Shimano Southridge Winter Super D - Round 2

Jan 28, 2013 at 0:09
Jan 28, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
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Due to a timely storm a few days prior to round two of the 2013 Southridge USA Shimano Winter Series in Fontana, CA. course builders, assembled by Shimano’s North American marketing manager Joe Lawwill had the rare opportunity to carve out multiple new berms and jumps. Not to mention even adding in some completely new Pro Expert lines that had riders challenged.

Picking up from round one, the Super D saw a very strong turnout with many of the "newbies" returning for another go at it. This time around riders were treated to a 2 run format that consisted of one slightly faster and shorter course with a second course that included a little more technical and an additional 20 second climb. Unfortunately Southern Californians awoke to somewhat heavy rain the morning of the Super D which scared off some racers. Those that did show were treated to the absolute best possible conditions. Hero dirt! A few mild moments of rain fell shortly before practice, but once things got underway the skies cleared and riders could be seen all over the course getting in as many runs as they could possibly squeeze in.

2013-Shimano Winter Series Round 2 Course 1:

2013-Shimano Winter Series Round 2 Course 2:

In the pro class it was once again Team Incycles Jon Buckell taking the pro men’s race win with a combined time of 08:13.37. Troy Lee Designs rider Jeremy Kneisly continues his move up the podium into 2nd followed by Chris Powel, Waylon Smith and rounding out the podium in 5th was Mason Bond who made the drive out from Northern California. Mason actually drove out an extra day early just so he could help the trail crew prepare the course! Also a special thank you goes out to “The Path Bike Shop” for once again supplying two excellent trail builders right off their showroom floor. Now that is supporting your local event!

Super D Results Here.

The next race is February 9th. Shimano is excited to be a part of the Winter Series and is looking forward to seeing these gravity endurance events continue to grow. Winter Series race promoter Donny Jackson continues to offer the Shimano kid’s races so be sure to bring out the little ones to the next event!

For more information about the Shimano Winter Series see for details.

Downhill Results Here.

About Shimano American Corporation-
Shimano American Corporation, a member of global Team Shimano, along with its world-renowned subsidiaries, offers consumers outstanding sport-related products and apparel. Shimano is proud of its staff, diversity in talent, interests and backgrounds. The company is an ISO14001 certified business where environmental compliance and continual improvements are part of the business philosophy and operations.
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  • + 9
 Cool course that, replete with grill smashers. How you guys can ride Super D's in something other the full faces is beyond me. I have plenty of friends who've been kind or pleasant and kissed tree's or rocks only to be rewarded with busted teeth, shiners, and even knackered orbitals.

But to each their own. :-)
  • + 2
 Just gotta know where you're front wheel is going and hope if you do fall over the handies, you fall into something soft, haha. Personally I don't think there is a need for a full face on those courses basing it off of benefits and costs. Now knee pads on the other hand... essential.
  • + 2
 2 vids same course?
No knee pads on some of these riders..yikes.
With the latest offerings from g form, 661, the, compression+light flexy protection...kinda silly in rocky terrain not to rock em-no pun!.
Ask me how I

Nice course work all!
  • + 6
 how do you know.
  • + 3
 hahahahahahah socalshredder that made me laugh
  • + 5
 The enduro racer have such a variety of bike and race gear, some use spandex some us loose fit some use bot.
  • + 6
 That's pretty much north america exclusive. Over here it's beyond rare to see a racer in spandex, usually an XC-rider trying enduro for the first time. And believe me that looks weird with a full face helmet!
  • + 2
 I grew up in L.A., 45 minutes from Fontana, and moved up to the Pacific Northwest. I never thought I'd say this, but that that terrain in the video looks awesome! I love all the rocks and choppy stuff.
  • + 3
 Troy Lee Designs Bicycle Apparel Designer Jeremy Kneisly in that first pic! Nice job with 2nd in pro class!
  • + 2
 Hell yeah our Socal Local race !! Hah You out of US races that I wish I couldbe at . Well this is ours.
  • + 2
 I can hear your heart beat in the first vid...crazy!
  • + 1
 this is what mountainbiking is all about at its best. trails with lots of features X)
  • + 3
 Course looks awesome!
  • + 1
 Something I've learned from this article, you can hear your heartbeat if you have a chest mounted GoPro.
  • + 1
 That course looks like fun!
  • + 1
 holy crap that track looks perfect!!!
  • + 1
 and I hear others reading this, saying: "Don't ride wet trails!"
  • + 1
 Is it only me, or are those two videos the same?
  • + 1
 it's you. bottom section (end of video) was the same, top section was 2 different courses.
  • + 1
 Exactly the same for me.
  • + 1
 Yeah Dan!! Those shots are sick!
  • + 1
  • + 1
 that's nice track!
  • - 2
 I was thisclose to going but didn't because of the rain. I guess I missed out.

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