Singletrack 6 Stage 1 Preview: Kananaskis

Oct 25, 2013
by Trans Rockies  

Singletrack 6 - RIde the West is a 6 day mountain bike adventure showcasing the best riding in a variety of authentic mountain bike communities in Western Canada. Six stages, a new route every year and the perfect brew of xc, panoramic vistas and enduro descents. Singletrack 6 runs July 26th to July 31st, 2014.

We're working hard with each host community to create the best mountain bike adventure possible. In the coming weeks we will begin sharing details of the amazing stages that you'll be riding come July, 2014. We'll be posting maps, distances and elevations so that you can get a taste of the fun that is to come.

As October comes to a close we're excited to announce that the inaugural Singletrack 6 is 60% sold out! On October 31st, Phase 1 pricing comes to an end and the entry fee will go up $200. The current price is $1199 so if you haven't signed up, sign up now! We've also set up a discount for the Pinkbike following. Get an extra $100 off when you register using the code pinkbike100.

So...lets kick it off with Stage 1: Kananaskis!

Date: July 26th, 2014

Overview: Kick off your morning with a short drive to the start line in West Bragg Creek SW of Calgary. Ride classic Kananaskis Country trails built and maintained by groups like the Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society, Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association and the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance.

Combining Kananaskis Country's classic front-range singletrack with newer purpose-built mountain bike singletrack, Stage 1 will start outside of the hamlet of Bragg Creek at the West Bragg Creek trailhead.

Highlights include descents on Ridgeback, Race of Spades and Strange Brew with some challenging climbs and great views mixed in. Race of Spades will be the first of four timed descents for the week.

All routes are subject to change at any time to allow for permit approval, quality control and safety of the riders.

Distance: 40km

Elevation Gain: 1800m

Map: Click HERE to view a larger image.

Stage 1 map of the 2014 Singletrack 6.

Google Earth Flyover:

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If you like what you see, sign up now and save $100 when you register using the code pinkbike100. Additional course maps and information to be released in the coming weeks, but save money now!


  • + 15
 Compared to the BC Bike race, $1200 isn't expensive. It is 6 days of riding, organized by staff. Not saying I'd pay for it, but good for them to have made a business out of it.
  • + 2
 BC bike race is about $800 more (hard to give exact number because of all the early bird prices each race offers) but it also includes camping. The Singletrack 6 race is going to cost each racer another roughly $700 for booking their accommodations in each town (I did not include the last day as I don't believe that is included for the BC bike race).

If you're looking at costs of the actual race, I think the best deal around is the Transprovance. It's EUR 1500, though there are less than 100 spots available and pretty much all of those will go to pro's or extremely fast amateur riders. Race entry includes food, accommodations and transport. If you're not there to race though, you can go on one of their guided rides for EUR 1400 which includes everything the big event does except the big race environment and timing.
  • + 12
 this is supposed to be the new competition to the bc bike race. which is 7 days of some of the sweetest trails the coast of bc has to offer. the 1200 dollar cost is for the crazy logistics this kind of race requires. food, transportation, lodging, permits, insurance, ect..... the list is long. I did the 2013 bc bike race and it was beyond an amazing experience. this kind of race is not for everyone. I live 45mins from the first stage and would not pay 1200 to ride in my back yard. However, there will be hardcore racers that will pay to race this from all over the world. I wish them luck in making this an annual event.
  • + 2
 i hear yah. the same thing a mtbiker from BC would say about not joining the BC bike race as he lives nearby. obviously, this isn't for everyone = folks like us in calgary and nearby areas. but for folks who've never been to our trails before, $1200 isn't so bad for the logistics, etc. just like what they do in the BC bike races if that's the case. this is an opportunity to show case what we have here.
  • + 2
 oh and people miss the point that there's a stage in nipika, raduim, golden, and revelstoke.
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 been having this paying for enduro racing conversation with some of my non race pals. here's how i am seeing it.
you can ride any trail for free..... a DH track, a short xc blast, a super long climb, a multi stage enduro or a multi day epic. you can ride them all for free. that's not the point, the point is ....timing systems and the impetus to ride harder than you normally would. things that need to be done though with expensive enduro races to make them worth it....

1. awesome support/logistics
2. new trails that weren't previously there
3. access to an otherwise unaccessible area to ride for the majority of people
4. worth while prizes
5. reinvestment of time/labour/money into that area trail network.

I have no idea what this kanananski event is like or the organisers reputation but from someone living in scotland it looks like a cool idea.

of course if you live local or can get there easily you can ride there for free, its hardly rocket science. but maybe there are people out there who like to prove they are strongest or fastest or even make a career out of it. weird I know!!
  • + 1
 I live right near Kananaskis and if you stick to the mountain bike only trails, it's so worth it! stay away from horse trails though
  • + 11
 I know this is near Calgary and all so obviously everything needs to be overpriced but that is ridiculous? I guess I'll just keep riding the trails for free and all with my buddies... Not as cool as blowing cash to race but I'm happy shredding trails for free aside from the amount of money I spend on beer at the Powderhorn afterwardsSmile
  • + 14
 I think some people might be missing the fact that $1200 covers all 6 races, not just this one.
  • + 6
 We do have a sweet trail network in our area! I would like to know how much of the ridiculous $1200 entry will go back to MMBTS and Greater Bragg Creek for maintenance and future trail funds?
  • + 8
 Still $1000 less than the BC Bike Race or the Cape Epic...
  • + 6
 $1200??? I would rather have the new Pike!!
  • + 1
 We do a 5 day event in Virginia of super tech single track with awesome super d decents and the cost is 120 with some of the best unknown non racers and some racers with an amazing group of people riding long days and hanging out with friends
  • + 1
 I've done one event put on by Transrockies, I'll never do another and I'll encourage others not to support them either. Way overpriced for what you get in return...i.e. nothing in prizes, their new "Enduro" timing system doesn't work well, poorly marked courses, a poor reputation in the area.
  • + 4
 But guys, you get $100 off the $1200 price tag for being a PB member! So it's a smoking deal at $1100!
  • + 3
 This race sounds amazing! But the price tag is way to high. I would rather spend that money on my bike and go to Moab for a long weekend.
  • + 4
 Pneuma is a great climb, it's like an old friend to me. ROS would be a super fun enduro trail, it's very fast.
  • + 1
 $1200 !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Just go ride for free you psychopath money grubbing tools....What a joke on a sport that used to be sooo much better.
  • + 2
 Some people do nothing but complain....
  • + 2
 Sweet. I can do all that for free!!!
  • + 6
 You're lucky to live such a cool area then. So many people would love to be able to go ride in these areas on a regular basis. Thankfully events like this help make that happen for some.
  • + 3
 rode those trails this week! Was thinking Race of spades would be a good trail to time an endure on
  • - 9
flag racerfacer (Oct 25, 2013 at 21:59) (Below Threshold)
 yeah anyone from anywhere could ride that course, the map is right there, just like it is for all the other stages that you can ride for the low price of $0. Stage races have gotten lazier and lazier. They used to be long point to points with logistical issues that made it worth the entry fee for one of a kind linkups. Now they are just cash grabs and for padding your race resume in weaker fields as not all the top guns are going to drop $1200...
  • + 3
 Sounds SWEET!
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