Saracen BDS Round Two - Seeding Results

May 11, 2013 at 13:26
May 11, 2013
by Simon Paton  
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The weather is playing havoc with the race schedule at Fort William for the racers at the BDS this weekend. With the detailed forecast predicting heavy winds the decision was made to bring seeding forward from Sunday to Saturday afternoon. Thus allowing a timed run to be banked in case the weather turned on Sunday.

Saracens Sam Dale

ELITE - Sponsored by Schwalbe
1 29 HART Danny Giant Factory Racing 4:54.035
2 1 SIMMONDS Matthew Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof 4:54.188
3 17 BEAUMONT Marc GT Factory Racing 4:54.838
4 7 BRYCELAND Josh Santa Cruz Syndicate 4:55.661
5 55 MINNAAR Greg Santa Cruz Syndicate 4:56.154

Come on Harrison His boys not far behind

Nigel Page 6th in Experts

EXPERT - Sponsored by Shimano
1 157 LANGHORN Reece Team Skene 5:21.714
2 114 GARDENER Perry J-Tech 5:22.419
3 147 SPENCE Michael J-Tech/Spence Racing 5:23.904
4 171 GALLAGHER Christopher Wigwam Holidays 5:24.998
5 154 SKENE Mitchell Perth City Cycles 5:26.357

Marc Beaumont

JUNIOR - Sponsored by Fox
1 421 VERNON Taylor GT Factory Racing 5:04.229
2 479 VERGIER Loris Lapierre/Dainese/Prefal/Sram/RockShox 5:07.242 3.013
3 400 ATWILL Philip Madison Saracen 5:07.748
4 480 NIEDERBERGER Noel 5:09.924
5 405 BLAIR Lachlan Nevis Cycles/Exempt Clothing 5:13.297

ELITE WOMEN - Sponsored by Schwalbe
1 607 PUGIN Floriane Scott 11 5:37.454
2 610 SIEGENTHALER Emilie Scott 11 5:48.215
3 606 CHARRE Morgane MS Mondraker 5:54.402
4 608 RAGOT Emmeline Lapierre International 6:01.207
5 603 SEAGRAVE Tahnee FMD Racing/Intense 6:18.181

On location filming whats happening in the pits

Ben Reid on the PR machine roll

SENIOR - Sponsored by Kore
1 209 FLOCKHART Sam Xtreme MTB Coaching 5:23.663
2 274 EVANS Darren Aston Hill MTB Club 5:34.376
3 200 WARD Jake 5:35.389
4 289 HERD Willem Perth City Cycles 5:36.525
5 250 ANDERSON Brian Army DH Team/Specialized/Renthal/J-Tech 5:38.898

Greg Minnaar

WOMEN - Sponsored by Shimano
1 632 BARNES Beverley 7:49.591
2 633 GREAVES Jessica John Atkins Racing 8:41.566
3 650 AVIS Freya 9:19.167
4 637 HUGHES Charlotte Nema/Leatt 13:00.426

Andrew Neethling

VETERAN - Sponsored by Madison Clothing
1 752 MACLENNAN Alastair Nukeproof/MTB Ride Guide 5:34.843
2 777 BRADLEY Adrian Antur Stiniog/1868 Racing 5:49.263
3 750 WEIGHTMAN Mark 5:51.842
4 789 ROUTIN Stéphane Specialized/Dakine/Vans/Pull in/Véloland 5:55.006
5 792 HOWARTH Darren Grizedale Mountain Bikes 5:59.589

MASTER - Sponsored by Madison Clothing
1 826 SORRELL Rowan Orange Bikes/Mojo Suspension 5:37.092
2 739 FORTE Kye Pro Cycle Centre/Red Bull/DC/MBE 5:39.645
3 701 TITLEY Andrew Ghost/Sombrio 5:40.891
4 718 COATES Chris 5:46.670 9.578
5 723 NEALE Gary 5:50.866

Harrison Page in training following his old man Nigel

Harrison Page learning the ropes early

1 806 STUTTARD Howard Ride On/Slik Graphics 6:31.094
2 800 SHERIDAN Thomas Nukeproof 7:28.793
3 802 DOCHERTY Jimmy MuleBar 8:04.684

Words Fail Me.

YOUTH - Sponsored by SixSixOne
1 900 GREENLAND Laurie 5:17.000
2 905 STEWART Neil Base Camp Bikes/Sweet Protection 5:31.460
3 908 SWINBANK Brad Steve Peat Syndicate 5:33.619
4 928 PURVIS James Ride Cycles 5:34.328
5 903 DORRITT Andrew F8management 5:38.119

JUVENILE - Sponsored by Pro-Tec
1 976 TENNYSON Jack Peddlers Cycles/R-Kade/NEFR 6:00.203
2 975 PARFITT Joe Swift Racing/Orange/Sunset Cycles/Mojo 6:20.835
3 979 WALKER Matt 6:23.493
4 981 BATE Conor 6:29.227
5 985 MACKAY Ewan MTB Ride Guide 6:56.816

The schedule has been altered for Sunday with race runs now dropping at 11:00am. Stay tuned to the BDS Facebook page for all the latest up to date

Stay Unclipped!

