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Nov 12, 2013
by Rachelle Frazer Boobar  
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Have you donated to Share the Ride yet? In just over three days we have raised more than $10,000! We've had donations coming in from Poland, Latvia, New Zealand, Australia, Slovenia and beyond. That's a whole bunch of bikes from people all over the world. We'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to far.

If you don't know, Share the Ride's aim is to raise $25,000 and reinvest that money into purchasing and distributing bikes to kids in need this Holiday Season. Our partners have contributed almost $20,000 worth of prizes for you to win, so every $5 you donate will count towards an entry into our giveaways.

Grand Prize:
Share the Ride Vancouver 2013
A Trek Remedy 9.7 650b

Valued at $4,200 USD the Trek Remedy 9.7 650b is the ultimate technical trail bike. Light & tough OCLV MTB carbon frame, plush DRCV suspension, and precise handling all add up to a stellar ride that goes up, goes down, goes everywhere. With 650b wheels and 140mm of suspension this bike is set to tackle any terrain.

The Remedy 9.7 650b comes equipped with:
- RockShox Revelation RL Fork
- Fox Evolution Series Float Rear Shock
- Shimano SLX/Deore Drivetrain
- Shimano SLX Brakes
- Bontrager Wheels, Seatpost, Saddle, Handlebar, Stem

New Prizing!

A few more industry friends have come to the party with goods that will hopefully entice you to donate if you haven't done so already.

Loaded Precision Products have thrown in a build kit including and AMX Flat Bar, AMX Direct Mount Stem and AMXC No Slip Grips. Best part is you get to pick your preferred colour scheme.

Yakima have also donated a HoldUp Rack, which can fit big bikes and features beefed-up arms for lots of hard use.

Our friends over at Anthill Films want to send one lucky person a sweet custom ARRIVAL Evoc Street Backpack filled with a NotBad T-Shirt and a Follow Me, Strength In Numbers, From the Inside Out, NotBad DVD/BluRay Combo pack.

Don't forget we already have some other awesome prizing lined up including:

Share the Ride 2014
Two complete Shimano Saint gruppos.

Share the Ride 2014
Loads of Ryders Eyewear.

Plus the following are also up for grabs:

Share the Ride 2014
- Four GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Cameras
- Three Cane Creek Double Barrel Rear Shocks
- A Rockshox BoXXer fork
- A set of Avid XO trail Brakes
- Four Camelbak Packs
- Three Chromag Overture saddles
- A Whistler Mountain Bike Park Triple Play Card coupled with a two night stay at The Crystal Lodge and Suites
- Five Teva gift certificates
- Two Pinkbike Prize Packs

Share the Ride 2014

How it works
-For every $5 donated between Nov 7th, 2013 & Midnight of December 16th, you will earn one chance to win the Trek Remedy 9.7 bike and other listed prizes. So if you donate $25 that is 5 chances at a bunch of prizes.
-The winners will be selected from a spread sheet using
-The winners will be notified by e-mail and asked a mountain bike related knowledge question.
-We will ship worldwide ... Customs fees and other applicable taxes will be the winner's responsibilities.

Where will your money go?
- $50 is enough to buy one child a new bike and a helmet.
- We are working with community centers, schools, youth and family service programs and established charities to identify children from low income families who will benefit from this gift.
- We will be working in locations across Canada and the USA and with enough donations, world wide.
- We aim to ensure that the children receiving these gifts are educated on basic bicycle safety and maintenance.

For more info head to or to our Indiegogo page.


Your contribution will not only go towards a helmet and a bike but a new lease on life for a child. Donate what you can and know that you’ll be the difference between an average holiday season and a wheely wheely great one!

