice 1x11 setup Smile
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 Lately I've been looking at Durace Di2 and super record EPS group sets (not for myself), so $1200 retail seems very reasonable now. Maybe not the best value, but I don't think it's as outrageous as people make it sound
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 At the speed the industry moves, buying top of the line on release seems like a poor strategy. Within a season we'll see this trickle down to a more reasonable price point.
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 The funny thing is if you order from one on the bike shops on eBay 2013 XX1 is actually cheaper than 2014 X01 right now. That said, I try really hard to buy all my stuff from my LBS since they rock...
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 Sorry burnben, accidently neg-propped your last comment. Gotta support the LBS for sure when you can
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 I think it's going to be a little while before we see XX1 at a more affordable price. Just last week I had a long chat with Chris who heads up the Sram MTB Drivetrain Development in Germany and he said "Why go cheaper? We don't have any competition from other brands, so there is no need to try and make it cheaper." He mentioned about instead of going cheaper, changing direction so instead of just MTB looking at other genre's out there.
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 SRAM why u make black cassette and not black chain? Blank Stare
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 Probly because they would have to machine it from one solid piece of steel......let me introduce you to the new $400 dollars black chain. :-P
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 10spd x-horizon X0 derailleur would be awesome.
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 im still riding 9 XO, on my new ride!
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 Me too bro, no problens at all, love it.
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 How are all these trails previously unridden? Someone built them and didn't ride them? Seems misleading.
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 The trails in the video are very very old quad trails and hiking trails that were rebuilt for riding.
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 Anyone have an idea what song this is?
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 Don't Stop- Odesza
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 Thanks, great song!
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 That trailer went full high school musical high five for me
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 Norbs was robbed by thAt tinny fish.
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 Sram X01 isn't a bike part it is a lifestyle.
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 too bad that this group set is worth a new bike.
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