-Si Paton
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  • + 49
 Look at that turnout. So proud to say the UK has the best national DH series.
  • + 19
 Wait...isn't Nigel Page the CRC/Nukeproof manager???
  • + 20
 CRC team manager, fast as f#ck downhiller and occasional World Cup Pro... so yes.
  • + 4
 Vid anyone?
  • - 47
flag Protour (May 11, 2013 at 18:01) (Below Threshold)
 Screw the turnout numbers, US and Canada both have better national series because the tracks are longer, better, and more diverse.

Negative props accomplish nothing, but making an actual counterpoint to my assertions might make me change my mind. You brits are a little too cocky about your national pride, one of the best things about Gwins domination is that it has humbled your fastest racers, that's probably why Gee looks pissed all the time.

How long has it been since a Brit male won a World Cup race? Hasn't it been almost 5 years now? Wow, that's a long dry spell.
  • + 36
 wait, didn't Gee win the 2010 world cup overall? I wouldn't call that 5 years ago Smile
  • + 23
 C'mon, our tracks may be more diverse, but so is the area they cover, Canada is huge, so it's costly to travel around, and the UK definitely has the best National series due to concentration of talent/ tracks for the area rather than the tracks. The B.C. and Quebec cups are probably just as good, but it's hard to argue that the competition is the fiercest in UK which makes things more entertaining, hence why Benny said "best"
  • + 20
 Protour strikes again
  • - 30
flag shishka (May 11, 2013 at 21:57) (Below Threshold)
 I think my xc track has more gnar than your "dh" track. Maybe change to the Benny Hill Series.
  • + 8
 The British series is definitely the most competitive, looking at the pro results they resemble a World Cup results sheet so there is no denying the racing is fiercely competitive and the tracks are excellent training grounds for top-level racing. Maybe it is the best series, ok it prob is... I cannot believe how close the results are considering it's almost 5 minutes of racing.
  • + 3
 I would live to see all these top races (ProGRT/BDS/Australian cup etc...) on TV some day...
  • + 9
 What does gwin have to do with englands national series... I don't know why but protour sounds butthurt for some reason.
  • + 19
 Protour = Massivec*nt!
  • + 8
 Angry Canadian.

I'm not too hot on DH history, how many Canadians have won a male World Cup overall or world champs title?
  • + 13
 @Protour, didn't Danny Hart win the 2011 world champs as well?
  • + 9
 Protour is epically back pedalling here;

"Screw the turnout numbers, US and Canada both have better national series because the tracks are longer, better, and more diverse."
"Maybe it is the best series, ok it prob is"

Lol old chum you're pretty insecure about your arguments after a bit of hammering in the old neg props area lol
  • + 6
 Look I'm sorry but I cannot see how the BDS isn't the best national series; a vast majority of the top racers in the world are racing on tracks that are in what is quite a small area. And whoever said the tracks were easy must take a look at Llangollen and Glencoe!
  • + 6
 "I think my xc track has more gnar than your "dh" track. Maybe change to the Benny Hill Series."