If your company would like to help out by donating more awesome prizes contact

Photos courtesy of Heli Riga

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  • + 69
 We need to have kids go play outside and ride bikes. Too much iPad, Playstation, and XBOX, are making them fat and unhealthy!
  • + 20
 hey im not that fat Smile
  • + 30
 not yet, my friend
  • + 7
 Man they really went all out on the prizes this year
  • + 11
 I'm only 21 as of September. I grew up in a rural town just outside of a small city, We used to race little xr50s, build jumps and steal diesel from farmers to light fires after school. Now the kids I see only play grand theft auto and troll on instagram. its a sad thing to see. I am all for this program I hope the money ends up in the right hands
  • + 2
 im not fat, im big boned
  • + 2
 It's bad here in Houston Tx, all I see is kids walking around glued to there phones or ipads. Its like people today are losing the ability to talk in person these days, instead they tweet or instagram everything now. Since I got out of college I started to donate old bikes and fix up old dirt bikes to encourage kids to go out an enjoy the world as it was meant for us to enjoy, which is far better then watching it through social media junk. I like this program I hope my money goes to right people to encourage the next generations to become athletes one day.
  • + 1
 Well cycling and rugby keep me fit Wink and they are the things i enjoy most Wink
  • + 29
 I gave $50, hopefully I funded the bike for the 2033 DH World Cup Overall Champion!
  • + 4
 That would be cool, but most important, we will make 500 childrens happy!
  • + 13
 funny how 20000$ could only buy like 2 trek sessions 9.9s
  • + 1
 But the cost to the companies that donate the equipment as prizes is MUCH less than the retail value.
  • + 2
 tax write offs my friend. Its all about the tax write offs. Its for a good cause and it gets them a bunch of exposure. Win win I suppose. No one really loses here.
  • + 8
 It's bomb that all these companies donated a little something to sweeten the deal for people who haven't donated yet.
  • + 7
 Even without the prizes this is a great project to donate money to. Skip coffee for a few days and send the money to this instead.
  • + 3
 I did my part, i wish i could donate 500 bucks, but my bike doesnt worth that Big Grin

Come on PB comunity, you´re awsome, lets share and make people donate (even not riders!!!)!!
  • + 6
 Tippie is a class act.
  • + 2
 Tippie is the most funny cool rider ever! lol
  • + 4
 Well I know where a good bit of my paycheck is going !
  • + 0
 I'm going to make a donation, but before I do I'd like to better understand this "perk" thing. What is it? All I want to do is make a donation and get my name entered in the drawing for ever $5CAD given.
  • + 1
 nevermind, I searched the indigo site and sort of found an answer. donation made.
  • + 1
 Having coached kids all summer (3 of the kids in this video) it's amazing how excited they are to come out and ride! This is a great cause!
  • + 1
 I am totally willing to donate! Bikes are the best, and make great Christmas presents! Glad to have the opportunity to help.
  • + 1
 Times are hard but there was no way I wouldn't donate. Every donation counts so go ahead fellow Pinkbikers and show the world how awesome you are!
  • + 0
 I take my hat off to you PB what a great idea and a brilliant competition, its good to see an organisation putting back in to the sport well done kudos to you Smile
  • + 1
 Makes me feel good knowing I just potentially helped a potential future Worldcup champ!
  • + 1
 Awesome to see this is now advertised on your main page! Keep up the donations everyone!
  • + 1
 donated $25, Worth every penny. Love my bikes so it's nice to have an opportunity to help people who can't afford it.
  • - 1
 If you are a smart guy, you donate a 3000 $ bike to a kid and get the Trek that values 4200 $ in this way you will pay with 1200 $ less ... so people start donating really expensive bikes !
  • + 1
 "Ripping down Whistler bike park, hhhaaaaa, WOW!" hahahaha best line of the video!
  • + 2
 Actually is more of... Wipping down whiswer bike pawk!
  • + 2
 Good to give something back to the sport I love.
  • + 2
 Tippie Claus!
  • + 1
 Please everyone donate at LEAST 5 bucks.
  • + 1
 The Teva gift card won't be valid for much longer...
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