The Season of Semenuk - 2011 FMB Champion

Aug 8, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
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After this weekend's victory at the Bearclaw Invitational, Brandon Semenuk has locked up the 2nd ever FMB crown earlier than expected. Even though the Red Bull District Ride coming up next is a diamond event, nobody can catch Semenuk. There is still a lot that can unfold at the District Ride. How will the rest of the top 10 shape up? Can Semenuk put together a "perfect season", meaning can all 5 events which contribute to his FMB score be victories? Regardless, one thing is certain, Brandon Semenuk is your 2011 FMB Champion.

Here are shots of Semenuk from his road to winning the 2011 FMB crown (and a cool €10,000)

Jump Ship in Victoria, B.C. (1st Place)

Brandon Semenuk. This will be Brandons first event of the 2011 FMB World Tour and he s here to get some points on the board before heading to 26 Trix in Austria next week.
  Brandon Semenuk. This will be Brandon's first event of the 2011 FMB World Tour and he's here to get some points on the board before heading to 26 Trix in Austria next week.

Brandon Semenuk with his Trek Ticket
  Brandon Semenuk with his Trek Ticket.

Brandon Semenuk with a huge 360 over the little jump on the back 9 during practice

Brandon Semenuk 360 off the drop.

Brandon Semenuk huge 360 X up

Brandon Tail whip transfer over the last one.

Brandon Semenuk was one of a few other riders that were carrying plenty of speed over the channel and into the second half of the course...

Jump Ship event in Victoria BC
  Gulevich, Montgomery, Semenuk, Chubey and Groves - Jump Ship Poidium.

26 Trix in Leogang, Austria

26 Trix

26trix qualifications photo by DIRT IT MORE

Brandon Semenuk with a sick 360 flip to win Best Trick as well 26TRIX Press photo

26TRIX Press photo
  Sam, Brandon and Andeau - 26 Trix Best Trick Podium.

Claymore Challenge at Highland Park, USA (1st Place)

Oppo 3
  Semenuk opposite 3 drop. Photo by

Chatel Mountain Style in France (4th Place)

Chatel mountain style 2011
  360, X up off drop. Photo by

big 36 fror brandon semenuk SIMON CHANEZ PHOTOGRAPHIE
  Another angle, this time by

1. Cam Zink 2. Antoine Bizet 3. Kurt Sorge 4. Brandon Semenuk 5. Kyle Strait
  1. Cam Zink 2. Antoine Bizet 3. Kurt Sorge 4. Brandon Semenuk 5. Kyle Strait - Chatel Mountain Style Podium

Red Bull Joyride at Kokanee Crankworx, Whistler, BC (1st Place)

Brandon Semenuk getting dressed for a day in the park.
  Brandon Semenuk getting dressed for a day in the park.

Brandon Semenuk jumps during the Red Bull Joyride event in Whistler BC on July 23 2011
  Brandon Semenuk during the Red Bull Joyride event in Whistler BC on July 23, 2011

CLAIM photo c by me
  Fist pumping for 1ST place. Photo by

  Zink, Semenuk and Messere - Red Bull Joyride Podium at Kokanee Crankworx.

Crankworx Colorado (2nd Place)

  Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul and Sam Pilgrim - Crankworx Colorado Podium.

1st Cam McCaul 2nd Brandon Semenuk 3rd Sam Pilgrim
  Not on the top spot, but earning very valuable points at this event.

Bearclaw Invitational, Mount Washington, BC (1st Place)

Lookin rad during practice prior to seeding.
  Brandon and his Trek Slope Style Killing Machine.

Brandon Semenuk whipping huge on the last jump.
  Brandon Semenuk whipping huge on the last jump.

Brandon clicking it inward off the boner log.
  Brandon, clicking it inward off the boner log.

no foot can

The Podium left to right Anthony Messere 2nd Brandon Semenuk 1st Darren Berrecloth 3rd.
  The Podium, left to right, Anthony Messere 2nd, Brandon Semenuk 1st, Darren Berrecloth 3rd.

  Brandon's win at the Bearclaw Invitational gives him the points needed to be the FMB Overall Points leader and winner for the 2011 season.

The next stop for the FMB World Tour will be the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg, Germany from September 9-10th, 2011.
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  • + 42
 When the Heck are trek gonna release that Remedy for us mere mortals???