You just need to look at the number of dings on the riders wheels to see that Fort William is gnar.
  • - 4
flag shishka (May 12, 2013 at 7:52) (Below Threshold)
 Ft willy the only one on there with serious wc gnar on it, oh ya its a wc track there you go. This particular race right here looks easier than my xc track, not ft willy. The best non wc series is the GRT and Canadian Nat series. GRT goes to Plattekill Mt the gnarliest Mountain on Earth per square foot.. Watch the carnage and rider list up there in two weks. Might even seen me on track!!!
  • + 3
 shishka: go to a BDS race and then you'll realise. How on earth can you say 'ft willy is the only one there with wc gnar on it'?! Go to Llangollen or Glencoe... Glencoe is a much harder track that Ft.William
  • + 5
 Fort william is easy compared to Glencoe, there is a reason most people hate it. Its the track I crash most on.
  • + 1
 All BDS round races shown on! well, the finish anyway
  • + 1
 Even places like Inners and Dunkeld are pretty gnarly definitely proper DH tracks.
  • + 1
 Innerleithen has amazing trails, of like all veriaty's, DH, Enduro etc
  • + 0
 Hey I would love to come out your trails and country, forget the races. Just a shred and snatch fest would do it for me.
  • + 0
 The world championship one day race is not a WorldCup race or part of the WorldCup overall.
  • + 1
 Yeah but Danny Hart was 2011 world champ overall wasn't he?
  • + 0
 One race he won in the rain which happened to be the world champs. Danny lacks the consistsncy and power to even compete for the real WC overall title. Those big airs and tail pokes are good for pics but not for beating guys like gwin, minar and Mr T.
  • + 2
 He finished 4th overall in 2011 and was only about 200pts off 2nd, but last season he had some injuries. His consistency will only improve as he gains experience. He might lack power, but people say that about Sam Hill and he's won the overall multiple times.
  • + 1
 If I were danny would packed on 20-30 lbs of muscle over the off season with Mr T as my coach. Now he still look like a youth racer. I want to see Giant at the top, huge fan, but not sure if danny can get it done. He young but there are more young guys coming up thatvlook stronger than him. This is all because the world cup tracks demand pedal power. If they were more tracks like windham danny would have a better chance. Sucks that track is just sitting there this year. That was one badass ride top to bottom all balls, leave pedalling to the xc racers.
  • + 1
 He's been 2nd at fort william 2 years on the trot and 3rd at Mont Saint Anne, they're both demand pedal power. In the last 2 seasons he's had more World cup and Champs podiums than Smith, Bryceland and MacDonald and he missed the last 3 races.
  • + 26
  • + 4
  • + 18
 Beaumont looks like a damn bobble-head doll with that helmet.
  • + 3
 He might as well ride with a cardboard box on his head. Easily lost him .803 of a second over 5 minutes.
  • + 10
 Nigel! You the man!
  • + 5
 Kye Forte second in masters? I wonder why BMXers always rip it up so hardcore when they cross over? I suppose if you're awesome on one bike, you're awesome on any bike.
  • + 5
 ryder hesjedal and cadel evans back your theory up
  • + 1
 Let's see how peter Sagan does on a dh bike. That would be mint. The best road bike handler in the business? (Martyn Ashton aside)
  • + 2
 Lots of world class riders there today. Both male and female rainbow jerseys. Cedric Gracia going big with his usual style and happy to chat about his new bike and anything else. Gee finished looking ok but not sure where he crashed.
  • + 6
 Is it me or does Beaumonts helmet look freakishly huge ?
  • + 2
 I dont know why pink bike havnt pointed this out but theres a live stream on of the race runs on in 20 mins time (11am GMT)
  • + 3
 Gt 2014 line-up do out next month.
Doubting this includes the dh and enduro models tho....

X2,..Seriously, why wear white in the mud?
...silly pros.
  • + 5
 Did brendog crash also? :-(
  • + 2
 brendog punctured from what I can gather on twitter.
  • + 3
 i don't understand why folks wear white kit on a muddy day. even after washing, you know it'll never be white again...
  • + 1
 The pros probably get a new kit for each race
  • + 2
 you obviously have never used dazz
  • + 1
 Is Fort William the first round of the World Cup? Surprised there aren't more well known pros there. But I guess they've all raced there so many times that extra practice isn't worth the early trip?

Where is Sam Hill?
  • + 3
 He's in Australia...
  • + 3
 No athertons making an appearance for this one or am I being blind?
  • + 2
 Gee crashed, not sure about Rachel.
  • + 2
 gee crashed
  • + 1
 Rachel is still healing up from her chest injury at Sea Otter.
  • + 2
 No Fairclough? Where's Peaty? and Minnaar on course! This is live on tomorrow too!
  • + 2
 Peaty has been doing the Six Day Trial posted on FB saying he'll be racing tomorrow, so all should be good with the world!
  • + 1
 Can't find the stream page. Have a link?
  • + 1
 I think you need to be logged in - mine comes and goes as it is! It's killing me!
  • + 3
 anyone think that that saracen looks really small?
  • + 1
 Key forte 2nd in masters?! Ha awesome. Bmx Legend doin well on his big bouncy bike! Smile
  • + 2
 oh god these santa cruz v-10 look soooo sexy!!
  • + 2
 Matt Simmonds us looking good this year. I think he will be one to watch.
  • + 1
 Brycs land is on for a big year!
  • + 1
 Marc Beaumont- looks like Spaceballs "darth helmet" LOL
  • + 1
 wow -- bat i love the 29"
  • + 1
 Wales has no shortage of gnar.
  • + 1
 Mini Page looks so much like his dad already
  • + 15
 Any newborn baby looks like Nigel Page! Wink
  • + 1
 Has this not just been grabbed from

  • + 1
 anyone know a link to watch todays action at fort billy
  • + 1
 Will tea time be held after or before the competition?
  • + 4
 Between the race and the local gun massacre as with the US tradition.
  • + 1
 Quite a few solid podiums by the Nukeproof pulse there.... Good to see Smile
  • + 1
 What's Beaumont riding?
  • + 2
 Prototype GT
  • + 2
 is it me or do those gt's look like 26" front and bigger on the rear?
  • + 1
 We were speaking to the GT mechanic and they are both 26"
  • + 2
 Wow, with Marc Beaumont in the picture those wheels look like 27.5, while for Gee they will look like 24.
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