Video: Adam Billinghurst's One Million Down Teaser

Jul 4, 2013
by Anthill Films  
If you ride a bike park on a regular basis, it’s probably safe to say that between you and your pals, you have bets on who can do the most laps or days in a season. It’s a challenge that almost everyone’s willing to take on, because let's be honest, who doesn't want to ride endless lift-accessed trails all season? There is one person, however, who is taking this concept to the next level: Adam Billinghurst.

“I've wanted to ride 1,000,000 vertical feet for almost 10 years now. You don't get to do a million of a lot of things. The things you do, you rarely think about: how many breaths you've taken, grains of rice you've eaten, said the word 'and'. It just seemed like a good number."

Adam Billinghurst riding HOD Coast Mountain Photo dreamcapture OneMillionDown

"Having lived in Whistler for 14 years has given me a pretty strong connection with the trail network within it. My list of why I love this place could go on for days, but at the top of that list would probably be the easy-to-fun ratio, and I don’t mean easy in the sense of riding difficulty—I’ve been bitten by this place more than once. But, having a chairlift that is open 6-10 hours a day right in your backyard (literally, I can coast to the lift from my front door) is what makes this challenge attainable, at least in my eyes."

Sony Action Cam Screenshot - Dream Capture One Million Down

"I feel like I've put in a really strong start but I still have a long way to go. I've been getting a lot of mixed reactions: some people think it’s crazy, while others seem unfazed. If there's anyone out there that thinks it’s easy, I invite them to come join me.”

Sony Action Cam Screenshot - Dream Capture One Million Down

Find out what it takes to ride one million vertical feet in less than 100 days. Follow Adam's progress on Twitter (@AdmBillinghurst) and Instagram (@billinghurst) and by searching the hashtags #dreamcapture #onemilliondown

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 "100% you are going to fall ... there is just nothing soft out here"

Couldnt have said it any better.
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 so nice if you can set yourself up to ride 100 days - i i only wish i was in that position, there is some pain coming surely but being constantly in search of the goal will drive you through it . good luck !
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 and 100% true. First day living here and already crashed.
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 Im about to move to Squamish, I think that new insurance policy of mine is gonna get tested
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 Can you say "arm pump" lol!
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 Wish i was fortunate enough to attempt this goal...
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 You know what's more impressive than a million feet of vertical? A billion feet of vertical.
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 Don`t stop there.. How does a trillion of vert feet make you feel?
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 How about a gazillion!!!!!!
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 What about a Brazilian?
  • 1 2
 As long as you leave the Horizontal to the roadies
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 A few years ago Mark Weir climbed 1,000,000 feet, mostly on a VP-Free (so the story goes), so I assume he also descended that much.
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bike parks are for pussies
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 yeah but that's different, an amazing effort, but he did it in 11 months (understandably) Adam's trying to do it in 100 days
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 climbing versus descending......slight difference
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 Did somebody actually say "sick of Whistler"!? You're sick in your head friend.
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 He needs to do 2.64 runs from the top of the village gondola per day to complete his goal, or 8.65 lower mountain laps per day, or 2.98 from the top of garbo.
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 3 garbo runs per day? can't be too bad...
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 not too bad the first or second day, but after 50.... rainy days, broken bikes, days you don`t feel like going up... it`s actually massive. Props to Adam. I bet he has it done by Crankworx. He could probably go much higher if he isn`t over it by then
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flag finnrambo (Jul 4, 2013 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 yeah that's true, I'd be sick of whistler within 2 weeks of being there tbh
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 By the end he will be going brake less and need a new bike haha he tips it!
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 i have done 100 days and 803 laps in 2010 in the Whistler Mountain bikepark and to be honest you get bored of it if you don't try new lines or some different stuff in there... Pretty cool that he can record it and have a story about it...
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 What an awesome goal. I would love to live on a park resort. omg.
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 Whenever I see someone starting a 'challenge' I think of this guy...
Anything else seems like a bit of fun in comparison.
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 now that is a unbeatable record, much respect to the man.
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 my dream job !... just riding whislter everyday
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 Crashed stoopid hard about a month ago up @ whistler...still healing! Nothing buted but bruised he Fabeep out of myself and toe some muscles in my leg too...damn straight ther ain't nothing soft to crash into up there!!
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 If your into this, and can appreciate people who push there limits check out Greg Hills website. Dude has ascended and skied a million plus a year for several years in a row. Including a 2 mill ski year self propelled.
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 That is awesome! Big Grin I finally know what I want to do when I grow up now.. Smile
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 Saw him out on Garbo today! Absolutely killing it i might add!
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 Nice idea...but a year behind the times....
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 Totally possible because in 2005 and 2006 I did that in one season between the French Alps, the rench Riviera, Italy and Whistler.
Ii represent for me about 65/70 days of riding in a year.

It cost me a lot of repair on the bike, a tendinitis in my finger in 2005, cracked one frame and 888.

But alot of joy too Smile
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 Any one notice the new compression damper he is running ? looks like the charger prototype for the new boxxers
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 good add for energy drinks!!!
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 jealous would be an understatement, but good on him for accepting such a challenge
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 That's a lot of rolling down a hill
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 That bike is gonna be haggard!
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  • 2 2
 its only 250 laps. some peeps rack up nearly 1000 in a season
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 What's the point of this? Sorry, don't get it.
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 The point is to challenge youself, reaching targets in your life, show what you can... and maybe to get a little more sponsors :p
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 or he could have done it to raise some money for a good cause...
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