Totally amazing rider - Such professional consistency.
  • - 36
flag tdoyle1995 (Aug 8, 2011 at 14:02) (Below Threshold)
 the slop bike mcCaul and semenuk use isnt a regular remedy its a proto
  • + 12
 What he's trying to say is when they are going to release the prototype frames both McCaul and Semenuk rumored would come out soon.
  • - 17
flag jeffrupert (Aug 8, 2011 at 15:42) (Below Threshold)
 its the trek slash being released sometime around the end of the year in their 2012 lineup
  • + 15
 Actually, the slash is replacing the Scratch Air. Not the same bike.
  • + 9
 Whoa, I'm definetely gonna have to buy that because it'll clearly make me as good as them, despite the fact they're getting paid to ride that frame! But in all seriousness, I'm saving my pennies.
  • + 16
 might as well give him a gun for the next comp when he wins,,,, swords, axes, boat anchors, champagne... serial killa set up
  • - 5
flag nathanlawrence (Aug 8, 2011 at 18:07) (Below Threshold)
 nice comment louiscritchie!
  • + 14
 Shut up
  • - 1
 A freind is a Trek dealer and he is right now at the Trek HQ at some dealerconventionthing. So i made him ask for the slopestylebike and when they release that. Here its what he texted me back "That model does exist in Erope only. The Trek guys told me to keep asking for it so maybe they would bring it to the states." And when you look at the German Trek homepage (i'm German so i just looked that up), they have several tickets on the German/European market. Living in the States now doesn't really help me to get a slopestyle fullsuspension tho...
  • + 0
 I work at a Trek shop. I just took a look at our Trek Dealer website and looks like there is nothing about a slope-style bike so far with their 2012 bike. What really makes me sad is so far Trek doesn't have a 2012 Scratch uploaded yet, granted they are still adding to the list daily which means a slope-styler bike isn't out of the picture. I just hope Trek isn't discontinuing the bike of the century, the Trek Scratch, for some wimpier trail riding bike known as "the Slash." Don't get me wrong, the Slash will be an awesome trail riding bike but it sure aint a bike park bike.. Why didn't they just swap out the Remedy for the Slash?
  • - 1
 louis i was serious dude... wow
  • + 1
 @dirtworks911, the Scratch Air is gone for 2012, being replaced by the Slash. Not sure if they will still make a Scratch coil version but check out the slash here, looks dope
  • + 1
 None the less, the slash looks like a pretty sick rig.
  • + 13
 What a year for Trek! Mens and Womens World Cup Downhill and a Free ride champ! That is going to be hard to live up to next year. Good job to the managers that sourced the talent, and congrats to the Talent too! Lets not forget the engineers and everyone else that make the Trek bikes great!
  • + 1
 Check out the new Trek Slash (just don't google it - you will see what I mean...!) its a replacement for the Scratch. It doesn't look far off the 'remedy' these guys are riding and you can go buy it later this year from your local Trek dealer (provided you have between £3400 and £5000).
Great riding from all the Trek team this year, the other factory teams are going to have to step it up for 2012, lets hope they do as this kind of progression push mountain biking further and further.
  • - 1
 *PLUG*.... how much are you guys getting paid?
  • + 9
 Sorry, this is probably a pretty stupid question, but isnt bearclaw invitational... an invitational? So riders who arent invited dont have the chance to gain any points to add to their overall score? Kinda sucks for the lower down riders who didnt get invited...
  • - 3
 If they didn't get invited it's not like it was impossible for them to win the title. And he invited the riders he did because he sees them as mountain bikers. Not guys on hard tails tripple whipping a 10 foot gap.
  • + 4
 surely the guys on hardtails triple whiping 10ft gaps are still mountain bikers?
ridiculous comment you made there, go you -.- idiot.
  • + 3
 trekiscool - chances are that if they are triple tailwhiping 10 foot gaps on mountain bikes..... then they are infact mountain bikers Smile
  • + 3
 So what you mean is that tyler mccaul and martin soderström aren´t mountainbikers? strange...
  • + 1
 Tyler was invited. He got hurt. And Yes actually I'm saying martin is a trick robot. Have you ever seen him ride downhill or anything other than a hartail on a skatepark or dirtjumps? That's bmx buddy.
