Santa Cruz Bullit - Resurrection Time!

Dec 19, 2006
by Tyler Maine  
The Bullit is Back! Bigger, bolder, badder and better than ever before, the new and freshly evolved Bullit marks another chapter of Santa Cruz's single pivot revival.

After taking a couple years off, this all-duty workhorse returns to the lineup ready to tackle anything and everything, smoothing out trail rides and sucking up downhill punishment with sweet handling, low maintenance simplicity.Custom drawn double-butted aluminum tubes form the completely redesigned front triangle, while a new and vastly stiffened swingarm pivots on a massive 20mm axle riding in oversize bearings (oversize bearings that come with a lifetime guarantee, no less).

There's over 7-inches of rear wheel travel, it'll fit 8-inch brake rotors in the back, and the stout 1.5" headtube and gusseted top and down tubes allow you to put whatever the hell kind of fork you want up front.

New Gussets and a burly 1.5

New Gussets and a burly 1.5" headtube

Combine that with the ability to run either standard, q.r friendly,135mm rear dropouts, or 150mm thru-axle dropouts, as well as an optional floating rear brake kit, and the Bullit is equipped to handle any kind of terrain imaginable.

Choose your target, and squeeze the trigger...

20mm Swingarm Pivots = Stiff!
# Huge 20mm swingarm pivot
# Lifetime pivot bearing guarantee
# 135 q.r OR 150mm thru-axle rear dropouts
# Optional 150mm axle fully floating rear brake kit
# 178mm rear wheel travel
# 1.5" headtube
# Wrench friendly! A single 4-5-6mm Y-wrench can disassemble all frame parts, and the swingarm bearing cups use a Shimano external BB tool.
# Hard anodized 7075 aluminum hardware
# Available in either powdercoat or anodized finishes
# Multiple cable routing options (either full housings or split housings, take your pick)
# Build it up anywhere between 32 and 44 pounds, climb it like a long travel trail bike, kill it like a freeride bike. It's even built to be bar-spin friendly...

Lifetime Pivot Bearing Warranty

Lifetime Pivot Bearing Warranty

Powder Coat paint, with DHX3 coil shock - $1199 USD
Ano, with DHX3 coil shock - $1350 USD

# Powder Coat Colors Lime Green (as shown)
# black
# white
# orange
# gangreen
# liquid blue

# Upgrade Color Options Polished
# 2 Anodized color to be announced later

New Bullit pictured in Lime Green with the X9 AM kit (with E.13 Chain Guide upgrade). Totem Coil Fork and Fox DHX 5 Air rear shock.

Visit to learn about the whole line up of bikes.


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 Awesome. I miss my old Bullit. That was my bike for 5 years until it "retired" after a crash. Love the 20mm rear end and the oversized front. I was thinking of getting the Nomad for light action and a little more pedability, but now looking at this, maybe going back to the roots will make more sense.
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 Yeah buddy your old Blue Bullit saw some good days before "retiring"-thanks Rock! Having the 20mm main pivot and a wider 150X12mm rear end option is gonna make the new Bullit so stiff. Looking forward to seeing some roll off the production line.
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 I totally agree, I'll always have a soft spot for the Bullit, I got 5 seasons out of mine and a car rack mishap put it out of business...until my buddy found a new swingarm so I let him keep it after he broke his frame! It's still being ridden and beaten like a rented mule. . I have a VP Free now but I'm so amped about the Bullit coming back I think I just peed! I think I just found my new "XC bike". I know there is a huge cult of old Bullit owners that are going to get their wallets out for this one. I can't believe it, Santa Cruz has done it again with an astonishing array of build options. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
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 yeah i had a 2001 bullit that lasted through so much crap... I rode that bike really hard and it never failed me. The only reason i dont have it now is cause someone stole it.
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 Nice one!

Like chocolate and a good beer.

Santa Cruz pairs the new Bullit with the DHX air.
Throw a Fox36 RC2 on the front, and you've got the baddest freeride bike "Quality' can buy.

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 man,that thing looks so nice with the single crown fork and all.this one really got me thinking.....still love my 04 but hands down santa cruz didnt dissappoint....
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 head angle looks steep but, maybe it works with the rest.
non-adjustable frame is missing?...anyone seen it?

is this a heavy XC bike?

some slick improvements but, where are the specs?

head angle?, wheelbase?, top tube height?, and stuff?
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 go and look on santa cruz website! I think it looks trick, was thinking of a reign X, but i think i now may be getting a new cruz!
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 Te specs for the bike are here

I think it would be a great addition to my line up as a long travel do anything trail bike.
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 now why i got the 2004 one, bt i love this one, its sick, SANTA CRUZ DOES IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!
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 so awesome, the air shock isnt stock part jst so u know right? dhx coil is stock.
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 i love my 2001 bullit, but i might have found its replacement... looks sick
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 man that isn't to expensive for that type of bike. I was expecting a much higher price tag. Wow that bike is just beautiful.
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 They improved on a bike that was already destined to be a classic. I love that damn bike!!!
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 my local bike shop just got a white one in it is soooooo SICK 1.5 head tubes are Crazy
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 i love this bike the bullit just keeps getting better
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 yipee the bullit's back...but i think imma just gonna keep my 05...
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 shit my 01 is done
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 oh, and the air shock????
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 Man, if my '03 Bullit wasn't still running beautifully...what a bike.
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 creamage in my pants. brilliant....
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 what else would you expect from a company piloted by a former pro skater?
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 looking fresh
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 no *****
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