Solid Mission 9 - At a glance.

Sep 17, 2008
by Simon Paton  
They tried to invade us.

In return we sent over Paul Aston to Peter Schmid of Solid Bikes in Germany. This is what he rides: A Solid Mission 9. Just don't mention the war!Now this isn't really a proper bike review in the full sense of the term "Review".

The bike I cocked my long legs over was this pre-production test bike as pictured here that we had for one day only. That was way back in Spring and we've sat on this since then.

What is interesting is that we can publish the exact faults with this bike and the bike company aren't going to go bonkers!
You know we'll tell you the truth here and this Mission 9 Proto frame came up with it's fair share of faults as listed below.

We discussed these direct with the UK disty and Solid Germany and "Bobs your Uncle" a few months later and the new revised production bike hits the trails.

-Lack of clearance for low profile chain devices.
There is now a new cut away section on swingarm to accommodate these.

-Minimum tire clearance near the BB
The offending plate has been moved forward on the frame by the BB

-Holes in swingarm will fill frame with mud.
These have been reduced in size whilst others have been filled in.

This is how it should work with frame manufacturers, their distribution and the media. We've already been chatting to the guys from 2Stage Bikes in New Zealand with regards to a few refinements and they're openly receptive just like Solid is.

The frame is available in Small, Medium and Large.
Colors: White or Spangley Green.

Shock options:
Frame + Marzocchi Roco R with Piggyback £1374.99
Frame + Marzocchi Roco TST Coil R £1549.99
Frame + RockShox Fox DHX 5.0 £1549.99
Frame + Marzocchi Roco Air World Cup £1589.99

They are available as full builds (specs on website).

Many thanks to Colin Williams for letting us have a spin out on her earlier this year.

MTB Direct
Unit 5
Rossington Park
Graphite Way
SK13 1QG

01457 864 606

Never Clip In.

Si Paton
Oury Grips £14.99

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 So you tell us what 'you' put right with the bike. How about telling us how you got on with it? It may not be a review in the normal sense of a review but when you big up the fact the manufacturer listened to you and then just completely avoid saying anything about the bike its kind of pointless.
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 Yep, sure, mtbmorris is right. How does it ride? And pls I would have it like you... Frame + RockShox Fox DHX 5.0 £1549.99 Anyway... Cheers... Solid rules!
  • 2 0
 So what you've sat on since spring is an early prototype of a bike that bears some resemblance to the later (production) version and you've told us all what changes you advised. Ok, that's fantastic (and I agree that it's always nice when a bike company listens to feedback) but you have told us nothing about the bike and in fact have pointed out faults in an outdated 'review' that no longer exist by your own admission.

Just my two cents. No offense meant.
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 i just got my own 08 mission 9, have to admit im very happy with it, rode it today and first thing i noticed was they handle corners amazingly!! Im alot more confident in corners now because they hold there ground nicely. Ive owned a 224 and v10 prior to this bike....and must say the soild takes it for me.... Cheers jamie.
  • 2 1

Just so your clear.. As clearly stated the bike we had in Spring was a pre-production model. This "Review" is simply a quick pointer at the Solid for you to glance at. We only rode it for a day so can't really comment on how she really handled. That would of been pointless anyway as the new bike was coming out later this year.
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 So the frameset you tested and recorded the above issues with wasn't the 08 production frame, i.e. they corrected the things you spotted for the actual 2008 production solid mission 9 frames of which I own.
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 Nice rig, it really is. I feel confused after reading this, what was the point of the article? Its awesome you listed their faults and Solid is willing to openly discuss them. If you didn't have enough time to pilot the bike for the duration necessary for a "proper review", why didn't you just wait?
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 i have the 07 mission 9 and to solve the problem of the holes in the swimgarm where mud can get into i just put some foam, this has stopped the mud and as it doesnt soak up water it works like a dream!
  • 3 0
 nice bike they ride awsome!
  • 2 0
 looks very nice. interesting choice of pedals for someone who seems to hate spd's though.
  • 2 0
 nice bike, and bad wildbad rules
  • 1 0
 So we heard its faults, now why don't you tell us what's good about it.
  • 0 1
 super nice low stance though. i like it.
  • 0 0
 i know
  • 0 3
 it looks like YOMAC PRIMER 220.....boring!
  • 4 0
 it really doesn't
  • 0 1
 agreed, but both, the tomac and the solid are bikes to have!
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