  • - 2
 And I'm aware tht they're on a mtb.
  • + 1
 You're not making any sense
  • + 1
 @ trekiscool: your an ignorant idiot. martin can throw bigger whips and scrubs on his dh rig than you might think. heres a good video showing he can do anything. . but i admit it would be cool seeing him at a big mountain event. Just like pilgrim. he showed us that he can rip it on is 100mm slopebike at chatel mountainstyle where everyone else has a minimum of 160mm. And i can tell that the course there is pretty gnarly
  • + 11
 couldnt have asked for a better season
  • + 4
 Anyone else notice he was sitting in cam zinks chair when he was puting his shoes on
  • + 4
 I wonder how much money Semenuk has collected all together outta all these comp?
  • + 1
 How much would top 3 be making compared to other sports? Seems like most of these pros can afford to train and compete full time with no "other" jobs, compared to 10-15 years ago. With contest money, sponsorships etc. would they be making 50-100K?? Top BMX and skateboarders probably make 10x what these guys make with sponsorships, I would guess.
  • + 3
 Skaters make so much money it's ridiculous.
  • - 14
flag djfivejames (Aug 8, 2011 at 17:37) (Below Threshold)
 There's a lot more money in mtb than bmx.
  • + 2
 can someone explain to me how the points work for the fmb world ranking? is it your best 5 events?
  • + 1
 Yes its your best 5 results throughout the season.
  • + 1
 ahhh ok thanks
  • - 1
 Messere can come in second in the world and no one knew him before crankworx.. lol
  • + 2
 I knew him since the video Larock did and thats when i started
  • + 2
 Semenuk is round about 850 points in the lead. Zink can get 1000 points in Nürnberg. So why he can´t catch Brandon????
  • + 4
 Because Zink already has 5 events counting for his score. So if Zink wins, his lowest score will be removed from his current score so the most he can 'add' to his total is about 700-800,.
  • + 0
 I was wondering this too it is a diamond event, maybe Zink is hurt and cant compete, either way Semenuk could come 10th and still have enough points to beat him even if Zink took the win.
  • + 3
 Amazing just amazing
  • + 1
 what a season for brandon
  • + 1
 Great all around rider with many skills for various types of contests.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 i love how messere's name is the only one not reversed on the list
  • + 1
 Where is Mitch Chubey on that list? He must have been in the top 40.
  • + 1
 he came in 12th, check again
  • + 2
 thank you kind sir
  • + 1
 1000 points ahead of Cam Zink? Holy f*ck
  • + 1
 Gwin and Semenuk both Champs both ride treks
  • + 2
 never saw that coming...
  • + 1
 That guy is on a mission.
  • + 3
 he already fulfilled his mission..
  • + 2
 whatta champ
  • + 1
 Congratulations Brandon Semenuk you make us proud Smile
  • + 5
 us riders right ???
  • + 2
 Us Canadians Smile
  • + 1
 Canuck Eh
  • + 2
 ummm nike 2.0...... haha
  • + 1
  • + 0
 wow i wonder how much cash he won this season!
  • + 3
 probs not much compared to other sports which is bull shit but yeah
  • + 1
 50 grand at least Smile
  • + 1
 50 k add the rest!
  • + 1
 plus all his sponsorship money as well...
  • + 3
 Given the exchange rate and the totals you can see in the photo's above, plus the 10k Euro for the FMB win, add in Red Bull and Trek sponsorship and he's probably pulled in closer to $120k this year. Not bad given where the sport was 7 or 8 years ago. He should give 1% to Berrecloth for making the sport what it is today.
  • + 1
 i agree, cant say he hasnt worked for it, enough injurys and beatings have got him that money, he's been the man this year no question about that!
  • + 1
 Grundles open your eyes. There are a lot more riders who helped make the sport what it is today. The claw has done a considerable amount but guys like Brett Tippie and all the vets shaped this sport in the begging. It's not just one rider who makes this sport what it is today, it's all of us.
  • + 1
 just the best !
  • + 1
 the best!
  • + 1
  • + 0
 i swear cam zink rides a dominion?
  • - 1
 i think that is konig from last year
  • + 1
 zink rides a dominion for slopestyle because evil is still making him a slope bike. as for a dowhill rig, he's riding an evil
  • + 2
 It's an Evil Undead carbon frame.
  • + 1
 that was a suprise... na
  • + 1
 Best rider ever!!!

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